#CMWorld 2015 – Biggest Threat to Content Marketing – Scott Stratten

I want to talk about content and how these things work and when it comes to ethics here's a photo we did for the third book QR code skill kittens which is the picture book of business screw-ups and none of you are in it don't worry mightor the pages out of anybody who's here I didn't so this is a photo shoot we did for the book just for fun there was no kind of conversion to it or we even put a brand on there anything we just did it for fun to kind of promote the book then we use the photos in different kind of campaigns so I shared it on reddit originally a couple years ago it didn't did did whatever but a year later I shared it again says last year and it went bananas whatever combination of viral pneus and anger on reddit at the time got it to go pretty fun you can see underneath almost 1.8 million views of the photo which equal to us and business 0 like it doesn't it's it won't do anything for you I got called fat a lot and they mocked my beard and my hair they said it was yeah really nice tattoo I think they're being sarcastic but we just did it for fun right so it goes bananas but my kids didn't see it none of the youths odd or anything else until the fat Jewish Instagram account shared it and then I was suddenly relevant with the youth of today you're on the fat Jewish I'm on I'm on who and the what now I'm not on anybody right now so I didn't know who that was and this is where I first experienced this phenomenon the phenomenon of which is not new but of taking its reposting or as you call it if you want to be ethical and you think you are it's called repurposing content fine if the content is yours not fine if it's not so what happened why they started investigating this fat Jewish Instagram account and henceforth the Twitter account and he just took the top posts mostly from reddit which were stolen from other places and and took them and then posted him as his own and initially I was flattered by my picture hey people thought it was funny because I thought it was funny but funny is a very hard subjective thing to do but to that he took it and people saw and I people from high school dude saw you on the fat Jew side I'm like who are you I think you beat me up in high school and then I got angry because I saw it and the that's my kid that's my caption right I had to take a stand and part of the trick of reddit is not only making good photo but making a good summary of it in context people click on it to see it it's like the old I used to be a huge user of fart calm and dig and that headline that's where a lot of the town live Disick if you'll to click on it so I said I had to take a stand i put it up and fat Jewish account or one of his minions or whatever took the photo and took the caption and then put the caption as their own on the Instagram post and I realized this is this is dirty rice is this is theft really who theft it's a big word theft is taking something that's not yours and then posting it now if he posted it and then gave credit okay that's repurposing that's the internet half the time we took it and to the point where it looks like he rode it and he did it and he found it he curated it and then he didn't give credit back if you do not give credit for something you're taking credit that's it that's a good tweet I'll wait here's the best part don't credit me in it and then be ironic if you don't give credit you're taking it at Jay Bayer CM world like I do give somebody else credit for it but that's the point people say well they're not taking credit for it they're just sharing it there curating now it's just Latin for an you're taking stuff and you're just saying I brought you this I brought you this with no link back with no credit back no nothing I don't think that's right I don't think integrity isn't a renewable resource you don't get it back next quarter let's try it again I wasn't honest in August but hey September we can try it you lose it people do not forget it do not forget when that happens another picture this is a picture of me in south by southwest in 2011 my shirt says I'm kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant social media site that fall asleep lates my ego all true it's a statement we took this at CC Chapman took this picture actually at Jay and Amber's book launch way back for the now revolution at the sohbat and i like my face and my pose my eyes were squinted like kind of you know big deal look and it went viral but this didn't go viral this went viral somebody cut off my head not viral Cyril a bra barrel and I'm like it's me people are like sure like that was our my nipples you that's me I'm telling you that's mine and it went viral myspace Tom for the love of God shared it on my myspace Tom Sheridan this means like sure Tim I got a mate on zazzle like that's my words in my shirt and then it went popular and so you know what happened people started selling the shirt not for me not with any credit or anything else it just when we had a something brene brown as a friend of mine who's great I'm some of you might note or a great author great speaker daring greatly just a new one just come out to and we've had the honor of doing a couple events together and she quotes me and daring greatly about you know ignore the haters you're not the jackass whisperer right that's funny by the way that's a funny line maybe it's funny when Brunei says it I don't know but she shared it in the book and she shares it in her talks and she always gives me credit and I love her for that she's so wonderful to do that just much bigger platform that I have now and she still gives credit words do but then people take it and they think she said it and so when I share it on the other marketing Facebook page or something to her like you're stealing Bernie's quote would it's been a courting me and then a famous illustrator took it and put it into an illustration and she didn't credit myself or Brene she just put a trademark on the phrase for herself which then gets me angry and I sent off my minions on it to smack around and her explanation was it was credited to any people online that I just didn't credit anybody ok no it's not okay you


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