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Hi my appoint is Carlos, I’m studying first year of network lotion development in STUCOM and on nights I am taking an apprenticeship here aswell. I handle the “model” that is managing the center’s activities, what students can do. And I also control whatever security incidents viewing clas Internet access that students can have on campus. We likewise take care of the platform of the web page. Such as story, to add all kinds of information or material, facebook, gab and other types of content such as blogs. I am to hold the first year of entanglement application growing. Consisting of a superior programming cycles/second in which to learn JAVA, design on web stages. Then we learn systems and words such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and everything related to the web agenda. I’m here hours per day, commencing from 14 h in the mornings. And about the holidays I have the same schedule of such courses. We don’t get paid because we are in apprenticeship regime, but really I can consider the formation as a anatomy of wage. Regarding the tasks I’m doing during the practices it is advisable to have an average degree cycle related to informatics to start with.Because some programing is required and enterprises are performed in which you have to have some lore involving network scaffolds. Ideally you’ll be studying the first year on development and entanglement employments while doing practises. Because in your schedule you’re going to develop undertakings that are the same as those you’ll be studying. So that gives you an added value that lets you know everything much better than exactly taking the theoretical course. We do english class in a technical level which means a great deal of vocabulary related to technician informatics concepts.It is the default language that we are tought now. I was doing the second year on an intermediate level training course and my instructor “ve been told” I already had the skills we thought to be needed so to do the apprenticeship So here in central STUCOM there is a job department, that is dedicated to managing the whole issue of students internships. and now I was equipped the chance of joining the center, because there was a vacancy of a chap who was doing the internship before me. And so that’s the way I was able to get in now. I’m here in STUCOM because I am stimulating rules, and besides being a requirement to have the name of higher degree it wreaks me a labor formation that as soon as I finish the course I’m doing, will count as business hours that I could add to my resume to be able to qualify to work in a company in the future. I argued that in the field of informatics, as is the labour situation is right now is the best area and peculiarly the web sector.Because it’s a occupation in great demand in many companies today, portable designs or tablets … any company or browse require a web platform. Today most browses have their online service. This offers a wide range of labor supply. If someone is thinking of dropping out school I would recommend to certainly continue studying. Nowadays there is very competitive world in which working possibility is regarded, and I think it’s model to have a formation.And if it is a training course in which you can provide an internship in a company than it’s much better ..

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