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all right on this week's online marketing weekly it's all about SEO but not just for blogs we're going to start with blogs move to apps and talk about the zero moment of truth let's get started all right every episode on this week's episode is going to be from Search Engine Land because I really like their content and first up we have something from Danielle fagala and it's the five simple strategies to improve your blog searches ranking now we've talked about SEO many times on this weekly show so I think it's gonna be the last time i talked about blog SEO optimization because guess what the recipe has always stayed the same right really really good stuff that people want and then you can do some optimizations from there but never start with the fact that you need to write the really good content in the article itself they do write five different strategies that you can apply and the one that I'd say would stand out the most while I remembering this episode is the fact that you can promote your content to earn links because if you can get your content in front of influencers and people that will share it out you'll want to give it a kick start so you can do that with paid advertising so give it a shot read the article and the four other tips are going to be very useful as well but understand that you always got to start with quality content and the rest are all tweaks and edits all right the second article also from Search Engine Land is app indexing and the new frontier of SEO app packs and App Store search now this one is an very in-depth article to read through if you have an app and you're doing looking to put in some apps this is going to be the essential guide you need to review so that you can actually start doing SEO on the app itself this is uber relevant here from my belly because we are building these certain apps for certain products that we have and so building the SEO for it is essential definitely check out the article it talks about the google play store the google search for app functions that's coming in and taking over a lot of the visibility of apps away from the native stores up to the google search what i thought was particularly interesting and very relevant in my life is the fact that they give you advice on how to use reviews which are a very essential part ranking for SEO but to actually be sure that you're sending the review request to your app users to the ones that are happy with the app so making sure there's a prompt for them to say are you happy with the app before sending them to the reviews page if not if they say they're unhappy send them make them take a ticket over to support because then you'll prevent yourself a negative app review second is if you ask for a review and they said no stop asking because now you're going to take an engage user and start frustrating them and that's typically will lead to a bad review anyway so read the full article is very in-depth if you're going to be doing any apps and you need to SEO it this is the article to read so big thanks to Emily Grossman who wrote that article alright this last one by marcus miller its SEO and the zero moment of truth now zero moment of truth is a concept being explored and mentioned a few times with those who aren't aware let me give you a quick recap moments of truth are certain events that happen within the consumer purchase behavior from the moment they've been stimulated through an advertisement so in essence if someone's seen an ad for today's terms if someone seemed to add on facebook display ad on google or if they search for something and they see the first time your brand this is the stimulus you make them aware of your brand now typically they would define it as first moment and second moment first moment being they walk into a store to purchase the product and they see the product in our case being online marketing it would be when they see the sales page of a product and the second moment is the experience they have with the product which is when they've bought it what exactly do they have as an experience consuming the product now the zero moment of truth is everything somebody does in between the moment that he was stimulated with an add to the moment he actually goes in research and sees the product itself you start going to review sites you start googling it looking at the brand making a lot of research so when it comes to doing your marketing you have to be aware of what people are actually doing and now that everyone's got smartphones it's even more relevant I mean I see myself if you walk into a store and you're about to buy a certain brand you can sometimes just go use Siri ask her you know what about this brand holds is it what does it support and make decisions that way so what is the moments of truth the zero moment of truth that happens when people are exposed to your brand so think about it read the article it's really nice and it gets you to understand that the consumption patterns are not so linear anymore so you have to look at the ecosystem all right that's it for this week's episode you have five marketing strategies for your blog you know how to look at SEO and the in-depth article when it comes to your apps and finally the zero moment of truth consumer behavior has changed and you need to adapt so that's it for this week's episode tune in next week when we'll have another episode and go to my belly in size calm for more insights from mine value next

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