CCZ Update + Niche Series Update 2015

hey guys so it's been about two years since i made this original niche series and i wanted to give a little bit of an update because some things have changed and instead of going back and redoing all the videos i just wanted to kind of make a batch announcement and put this video before everything so the the free membership has changed a little bit it used to be that you could i think you had a limited free website so you had like five or something it's limited to two free websites now the free training modules are still available and the links should still be there so there shouldn't be any dead links so you can still view the training and stuff for free um the other thing is that I no longer do any article marketing and I mark that on the video but just as a reminder i don't use street articles or ezinearticles I don't do any sort of article backlinking at all the social media stuff and the kind of reaching out to people that you get into later in the training I still do that and that's a good way to naturally grow backlinks but I don't do any sort of guest posting or any sort of like hey give me a link a type of stuff where I tried to get links from other websites um the main thing that I wanted to address is I've had a couple people email me and they're like yeah I started this website it's a cool widgets com or cool whatever calm and I think that's kind of stemming from the actual website I make and Miss series which kind of sparked by wanting to create this video the website that I make for this series is cool I think cool chairs own calm and it probably to be honest probably wasn't the best example of an itch I think the point I think why I chose it was I wanted something that was a little bit silly so that people wouldn't copy it because I know you know from teaching in China teaching these kids a lot of times when you give an example rather than people branching out with their own ideas they tend to kind of copy exactly what you do for the example so i wanted to pick something that people wouldn't necessarily want to copy and that kind of kind of backfired the other thing is a little bit I mean I knew what I was doing but still it was two years ago so I'm getting a lot of experience since then I probably wouldn't have picked that as a niches because I don't know chairs are not very inspiring I think you could make it work I did end up making a couple sales from gaming chairs off the website but I'd stopped working on it by then so I would have picked something a little bit more inspiring a little bit more with broader broader horizons like more stuff that i could write about it's a little bit hard to write about chairs and i also maybe wouldn't have picked something that was so product-based you know where could write more about like ideas like how do you write about the idea of sitting in a chair you can't whereas if you you know choose health and fitness or something you can write about different diets and how they affect your body and and mindset and all that stuff but who knows anyway I just wanted to give you that little preface there that as you are picking the topic for your website maybe don't try to copy the cool thing web site com you know cool cars com or who tablets com or something like that I mean you still can I just wanted to make it clear that two years later I wish I could go back and change the example that I used for this video series the other thing is is since then I've come out with the beginners niche markers beginner niche marketer guide can you remember what I call that beginner niche marketers guide series which is on my website and i'll link in the description below and that's 10 lessons a little bit more updated it's going to have you know written stuff which pretty much follows a similar outline to these 30 videos i also have live events that i do now and those are once every two weeks and then i also have some niche research posts that I do and i'll link those in the in the description as well and that may give you some ideas of what you want to do for your own for the topic for your website anyway I hope you enjoy the video series and you get some good use out of it thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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