Content Marketing Campaign Drives Organic Traffic & Conversions

For 45 years, Powder-Solutions Group has been
providing solutions to powder processors nationwide Powder-Solutions Group partnered with TopRank
Marketing to attract more targeted traffic to its website
and ultimately drive leads. Simply put, search traffic acceleration is
not always easy within a mature industry. And so, while a traditional approach to optimizing
on-page content could’ve lead to moderate increases, TopRank Marketing theorized that an integrated
campaign could drive more results and ROI. To begin, TopRank Marketing identified concepts
which Powder-Solutions Group’s prospects were actively searching for online. And then determined which concepts could yield
the highest reward. From there, both the TopRank content and SEO
teams worked together to craft a high impact content plan and site architecture. The anchor tactic of this initiative was an
SEO-driven power page. This page was designed to truly educate the
audience on the risks of not having a powder solution in place.

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Powder-Solution Group’s skills and expertise
were clearly highlighted. In addition, blog and email content supported
the campaign. The campaign also offered quality cross-linking
opportunities – which are super important to being found in Google. These tactics also served as multiple touchpoints
across the audiences buying journey. Campaign Tactics included:
An SEO driven PowerPage High Octane blog content
Much needed cross-linking And a compelling series of eMails And the Results were
A 50% increase in organic traffic over the prior six months
And a 25% increase in contact form conversions Needless to say, the Powder-Solutions brand
has continued to grow through search engine optimization
and strategically developed and amplified content. If you would like to attain more targeted
website traffic that ultimately converts to an inquiry, don’t delay. Contact TopRank Marketing Today..

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