Butch Stearns – Web Content Marketing – Part 2

web content marketing that's the topic of discussion right now welcoming everyone I'm talib live another pulse Network at the policy network com here with butch turns and we're continuing our discussion right now which so you know before you talked about you know what is web content marketing but I want you to focus on you know the different forms of web content marketing me you hear mobile content marketing year different types but what is web content market with a difference when we think about the different forms of web content Martine let's put summarize what we said before is very simply the goal and the purpose of it to get people to buy your products but not by telling them to do it by giving them interesting and engaging ways to do that to engage talk about your car so the different forms to me really fall into three easy categories the written word the spoken word and the spoken word that scene video I sort of follow them on her so let me go to this blog it's called the white paper blog by a gentleman by the name of McCray and it's titled five forms of content which you should be part of your content marketing strategy and he talks about the value of blogs video white papers newsletters and social media but when you look at this and you read it through again I break it down into the written word the spoken word and then the spoken word is broken down into the spoken word when it's audio and the spoken word when it can be seen okay one of the things that you said that really stuck out to me was that no content marketing strategy i think that's interesting go back to that a little bit more mean for when someone's starting outs take me I'm AB random of business I'm market where do I start how do I get into that mindset at all of creating content you just hit the keyword it's mindset you really have to get the mindset that everything you do is an opportunity to create content so think about it everything in your daily life I mean you could have a flip cam when you're brushing your teeth personally coming into work your experience coming into work in this day and age but is that great content I mean honestly is that great content the people that you're reaching out to people that you want to buy will decide whether it's great content and how will you know if they share it if they engage if they start talking about it so really the mindset Tyler is simple to me is this you look at every opportunity you have as a business person to create content a face-to-face event a digital event you're gonna have a conference call why don't you do a video conference call why don't you try to record it and now you've got a conversation that has val you that you can be pushing out so really can answer your question directly where do I start you start by thinking about everything as an opportunity to create content and then it becomes easier if you start that way okay so you created all this great content and I'm sure you know we here at the pulse ever we hear this all the time I'm sure you guys have the same problems out there you create this great video you've got this awesome video that you can't wait to do something with but then what do you do how do you share it how do you get started to share that one of the big possibility that's a part of the goal of creating great content and should be part of the goal of using social media for business your social media marketing strategy part of the goal should be to have it shared so how do you get it shared well there's a million answers to that question the best way to get it shared is to get people to talk about it then they want to pass it on to their friends and so on and so on so again you need to start creating content you need to decide what's great content for you because while I consider and spew what I think is great content your customers your raving fans are going to decide what's good content and if it is good content they're going to start to share that should be part of the goal he just oozes great content folks these books turns into pulse Network I am Tala pop and thank you guys so much for being part of the conversation

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