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let me remember the hit day recording button all right hello everybody hello Wendy got a gale Tyler how y'all doing sitting in a room and Charles showed up so I actually got a crowd while I'm talking to the wall I gadgeteer Charles I think there's a couple other people are going to stop by here but whether or not we're ready to go on your screen I think that you see a sign it says get backlinks it backlinks so this is obviously the topic for today's backlinks some say are the are the Mojo they're the juice they're the there every there the golden I don't know what you want to call the golden goose or something this is what every website need this is what every web page needs the the fundamental belief is that in order for a search engine to find you somebody else has to already have found Phil so somebody already linking to you makes it possible for the search engine to find you as well if nobody's ever found you then have a certain you know that you exist in the way that you are found online despite one other website linking to your website with a hot link a hyperlink in other words going to read over a web page and I see the blue and I scroll over and it pops up live click through that and it goes to another website that's called a hot link and the link that it goes from they call it an external link the link that it comes to is called a backlink sometimes it's called a ping back when a website links to itself as called an internal link it's not quite as powerful but it's very useful but the reason for backlinks so it is said is that when somebody has found you and they thought you were thee of linking to of creating a hot link to that means you must be worthwhile you must be something you must have some value and the more of that you have the better the higher the value now heard about you the higher the ranking in the search engines is the way the theory goes nobody's actually able to prove all this or at least they think they devise actually proven that that's just the way the theory goes but I'm going to talk about how to get to such battements how to be found by other people and there we go zoom zoom zoom so why do we want backlinks why do we want that me Louise number one it increases findability some real person actually found you at some course in their life when a real person finds you the search engines which are by nature not people they're not subjective they're just robots all they can do is count it count how many people are connected to you via that Hoffman via that hyperlink when a search engine counts though is the more you have the more findable you become because people are already finding you think's in search engines can't think that if they thought they would think well look how many people are linking to this website that must mean there's something worth making to and so the search engine only bite by the number alone counts how many times a web page a website an individual post and individual articles then linked to and gives it some juice and says this one is worth finding because other people other websites have found it so one reason you want backlinks is because it makes your web your website more findable it also adds credibility so now this you know we want to think this is true but we also know that just because people say you're good doesn't mean you're good somebody might have a whole lot of friends and all those friends were saying wow look at this guy usually good he's very sharp but that doesn't mean he's really good he's really sharp it just looks like he is or she is so the credibility factor you know again the search engines cannot make a subjective determination credible and not credible determined by it is determined by real people who have done real research and done original research and they've compared at one and others that always peer review sometimes it's changing other people's minds and because of the overwhelming evidence and that's sort of thing but for a surgeon is are not able to do that what a search engine can do it's a discount to see how many people are linking to this then the more people who linked to that the more findable it is but here's something that's even more important than how many people link to your site what we really want what we really care about how many people linked to the people who link to your site so I say like how many people linked to the people or the web sites that link to your site so effectively I could create a website and then I can go create hundreds of other websites it just depends on how make nine dollars and ninety-nine cents as I have because that's how much it cost for a domain name and then I could add hosting to that so by a bunch of tender or like to create a bunch of websites that nobody knows about and all those websites that nobody knows about I could put all over the place and have them linked to me and it looked like wow look at how many websites have found me follow money proposition the more money i have the more websites it great who can link to me that doesn't mean nearly as much that if i had three or five websites that tens or hundreds or thousands of people are linking to and then those websites linked to me so when somebody who has a lot of presence somebody who has a lot of his good findability by virtue of how many links have come to them when those people linked to me there links to me a much much better than a bunch of no all 40 links so the number of people who linked to number of website to link to you plus the number of websites that link to the web sites that link to you that adds up to a number is called the authority you can go to simply like technorati and you can see how many which websites have real good authority so when you have a lot of people who linked to websites who linked to you it gives you credibility and it also gives you a 40 I can say that I've written this article 10 websites are linking to that article and those 10 websites have a aggregate total of 600 people who linked to them that link to me you see so it's hard it's easy to get links from one site over I just buy them and have them linked to me but it's hard to go beyond that because then you have to it's harder go beyond because I have to reach out to other people to reach into sites who don't know me so the more backlinks you have from people from websites that have more backlinks from websites I have more bad things etc that are the more of 40 I have and when I have good authority it increases my credibility it increases my findability and that's why I want backlinks that shouldn't make sense and then I go bathroom if I go I'm super dude because I've got lots of backlinks now of course there are the wrong way to get those backlinks I've alluded to one of them hang on and check the question box here so this work backlink refer only to those who linked to the other side that link to you know the word backlink is people who linked directly to you in other words there is a link on their website that comes back to you hence we were back link it's also called trackback in other words if I went to site B and I looked at the hot link and I tracked that all the way through their words I clicked on and follow through it would track all the way back to you it's called a track back and sometimes they're called pingbacks means something somebody wrote over there and ping it notifies you that you have been referred to somewhere else so linkbacks trackbacks backlinks all the same thing and they're all of people linking to you now whether wrong ways I mentioned was you know buying my way to it but there are things such that are called link farm named farms and so instead of me taking my hundred dollars a month four hundred dollars a week or whatever I have and buying all my own websites and having me having them all linked to me none of them having any authority because nobody links to them they're just little bitty sites that existed all by themselves with very minimal content on there and so people you know the shysters get together and they create forms of that sort of thing so in other words i'll go out i'll take a thousand dollars i'll buy a hundred domain names and put them on farms I put them on hosting and create minimal content on there then use them to link to me then somebody else will do the same thing somebody also do the same thing we all give a shout out to one another and we've got you know a bunch of little plots of land up lots of domains and all those plots are effectively farms and so what you have is a whole bunch of websites that have no authority have no credibility have no findability and they have you know and they're all linking to somebody else and those link farms people sell that they'll say I can get you a million backlinks so i can get yourselves and backlinks but when they do that they're reaching out to farms like this and they have a bunch of websites with minimal with next to no content on them linking to you and doing you no good whatsoever in fact you also get the reverse factor if you have a high credibility site but people have noticed you and things that you've done you have other people who have nothing to do with your linking to you it'll drag you down it'll dilute the effectiveness of your site so you want to make sure that you're linking to other people and other people are linking to you so link farms you are no good you can think of it if it can be generated by money alone is no good now that's not all mighty truth but it's pretty close so if I can just you know if all I need is money and i can buy domains and hosting and spend minimal effort throwing something up there that's loosely related and just link back and forth i've got a bunch of nothing linking to nothing equals nothing so any time somebody says i can do something for you automatically and quickly run run run run far away because they were not given a good it will poison your site it will eventually destroy it and that is what the penguin update was all about trying to get remove all these link farms a while back so another way to do it they got these things called link wheels clink wheels now it's not all that different moving farmers that they link wheel is somebody will create one website and then they will create five or some arbitrary number what call it five for now so somebody will create a website and then we'll create five other websites that are loosely related look good content up on there all about travels with all the the five travel websites linked to the one week's web site in the center so they get five linking to one gives it up 40 or five and then they'll create another such animal that does the same thing and so they'll have another website where five websites are linking to one and having all 4005 then you do that several times and you have reals you'll have a b c d e i should have actually been created a picture make modular so you have several websites each with five out external websites linking to each other and then those five websites and then there's websites in the middle with external links you link them all to each other the end result is you've got a bunch and nothing still really linking to nothing but it looks like i have a website with it or 40 or 50 a king to another website with not 4005 linkage another website with a 4005 but i don't i have external websites with no authority linking to a internal with that they has no authority and then that website linking to others so is this as link farm in a more sophisticated manner and once again it can be manufactured I can create these all by myself here's another good rule of thumb if I can do it all by myself it's no good if I can do it automatically with a lot of money it's no good if I can do it independently if anybody else it's no good that's no more than me saying I'm really good that there's no credibility there is definitely no authority there and at me telling everybody I'm good good as that now there is the case we do independent research and nobody else has ever done that before but that's a different animal we're talking about just generating links link farms and leak wheels under good irrelevant links when I have people who are writing about travel linking to people who write about health it's not relevant they have nothing to do is each other and that's for example maybe it's it's but what they call that when you go overseas to get operations like medical travel or something like that well then make out a connection but when I got people doing sports linking to people who those flower arrangements you think what so here I am reading this website about flower arrangement you're calling I click on that hot link and I go over there the sony i'm reading about you know basketball sport hunting what why am I going up here we reading that well see a search engine will do the same thing except search engines cannot read but they can count so the Wonder on the flower website they're counting how many times the character combination FL 0 wer comes to how many times are ose or ll ILY their County District combinations how many times they occur and suddenly they see da SE d al or fo ot be al what does baseball have to do with new ways and eastern that sort of thing and there's a disconnect and so when a website links to another website that has nothing to do with one another it dilutes both sites isn't the search engines are counting how many times these character combinations show up over the course of all these connections and so you if you're linking to other people just see if they have a bad thing it's no good there was a time when none there was a they called blogroll you know where you clean everybody thought she was your friend and all that do is dilute the websites nemesis you don't want to link to people who are no good because I otherwise but links from facebook be productive in this circle no Facebook's have what's called nofollow even you link given you click through even facebook links back to you there's no juice there's no credibility there for one thing it's very difficult impossible for any one person's face book page to be on topic all the time so they're not always going to talk about for you example Wendy you have soldier travel they're not going to be talking about traveling solo or traveling in groups they're going to be talking about that once in a while they're going to talk about their cat and then I thought about getting married and going to wet easy getting drunk and new whatever so Facebook has what's called nofollow so in other words the link doesn't follow to his website to give it any juice and beside that when you're on a Facebook on a Twitter and these kind of things you know social networks and they can be rigged it can totally beer if you can hire people if you want to just click away and they click click click click click the clip and it turns out to be a popularity thing and again I can manipulate that if I have enough money I earn up people dip on that all right but and so it's no good and we also know that popularity is not an indication of credibility now just because somebody's really really popular doesn't mean they're hot incredible that's like wow we get to listen to movie stars no way in on what the right political system should be just because they're popular and famous over there doesn't mean they're really qualified over here so the solution networks are not a good indicator of what's of what's relevant except for one of them and I'll come back to that in a bit there's one social network that does carry a little juice with it so we don't want a link front we don't want link bills and we don't want their relevant links and we do not want to beg for links I get emails almost every day Z oh no you have a wonderful site can i link to your will you like link to me that's stupid we don't we don't do that you don't have to beg for somebody to link to your website that's like saying you were really hard and you're really credible and I'm nobody but if you told everybody on somebody given on nobody maybe everybody will think on somebody we get it it doesn't work that way but people try that all the time they'll try and buy it here again I guess solicitations i'll give you twenty-five dollars to my website give you a $75 it so much in my list I have been offered as high as five times if you'll mention my website and frankly I'm tempted to do that while could fly one of bucks but it's not worth it if it can be bought it's no good because that means the person who has the most money is the best for sometimes that's true but it's not usually true you should not be able to manipulate credibility authority and finally with just dollars what we're looking for is real people to be involved in the process for and then that does that's where that so this is this is the wrong way to do it and the wrong stuff should be just don't just throw it on trouble up throw it off to the side there so there's a right way the right way neither this is what I promise I will deliver the five ways at least five ways I can think of to get good high quality backlinks to your website number one is to meet real people we hate this part because it's work but if you if you're sitting in a room and there's real people sitting next to you think you know think Tupperware sometimes hey let's disconnect no I got this once it's really cool to have something really for well it's not it's not all that sleazy at all if you're in a room and or other real people in that room and you don't ask them do you have a website I mean legit media but watch the Iowa website what's your website about ask them what's your website about what's about this together but my websites about this and if there is a real connection if there is a legitimate connection why would you not want to link to one another now if I've got a real estate dude and I got another guy who's a contract plumber dude why wouldn't they want to talk about each other if they're both good at what they do so when you need to real people it's an absolute golden opportunity for you to create legitimate back thanks to one another because why real people are involved and now can you buy that yeah maybe but I'm not quite sure how you would buy that that would be really hard to manipulate you know in some shady way so when you're in a room with real people care here business I'm what you write about you know and don't say hey here's my business card linked to me that's stupid that's like begging for links when you're sitting in a room it's real Pete want everything Oh since I've seen your mapping before I hear ya I think we're back in business here so meet real people and here's one way to do it tonight we're going to hear it here we have no 830 people and y'all going to show up but meet up that's the great bite now it's not the only way it's just an indication whatever kind of networking event that you find yourself regularly participating in get involved with real people up there for your people are going to be here tonight I'm going to yell at them if you if there are 15 people in a room you don't go home with 10 business cards you've wasted an absolute golden opportunity because connecting with real people is a real way to make the generate backlinks make real connections make real connections so let's make sure that what we're talking about has something to do with what they're talking about now if you cannot meet real people you can go to any website all mostly that's and there's a contact us form well yeah so it still has to be done it's just easier to do in person I mean you can meet somebody face-to-face and make physical content desire Europe bomb and she's not real quickly online there is no personality generally so you go to whoever's website you go to the contact us page and you reach out to them and say hey I've been reading your stuff it's really good or it's not really good I think what you say makes sense i think what you say doesn't make sense would you like to start a fight and most people most people some people like to have lights because that's how you learn and that's what gets people engaged so you can go to a website you can go to the blog you can leave comments when you leave comments you're interacting with real people so when you interact with real people you do you make real connection now that you've done that for a while you can reach out say and contact them and say hey let's talk Turkey maybe I have something I can give to you you write about marketing or whatever I know things about marketing can I share some of my experiences with your writers and with your readers but I've never met a blog owner who did it like free content when someone who's actually been reading my website actually you have something of value to offer I'm delighted to let them participate and when they write on my website of course you're going to get a byline because they're real people and I want to impact on so when you reach out to real people and make a real connection well that's makes a good battling and you can invite other people to participate on your website then when they participate on your website they're going to go back to their home page and tell people I was writing over there and that makes for good love that's really really hard to manipulate you can't buy that as real people are involved you give people real value so when you create something on your website you're going to create something for them that's valuable and one of the best ways to do that is with infographics I have a graphic it's not great but I like it you have four steps to winning at social media marketing well I look at that one right more relevant stuff do it better than the next person update your page stay with it for a long time we all love those if about it's going well sure we do because they're valuable their picturesque we can read them we studied in and we really like to pass them around I saw one the other day was content marketers periodic table they spent a long time on up well I got to share that and so I did so when you have something very valuable people like to share that and when they like to share it they send what they send links to other people and people put that link sometimes it's on the social networks at the noon is good but sometimes they put it on their websites and this was really good and when they share a link to something on your website that's really good you've got a faculty because you gave somebody you gay people some there was a real value another way to do is to offer real contributions so there are ways to do this you can offer to guests right on high quality websites if they'll have you and how will they determine with your quality or not by the way they do that because you built your website and put real content on there that's really valuable to a lot of people and when you have a history of doing that then others who have even higher more qualified sites want you to contribute on there and when you do that you can link back to yourself if I've been experimenting with this I not long ago I was given the chance to be a publisher on linkedin well that's cool LinkedIn's very very niche specific very business then within this is a different niches as i started writing is here some of the article is a difference between inbound outbound social hard proof of content marketing and organically search no lesson but you can see here that 1,400 people well our 14 of pairs of eyeballs came looking for this hunting 16 401 now there's not great numbers but I'll take them for now I only have fourteen hundred flowers or something such number for her 14 of hours and 1,400 pairs i bought like hundred percent wow that's pretty cool but here i am making a contribution of linkedin with you know i'm not getting paid for this i'm not expecting to get paid for this i do think that if i do this long enough i might earn some some mojo a link or not I don't know but on each of these articles I can link back to my site but here I'm making a real contribution to my network on linkedin to the linked in network for people are specifically interested in this topic of content marketing make real contributions as hard to manipulate right and then yoga reals I've used it for real Val I add real content make sure you're giving them something valuable the key did the key parameter to whether something's valuable or not is does it does your content make a contribution does your content make a contribution to the overall discussion so here I wrote an article five criteria to determine if you're a thought leader while now seeing is quite theory anywhere else and because i made them up myself and then here's search engine box does it exist well here's my experiences from case today's live generator with my students so I know it doesn't exist anywhere else because I did it myself than I made my students do it so we generated it the control room where nobody else are there but us so I know it's original I know it's new and so when I put this out there I have added to the overall discussion about search engine Santa boxes and i've added to the overall discussion about what it means to be a leader so you want to add real content in the answer to what's real content is does it make a contribution so what say wendy is asking what program do you use to make the info graphic images but there's several programs but ideas i went to fiver fi de RR com five or fi like five like a five give me a fiver like a five dollars or two hours fi ve are calm you can hire people to make those for you for five bucks you just don't have to supply all the details for it but that's a good place to start there are also online programs the search make free infographic well if it comes you can do with powerpoint sometimes on a powerpoint you can create something you don't convert it to a PDF PDF scan make this there's another one called canva CA and da canva calm and you can make things look like infographics there that that works well but they take a long time to make and when they've done well they get shared past around one of my favorite ones that I did on my daughter's website is that created an infographic at the top 12 princesses on facebook number one is Cinderella that's right number two is Rapunzel she's catching up that sort of thing my daughter wife's writes about princesses so what we want to do is add something to discussion add something to the discussion and then here we're going to get real juice get real juice I do you think this might be six miles ok get real juice and one of the best ways to do that is here look I just took this picture today the error says google our contest search and my query was the definition of search engine optimization I just want to know the general definition of search engine optimization but look what shows up the new definition in search engine now if you click through this if not this is a screenshot if you click see that you're fine I wrote that article and it's on search engine jerma weird on April seventeenth and then five days after that I Google+ it and it also shows that in my google plus account so when people are searching or search engine up what is search engine optimization they're going to find what I think is a new definition because Google Plus carries mojo now you know Google+ is indeed is a social network but it's also connected to all things you do on Google right it's connected to your google authorship so everything I've ever authored it has my name on it and my google authorship magic eighty seven digit number attached to it Google was able to track you here is a person who always the writes about this he comments over here about that he writes over there about that and these are all the terms he uses about this when he comments on this topic because he has a history of having done all those things you see that's cannot be manipulated when we create a Google+ account when we create a google authorship account and when we write with our Google Gmail stuff we are helping Google do their job because why because they're robots are stupid they can make subjective determination but when real people get involved they have a history of being involved in those character combinations that have been counted really highly it puts in subjectivity real people are making determinations on whether this is deserves a plus or not so if you want love get into the Google+ circle and do some work there gives them work there is a question and then isn't it rather than text is searched up and also this group will see the word no they're for graphics so the question is can you see the words in the infographic no you cannot you know they're getting better at taking a picture of wondering what's in there but that's why when we put images in there we always have a caption under the we always have a description of what the image is about the caption in the description same with videos we always have a caption to what the video is about our mostly a description to what the video is about now search engines are really amazing box right but if you take a video into your into your web page the search engine what there's a video then it will download that video they will play the video and audio and it'll do its audio auto audio to speech audio to text some sort of thing and it will translate all that audio into a text Nineveh read all that texting will start counting those texts decide whether it's relevant to the search or not so by nature really still really fast but still takes more time than it does it read simple text I tell people when you put a video in your website add a description of what that video is about when you put an image in there and description what that image is about that makes it much much faster for the search engines does that answer your question alright so those are some things that we want right we want real people real connections real value real contributions real content real juice I promised reply but there are six ways that you can get real backlinks and these are much much much more viable by nature they're harder that can't be bought that can't be manipulated not nearly as these I mean anything to be manipulative if you have enough money and enough time but this would be really really really hard to manipulate and that's why it's so much more valuable when you get links from real people who have a real history in the Google world and they have real history producing real conte and they've been making contributions here there and everywhere but adds real value because if they're real connections with real people who do the same thing that they've been doing and they've talked to real people in their industry well you can see how that when those people link to you just going to be more valuable and when you have that kind of backlink when that kind of person has found you then the search engine is going to want to look for you as well so let's from there we do what Thanks here's this here's the sauce here's the sauce we're going to eat sleep and what comes next eat sleep and drink that's right please sleep and I'm going to dream we're gonna need to sleep and dream about back banks and we eat sleep and dream about bad links we're going to have good choose you go that's my spiel and I'm sticking to it through those things couple of thousand times for each page that's important on your website and you'll outrank anybody anywhere and when the search engines come looking for you they will find you they will do that okay that's that's all i have i'm going to turn any more questions um how are you Charles Hale question yep he said newbies only talk about all right so I'm going to hit hit the Save button here I love you guys next week is the last week it's Memorial Day weekend I'm inclined to record next we can have it recorded it sends you all the link before Memorial Day weekend you can listen to it all Memorial Day or otherwise all right we got a question yes sir how can we take advantage of videos see videos are very HTML I mean they're very code heavy the search engines like co-head originally like that because there's involvement that you have to actually hear again search engines can read but they can cap and so in order for a video to appear on your webpage the person who puts that on their webpage after boost i'm going to actually watch the video go to youtube or vimeo yeah that's a real good video actually means something i like that then they have to manipulate the embed code you have to come back and then put it in there this is not something that can be done instantly so the more time the more work intensive it is by theory it takes is more credible because it wasn't done instantly so if I take a video and I download that video to my webpage or embedded on my webpage I put text around you're saying this is a video about this and the search engine comes listen to that that you actually watching the videos listen to the audio file transcribes is and reads the text in the confirming that there's a connection there you've got good solid contact so videos are for books so if you have a lot of viewers y'all oh yes it will help you rank higher but if all I did was go to youtube and look at the type of all these YouTube's and grab all these videos just start throwing them up on work so that's not good look at that again you'll be manipulate I can create a program that will read titles and match them with the titles on mine just storm up there and in bed so men that know they have to be watched they have to be read they have to be commented on there has to be text to explain what's in there no more often I do that the more time intensive the more quality I put into that when I put quality internet other better content let's see what was the one social media that is exception google+ without that what you asking Wendy that's Google+ that I think is and then it can you can't just get on google plus and clicking buttons i think everything is going to be happy you know you want button clickers who have a history of being in your topic to be clicking on you and giving you giving you thumbs up that sort of thing you know when you get off topic and you got people off topic connecting to each other we go back to those feel relevant links i get their relevant links and when you have your relevant links connecting to each other both get diluted the end result is neither one of them are any good all right so this is it so last week's the last week our next fix the last week i'm going to try and record it in advance and i'll send you a link you can watch it anytime over the Memorial Day weekend or after that's over and the meantime I'm going to sit down I'm going to open up my computer and get to work if you've got questions email me and i'll try my best answer as quick as I can

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