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I'm David Spark and here's your Content Marketing News for the week ending March 3rd, 2017. YouTube is on pace to eclipse traditional TV. Viewers now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos each day. That is a tenfold increase since 2012. Now Nielsen claims Americans watch about 1.25 billion hours of TV a day but that's dropping. YouTube viewing is going up. TV is going down. Tt's only a matter of time just like when mobile phones eclipsed landlines. YouTube's increase is due to personalized recommendation engines something users have come to expect from services such as Netflix and Amazon. Now cable and network TV may enjoy some of YouTube's growth with the introduction this Spring of YouTube TV. It's a $35 per month service that bundles programming from broadcast and cable TV. That's the same price as AT&T's DirecTV service and competitive to other current and future services. But it appears YouTube will just be bleeding money at that price point due to carriage fees.

YouTube's main competitor in video is Facebook. The social network previously announced they were going to prioritize longer view times something YouTube started doing back at 2012. Problem is they're redefining a long video from 30 seconds down to just 10 seconds. And on Facebook they count a video to be viewed if it's watched for just three seconds. So while they say they want to encourage longer views, they also want to make more money. So these two new view levels along with completed views have actually been the pay point benchmarks for sponsored videos. Publishing platform Medium launches Series, their new mobile first publishing platform. As WIRED explains, "It's Snapchat Stories except they don't expire after 24 hours and you can swipe down to open a link." Similar to Instagram stories, Medium stories can be revealed overtime medium users will have to adapt to this new form of storytelling and publishing. It's a bite- sized version of these serialize novel as you talk away from headline image or short text.


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