Cezary Lech “Content Marketing w Trudnej Branży”

Yes, content marketing please, why exactly content marketing? Why in difficult industries? Well, in my opinion, content and creating content, creating content are currently the biggest challenge among marketers. This is the biggest problem. If we have good content, then PPC advertising is cheap and our marketing suddenly turns out like this. e-mails click, open, people come to the site, want to download, see the content. in social media we suddenly get a lot of free exposure because we have good, cool content. So this is the key issue and I think the bigger barrier for sure, the biggest problem, which each of us struggles every day invent, create and enforce high-quality, the best content possible, each in their own narrow industry and business.

And this challenge is the greater the more specific, narrow, tiny, unsexed, often some such a difficult, complicated, narrowly thematic industry, yes, the bigger these problems pile up, and the more difficult and challenging we face. Therefore, I took this topic on my shoulders, because I believe that it will be very valuable for you and will show you how you can do this content marketing in the realities of small and medium-sized business. And yes – you associate me primarily with trainings, conferences, social media somewhere, efficient marketing, yes, and we have been doing a lot of these various activities on the Internet for over 10 years.

But I do all my marketing activities and all the experiences that I gathered on the Internet started over 11 years ago from this address www. It was at this address that I obtained my first links, created content, and created my first websites. So if any of you want to find some compromising materials, links, some spam and other things, please research this website address. And yes, and the cabins, yes. What is a cabin anyway? Well, cabins, these are fences in the toilets, where we sometimes sit down to take care of our needs. You have to admit, admit that quite a big challenge, right? How to make a toilet something interesting and interesting for our customers? And yes, this is the case that we will talk about today. However, before we tell you about it, I wanted to tell you a moment, how did it even happen that I am talking about sanitary cabins.

Well, 11 years ago I was probably 18, 19 years old. That day, one evening, my father came up to me and suggested which way is in the room today – greetings. My father came to me and said, "Czarek, I would like to see such a new product, such a new brand in my business. I would like it to function as a separate, independent company. I wanted to save her for you, what do you say? ". I say, "Dad, let's see".

The conversation looked more or less like this. – Today, my son, look at this well of the past, just like I did years ago. What do you see in it? – I'll buy it. – Yes, this is a pile. This is the answer. For thousands of years, all civilizations, cultures and religions, great wars and revolutions, the greatest people in the world are always accompanied by poo.

Now do you understand? This is the life. You cheat me, you cheat my friend, you cheat mommy, but you don't cheat life, that's why I understood, understood that I would be producing toilets. And we will be the kings of life, my son. – I am not deceiving my life, I am the son of the king of toilet seats. This is a high bar. Well, that's more or less what it looked like. So, from today, this is the first time that I am talking about it publicly, in front of an audience of almost 1,000 from today you can call me Cezary Lech king of toilet seats. So what's going on with this case? Yes, I say, it has been with me for over 10 years, therefore I know the industry quite well, products as well oh, but over time, I've tested a lot of different interesting things on this site. Jena, of the first things we did, was of course launching a website. It was prepared in various formats. However, right now I am going to tell you about these six such marketing activities, which we undertake in recent years, but also above all in the last year, when I dealt with this case properly, and which actually changed the perception of the company on the market.

As a result, the idea of ​​an industry leader was created a bit and at the same time it resulted in a significant increase in the number of inquiries. Yes, as I tell you the B2B construction industry, yes, this is a sector that is, in fact, untouched by marketing, so it is not difficult to stand out in this industry. But at the same time for you, maybe such attention and reflection, so that we remember that the more difficult the industry we have, the less content is generated in it, the less is happening in social media and the more unsexed, complicated, weird and unpopular it is, the more you should feel motivated to do so.

to start working there in every possible aspect. Why? Because it is very easy to become an industry leader at that time, show that we are the biggest, strongest, most resilient and active in these spaces. So the first … six, six different things. The first thing is trivial. Most of you will say today – banal. 6 years ago it was a vision, ladies and gentlemen start a blog for a company that does toilet. It was a challenge to start writing about it yet, yeah. And it happened. The first ten articles were written. Over the course of 5 years, these articles generated almost 30,000 visits to the website. And now how to look at content activities? How to look at content marketing? What is it really, anyway? How does he address us? What is the return on investment of money invested in content on our website? Ten articles in six years generated this many hits. So let's see if we were to run such simple math, yes. 8 thousand visits in the first 2 years, this gives us the cost per click of entering our website at the level of PLN 0.02.

Well, it's still quite expensive, but I suspect that many industry colleagues would have asked about such a cheap source of traffic thematically related to our site. After another 2 years, this cost per click drops to 6 cents, yes. Ten articles of 100 zlotys are equal to 16,000 visits, i.e. 6 groszy per click. After another 2 years, the cost of visiting the website decreases even more. Yes, so we have 3 and a half pennies. I'm betting now, as I'm standing here for champagne with any of the speakers Show me a cheaper source of traffic, thematically related, scalable than 3.5 pennies. At the moment, in today's realities, in today's Internet, 3 and a half cents for a content-related thematic move is practically impossible. What's more, over that time, this content generated absolutely natural links from very reliable domains. Here we see a foundation named water.edu.pl. History of the toilet, link back … back to the home page of kabinysanitarne.pl. It arose by itself, I did not interfere in this process. Other content that started appearing from last year is, for example, an infographic about this common problem, in general, a social problem translated, importantly, from an English-language source into Polish with added light branding, yes, about what it looks like there in Europe.

Light, delicate text, but you will admit that there is a certain probability that that, for example, large portals will copy information or share, duplicate this, that, that message somewhere. Other content, yes. 10 most interesting toilet papers. Another light topic, but believe me, when you enter the article, you will be surprised by the content. Another thing, in turn, addressed to the target group of architects, which is a very important piece of business for us, yes. So architects who, contrary to appearances, often have basic problems or they do not remember from school how these toilets should be designed.

In fact, it all comes down to a few provisions in the construction law, which should be translated in this case into cooler, more visual … visualized forms, which actually generated a nice commitment and a lot, a lot of hits, views, likes, this article collected and collects all the time, yes, because it is one of this type of content that is always up to date. So saying that, as long as the construction law is up-to-date, we can promote this content, and she can wind up our customers in the long term and, too, those inquiries mentioned. Have you seen that the toilet seat is cleaner than your phones that you are holding at the moment? If you are interested in details, I invite you to this article once again. Another light topic, yes, but with this element of virality, yes, showing how to bite the content from the point of view, just like that, who would have expected it on a daily basis, because most of us associate toilets with dirty places full of germs.

Here, in turn, a very nice case judgment of the Supreme Court regarding toilets in banks. A bank client, an old man, sued the PKO tank for 5 years for not being able to use it … from the bank's toilet. What does this content mean for a company like ours? She's really expanding the market for us, yes. It builds us, expands our segment and target group of customers. Until now, there were no toilets in the fuel tanks. The same problem applies to large-format stores such as Biedronki, Lidle and others. Customers there, often they cannot use the toilets yet, so by promoting such content, we build ourselves, we really expand the market of potential customers. By building awareness of this problem among architects as well as ordinary people, yes, who just go shopping.

Other stuff. The main thing that a few speakers have already talked about – remarketing. In the B2B industry, this simply does not exist, for … In the B2B industry, when someone sees a banner following them, they are simply delighted, they say "how do you do it?" He calls, he even asks or asks in an e-mail, "How is it that your banner is on the Onet home page", right? Well, these are the realities of the construction industry, where we are talking about B2B. Be to See, yes we do, we don't sell any paint, yes, this marketing looks a bit better over there. On the other hand, in the B2B industry, where construction businesses communicate with each other, there is definitely, much worse communication. Moreover? YouTube – several films and video materials have been prepared I think very cool, showing the product.

And what turned out here? That, first of all, we are the only one in Poland and probably a producer of this product in the world, which has such an extensive database of video materials about its product. Well, if you look at this video, this is also the basic thing that we associate with okay, I'll create some video materials, a dozen, yes, it must have already cost some money. Well, what's next, no? Who will watch it, how many people are looking for it on YouTube? As we look at all the materials that are displayed here we can see some of them even have 2,000 views, or even 8,000, and where does it come from, ladies and gentlemen? From remarketing, yes nothing, nothing new again. People who have been with us for the last few years after this video came out was posted on YouTube began to see an ad in their native channel where they were spending this time on YouTube with a commercial of this video material, simply.

By building

Yes, it has displayed them instream in the content of other video materials. And thus 8,000 views. So banners and chase on websites, video materials on YouTube. Let's move on. And, of course, I would not dare to refer you to two of the coolest elements on YouTube, YouTube optimization, in my opinion, this is the one that appears on the left above, right close to the play button. You can add it only when we launch a paid ad for video material.

But he is, in my opinion, very engaging and eye-catching. If we make a good thumbnail, nice text, it has a lot of clicks. The second very important thing is to add in the first line of the description also a direct link to the call-to-action page, and of course to add this one is the logo in the lower right corner after hovering over this logotype in the advanced options of the YouTube channel you can add a logotype and you can subscribe to the channel directly from there. Moreover, we have video material we should immediately think about how to use this video material to capture the search results. For many phrases and many industries, for many phrases, for many, in many industries Google would like to and wait impatiently for any meaningful video content to appear. It's really a huge amount of content, and it's not that expensive anymore, yes. Well, making the video content cool is not a big, big challenge. Creating content that is still there for this is dynamic, quite cool, also maintained at a high level in terms of quality, this can also be used immediately for video positioning and it really wasn't any great effort in the field of SEO, to utilize the former, the latter, the latter result, in fact, for your own advertising message on the one or the other most important key phrase.

What more can we see you here? Sanitary cabins. This is our main phrase, yes, the most important one, most people search for it on Google. Many years ago, the domain in the exact match kabinysanitarne.pl she was quite a big advantage, yes. It gave some extra ranking factor on Google, so for many years that was very positive. At the moment, it even works negatively, which is why, among other things, the site is currently on the number 2 spot. However, please see what the most important phrase means? If you cannot afford to be your most important phrase in Google AdWords and pay even 10 and 20 zlotys for clicks, if that's the amount, the industry rate, it means that you should close your business slowly.

Yes, well, if our most important keyword that is directly revealing your intention is straightforward "I want to buy this product, I'm looking for more information about this product" and you think or your boss thinks that you cannot afford this advertisement, let business close, yes. Well, this is logic, yes, someone says straightforwardly "I need this product", and we cannot afford to display the ad. Some nonsense, right? Moreover? If we look at these search results, this result, of course, the AdWords ad is on the 3rd place, once higher, it is random, but please see he has used all possible additional options just sitelinks, location, phone number and all other additional options are included, so it covers quite a lot of … space in these search results. There is of course an organic result, but what's important, please see … on the right side merchant, Google merchant, shopping. And the only reason why we set up the store is to develop another dozen or so percent of the space search results for this phrase. So that our products were also displayed there.

This store has not sold a single product and will probably never sell it. Why? Well, because this type of product is unlikely to be sold via the Internet in this model, right? While it has passed AdWords verification, it works. We pay some pennies for it, probably PLN 100-200 a month, and we have additional exposure. The store costs five dollars on a boxed storefront. Yes, 50 zlotys a month and this is the entire cost, and we have a dozen or several dozen search results again our most important phrases, additionally supported there with the development of this, that this area of ​​search results.

Other things that are fun to click that have turned out to be some kind of unexpected success. A photo of a toilet from one of the Poznań galleries, which was intended for parents with children. Such a trivial topic can be said. Mostly women liked, but it was obvious that it had hit some there, some someone's specific problem, probably yes, also for toilet users.

Other content. This is the content of the guide for architects on designing public toilets. Other stuff. A very cool thing that we are also doing today at the conference, so-called 360 degree panoramic photos. Please see how we scan Facebook fit sometimes, go, go, go down then at some point we sometimes come across material like here, Yeah, where I turn my phone and suddenly see the top, the ceiling, the side, yeah. The perfect application of the product in our particular character, yes, where then we show a specific case, a specific implementation of a toilet there.

Here again, the same on the phone, on the cell phone, right. I think you are able to imagine it, if you are not able to, please go to sprawnymarketing.pl already there, it seems that the throws from today a similar implementation. Moreover? Ladies and Gentlemen, I am reading the weekend edition of Gazeta Wyborcza and I come across such an article. The first thing I do is "no brilliant quote, we just have to throw it in", yeah.

The grandeur of the building disappears when there is a queue of 50 people in it, a lady waiting in the line to the toilet. Well, it's brilliant, right? Well that's the truth, yes. If I go to the theater and have to wait in line to get my basic needs well, this is something wrong, right? We are talking about higher needs, while the basic ones cannot be provided for. Quick quote, click on Facebook. Tags the designer who gave this interview. A moment later, share the wall with him. Fellow architects like, smile, throw some comments, but suddenly there is some free exposure again, I am surprised once again, how the human ego works trivially, and that it works the same in every industry. It is enough to quote someone, link, put a photo of him or her, say something positive about him and it immediately generates actions, reactions rather, yes.

Other things that have been done. Do you think that a company such as sanitary cabins and toilets should be on Instagram? Well, what do you think it should be or not? Of course it should be. But why? "Because nothing is lost." First of all, I do not lose anything, and besides, if I see that 20,000 people are watching Fanpage Poland, architect, period, something, it means that my target group is there. So, by creating content for this target group, I will also find my audience on Instagram. For sure they, they spend their time on Instagram, yes. So why do I have where to display this ad? Exactly on Instagram, where they spend this time. But of course remarketing again, yes. So I create a separate campaign and in remarketing of those who were already on the site, a few thousand people probably during the year, who has an account on Instagram sees my ad.

So he can see that I am already in the search engine, I am on YouTube, I am high, I have banner remarketing, in addition, I can even see them on Instagram. Come on, they are doing a massive, massive campaign, yes. What is it all about? Well, what is the most important thing? That in all these content and marketing activities, we do not have to invent everything ourselves. This is what Steve Jobs has already done, we probably do it, we look at different ideas, concepts and ideas every day. We combine them into one and release them as a new product. And we should do the same in our industries. So to peek, look, find one competitor, one company that … in the whole world, even one company you will find every industry that does it perfectly, yes. It simply does content and marketing activities at the highest level. So it is worth following them as an example. It's worth copying their ideas for content, doing similar things. I will show you one example of a UK company that does exactly the same.

Craig is one of those people I look at a little bit, who impresses me. By the way, if someone has an open phone right now, talk to Craig with a photo tell him "Craig talks about you, Cezary at a conference with 800 people." Please, somebody, maybe 2-3 people, let Craig see that he is loud in Poland. Because he actually does cool content, cool content. I'm going to show you two or two examples of things. Two examples of the content I watched on him.

This is, for example, a guide for customers about the standard dimensions of the cabins, yes. For preschool kids, for older kids, for adults and so on. This tutorial, of course, has many more pages, but a very nice example of tutorial content for the client, for one of the target groups in our industry. Another thing. Do you remember a year ago when we beat Germany 2-0? At the National Stadium, the sanitary cabins were demolished. My heart ached. However, such a fact, unfortunately, the Germans smashed our toilets.

What next? See what content Craig has prepared in this context, yes, just demolishing, destroying toilets. Okay, unfortunately we won't be watching the whole thing and everything is available on the internet just search for Craig or this company here Cubicle Center and you can see the video material to the end. And that would be it, enough for me. Thank you very much. And let's remember at the end, yes, to create the content and marketing that people love, just like at today's conference. Thank you very much again..

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