Content Marketing Awards – Agency of the Year ( less than 100 employees)

this year's group of contenders really shined with their fresh innovative and truly audience focused missions representing the best content marketing has to offer here are the 10 finalists for the 2015 content marketing awards content marketing agency of the year in the under 100 employees category we have head office Netherlands hilversum Netherlands for 20 years this Dutch group has made their mark by successfully translating strategic objectives into effective communication with content as the basis their clients include the Netherlands biggest supermarket chain and mercedes-benz their very first client imprint new york city new york united states even though they've only been around for twenty eight months the imprint team is already leaving a mark on the industry they have the longest length of experience in the retirement plan and financial services industry with clients like t rowe price and fidelity investments recently they've added other non-financial clients including weight watchers and Girl Scouts USA influence and company Columbia Missouri United States the influence and company team has a unique and innovative approach to content creation and is growing fast last year they expanded their offices from Columbia and st.

Agency of the Year

Louis Missouri to New York City and Kansas City Missouri they haven't slowed down for 2015 bringing on almost 100 new clients and expanding their services king content Sydney Australia five years ago they started as a two-person office in suburban Sydney with a vision of bringing the philosophy of content marketing to Australian marketers and business today they provide work for thousands of journalists filmmakers and creatives around the world they've now expanded their offices from Australia to Asia Europe the US and soon China velocity partners london united kingdom they've been a pioneer of b2b content marketing since their inception and continue to push the boundaries in the space they are in the midst of a banner year winning big multi-channel programs for major US brands including sprint business and kimberly-clark the content marketing award agency of the year less than 100 employee category goes to King content Sydney Australia.

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