hi there this is Martin Shervington and this is content loss in using google plus and the first stage that we're going to be looking at is listen and I'm going to tell you how I use Google+ to listen and might mean that I go off and start imagining a few things because there was a process that i use the first thing I do is I use the stream and I start to see what has been talked about when and for instance if you have particular mean days so memes are units or thought or behavior that replicates throughout a culture and what that means is that certain days on google+ there are certain means and there are packets of information so some days it could be like star wars tuesday which is a great day to be getting involved in other days it could be wordless wednesday or it could be caturday or but all of these days mean that people are having conversations around those topics on those particular days so if you align your content to that which will come on to that means that you are getting involved in those conversations so the first thing to do before you can do that is to listen to start to understand what memes are going on on what mean days are going on this is just one area the next thing to be looking at is what are the general trends on a specific day so that's a little different to the means and the means i'll usually one the mean days they're usually regular days that appear and appear again and what you'll find is that the trends are often related to a day a week or what have you so it could be Thanksgiving or it could be Valentine's Day but all of those things trend now because Google Plus allows you to jump on those trends it's important that you sort of understand that the system and understand that happens and that's the same with reducing twitter is that people will use hashtags in order to to bring content together so that's another another aspects you can use in relation to listening then it depends on where you are with growing your network you'll network and this this is a key thing which i'm going to try to explain the best I can your content and your network run together so if you're posting images of cats all the time then your network is going to be of people who like cats because otherwise they're not going to add you back the certainly not gonna be interacting with you so if you're posting business content all the time then that means that your network is large going to be built around business and how you approach it so it really does depend on what your outcomes are and but the listening stage is just realize that and the people that you add in and the people that you're following if you want them to be engaging with you then make sure the right people that you listening to because they're the ones that really want to be having conversations with so a large part of this is about you building your network which I know if you're not on google plus you can think know those social networks it's like it but it really is worthwhile because google+ is google ok so there's another thing that i do and when i'm just going out and listening which is i use google search and in particular i use google com and personalized search and Arda search for topics and I could do this within Google+ as well and I could filter by my circles if I wanted to and start to drill down there but i use google search and i just go what is being talked about what is happening in relation to these subject matters now I don't tend to look at competing on particular keywords I don't try and say right I'm going to go after that one because that person's there I just go out and find out what conversations are happening then because I mention keywords even though keywords are not as important to me as maybe they used to be they are still important and what I tend to do is go to my google adwords account and even though i don't do paid advertising at the moment i do a search and to find out essentially who is searching for the content that i could be writing about and that's the same as I've done for the last twelve thirteen years I used to use overture as the system prior to using google keywords at all and that has worked really well for listening is there a conversation going on or potentially is a potential conversation that's better way of looking at it our people looking for the thing that you're looking to write about now it's not the be-all and end-all and that your network because it arises with your content you can actually shape and form what people are engaging around but it's still important the something else I do in relation to listening using google plus and that's I listen to people who are talking in events and these are usually Google events Google Hangouts hangouts on air that gives me ideas so I also find that and I think we need this we need to get our ideas challenged and this is a way of me watching what other people are saying and I can then adjust and come up with ideas based upon their perspective so I think that's a really important aspect of listening and I'll use hangouts with a group of people on a daily basis so I have different hangouts that are set up that are ways of me connecting with whether it be business or whether it be personal development and some friends I spend most of my day with days with we're all together using these this technology using the google hangouts in order to bank stuff around and that allows me once again to get different perspectives because without those different perspectives we tend not to get our new ideas so I find that very useful thing about using Google+ to listen so all in all you've got lots of ways that you can be looking at two and you've got the ability to look at the mean days on Google+ to look at trends to look at who's in your network and what they're talking about what they relate to using google search then or search within Google+ to filter down and to find what people are chatting about also then you've got the events you got google hangout and i must dress this i still use google keyword tool a lot just to give me a little focus and and to see how many people are already looking / a particular subject matter so there we go this is Martin Shervington and that was the first module on listening on this particular program so click the annotations and that will take you to the next stage you

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