Case Studies

Book Publisher Case Study

Problem Presented: Company had hired an amateur who was unable to complete the site and give it the functionality they needed for their online bookstore and their need to facilitate online donations.
Solution Provided: We were able to reface and modernize their website, make it mobile responsive, bring structure and order to their blog, incorporate their e-book store and implement online payments and donations capability to their website.
Results: Company now has the type of site and functionality that they needed and they are selling books and accepting donations for their causes with ease.
Company: Madinah Publishers and Distributors
Location: Belleville, IL

Beauty Salon Case Study

Problem Presented: This client was in need of a site overhaul and a stronger online presence in search results to reach their profitability targets.
Solution Provided: We were able to accomplish each of these goals along with implementing on-page booking links and setup a birthday club for new clients that gives discounts during the week of each clients birthday.
Results: Client consistently hits and exceeds her target profitability numbers for the business, ranks well in Google search, and collects great Google reviews regularly.
Company: Ah’ Siek Beauty Bar
Location: Pearland, TX

Mortgage Broker Case Study

Problem Presented: Client needed a website to establish an online presence to assist in generating leads for loan officers and for borrowers needing mortgage loans.
Solution Provided: Created a website for client listing services, created blog and facilitated lead generation, loan prequalification and established solid online presence in search engines.
Results: Client now has a dependable website that generates leads for both loan officers and borrowers and those seeking mortgage loans and has a respectable presence in online search organically in a very highly competitive field.
Company: Mortgage Loans of Austin
Location: Austin, TX

Cigar Lounge Case Study

Problem Presented: Cigar lounge was newly opened during the COVID pandemic in 2021 and needed to establish an online presence and build a community around its offerings.
Solution Provided: Created a website, high-quality promotional video productions, a social media following, a reputation management system, and a solid online presence in the search engines.
Results: The Bluepring Cigar Lounge ranks on page 1 of search results for cigar lounges in Arlington, has a solid following on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and many, many great reviews and is growing toward year number 2 in business.
Company: The Blueprint Cigar Lounge
Location: Arlington, TX

Lawn Service Case Study

Problem Presented: Emery was a truck driver interested in opening a lawn service business a few years ago and needed a website and a way to get clients once he actually opened. I agreed to help him establish an online presence for his new business. This was 2015.
Solution Provided: Created a website listing the services he provides and implemented online booking around his limited schedule as he was still a truck driver. Established a solid online presence for this lawn service and performed the necessary SEO to enable him to compete and build his book of clients.
Results: EZ Lawn Service is still in business today and gets enough leads to pick and choose his clients and turn away business that doesn’t meet his criteria. Ranks well in Google search and has great reviews.
Company: EZ Lawn Service Charlotte
Location: Charlotte, NC

Handyman Case Study

Problem Presented: This business needed to establish an online presence to bring its services to market and compete in a highly competitive Arlington, Texas market providing custom handyman services.
Solution Provided: Created a website listing the services provided and facilitated online booking around limited availability. Implemented the necessary website SEO to drive search results traffic organically versus paid ads to keep marketing costs low. Automated lead intake form on the home page for easy client conversion process.
Results: HandsPros now has a solid online presence and maintains a loyal customer base with great reviews in the Arlington, Texas area.
Company: HandsPros Handyman Services
Location: Arlington, TX