#CMWorld 2015 – Use Data to Make Better Content Marketing Decisions – Andy Crestodina

most marketers are using analytics wrong you and myself and we all have a risk of not taking full advantage of analytics because it's tempting to use it just for reporting and not for with the with the the word of the name really indicates which is analysis so my first point is that there's a huge huge difference between reporting and analysis and what a lot of marketers do is they just report without actually doing analysis so here's some examples I wake up in the morning I'm guilty of this all the time I up analytics and I see a trend line going up and I smile or I see a trend line going down and I frown anyone ever done this anybody do this every day right that's totally normal right we all do that but guess what that has no effect on our marketing at all that has nothing to do with the outcomes that we have in all of our content in all of our promotion all those activities that we do right that does not affect anything the real way to use the analytics is as a decision support tool to get an idea to ask a question that would support that idea and then find the answer based on that answer we take an action or we don't if we take an action we measure the results that is how to affect a business marketing outcome that is how to make get better at marketing it's not just about reports it's about analysis so that's what this whole presentations about it's about taking an idea we're going to turn our ideas into questions and I'm going to go through a bunch of different questions we can ask I'm gonna go through the reports that show us the answers for those questions and then i'm gonna give you examples of actions we would take based on that this is applied analytics pretty charts are fun to look at but they don't actually affect any difference so here's the peers a abinash puts it very well he says if you if you see a data puke you're looking at reporting if you see words in English outlining actions than you're looking at analysis okay so pop quiz what is that today to puke that's just a report looking at that does not change your marketing that's an even busier data puke right there's a lot more going on there there's a very colorful data puke this one doesn't affect your marketing at all no the pastel colors don't help what's that that's analysis see at the bottom there create new pages that's going to be in action there's analysis bottom right corner actions we can take analysis right we're supporting decision that's analysis recommendations actions analysis so here is the difference right this is the difference is that we want to use our analytics as a decision support tool that's what this presentation is about so I also like to make this point to make this early and often and I'll you could I will always remind people of this because I meet pill people all the time who say I got to find someone who to go do my analytics work for me and make sure that that job is done so that I can focus on my job over here of marketing anybody we got a ticket we drove anybody else drive here we did get a ticket we got it to get Indiana okay but you drove here right so you were like behind the wheel and you got your foot on the pedals and the dashboard well you don't have time for that somebody else do the dashboard work right that's crazy that would be totally crazy to do that because the person driving needs the dance the dashboard right you need the numbers that's the difference unless you have this car and then one person does the dashboard and the other person drives like that's a very unusual way to drive okay so we're going to turn ideas into questions and we're going to turn find answers and turn those answers into actions so analytics is littered the organizers going to start very high level this is going to start basic and then we'll get more advanced it's organized literally ABC audience acquisition a a behavior conversion bc right and this is also like a funnel people talk about funnels a lot at this conference I love funnels we go from the awareness consideration action that's acquisition behavior conversion same thing so we're going to focus on these and this presentations organized that here are the questions we ask that lead to those reports who is visiting where did they come from what are they doing and how well are things working that's where we're going to generally find those answers so we're going to start with the acquisition on the audience reports by the way analytics change this a while back they no longer talk about visitors they talk about users they no longer talk about visits they talk about sessions that's because the analytics is now Universal analytics that applies to apps as well as websites apps have users not visitors so they're just so generically the same thing you'll hear me use these interchangeably it's almost easier just to say visit still so question number one we're going to do 12 of these are our visitors on mobile devices very simple question easy to find an answer so we go in and we look at audience mobile overview now you're going to see a trick I use all the time you may not be aware of this there's little buttons above those reports that show you different views of the same data one of those is the percentage of view it's little pie chart the overview report can be displayed as a pie chart here I see exactly the percentage eighty percent of my visitors on desktop seventeen percent on mobile three and a half percent on tablet the date of the view that makes it much easier to get those data right but this is still just a pretty chart we haven't actually changed our outcomes yet


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