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You sell a B2B product and think: My industry is far too special for that there is no content to write about. Then today is your lucky day, because I'll tell you: That's not true at all, on the contrary. Content marketing is particularly suitable in B2B. Does content marketing work in the B2B area? Yes, of course. Especially in the B2B area, where the services and products require explanation and are more complex content marketing is particularly suitable. Above all, because you often address different target groups. Because several different people from different levels of the hierarchy are involved. Using the customer journey, I show what such a process can look like. The employee who has been given the task according to a CRM system, according to a suitable one to search, he'll probably look around the internet and do the best he can, maybe come across your site through demo videos, a guide or a whitepaper. Checklists and e-books, for example, are also interesting. This is information that may not only be of interest to the employee, but also for the team lead. That he can collect information there and with this information in turn to the managing director can go.

It will of course also be interesting for the boss when it comes to product information or cases Studies. Who of course pays the money for it in the end and makes the decision needs fact-based Information on costs and duration of implementation for example and when the product is has amortized. These are all things that you can convey to your users through content marketing. How do you find content for your B2B area? Now you know why you can do content marketing in the B2B area and which formats are relevant. If you are now wondering: what content or where you should get the content from, I can give you the following tips: Be sure to ask your customers who have been with you ordered or bought.

They know best which questions have arisen. Ask your customer service. Surely there have often been questions there that they had to answer. Ask your employees, they too have something to do with the product and know which ones Questions can arise. To also think a little out-of-the-box, ask your friend. Yes. Or your entire private environment, whatever questions they might think of about your product. You collect all of them and then you certainly have a few topics about which you can write. If that's not enough for you, please read my content marketing article “Topic Finding Process in content marketing ”. I've listed a few more ideas on how to find topics. And you can find the link to it in the description below. Do you have to reveal your trade secrets with content marketing? Clearly: no! Why should you do this Content marketing is there to advise your users and provide information in the buying process to accompany and not to reveal any trade secrets. The more knowledge you reveal about your product, the more expertise you naturally show and thus gain the trust of your users.

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And not only from your users, but also from Google. Because if the users send good user signals because they stay on your site for a long time, Of course, this also shows Google that you are a trustworthy site where the Users find what they want. That means, quite clearly: I recommend you to do content marketing, to share your knowledge And from experience, I'll tell you: someone has to imitate you first. That is usually the problem with it. Yes, that was it again with another episode of the seocracy question and answer session.

I hope you liked it. And if you want to watch more videos on the subject of content marketing, then have a look but just continue up there in our video, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. So. See you next time. I was pleased. Bye!.

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