Content Marketing Tips: Ingredients To Beefier Content

content marketing tips ingredients to beef your content your audience wants content they can chew on they want content that leaves lasting impressions and crazy repeat customers in a recent survey the social shares of over 100 million articles in eight months were analyzed to see what makes content tasty enough for people to share just look at some ingredients that can make a beefy content piece and lead people hungry for more posts that use images are on average shared by twice as many people in those without of the top ten thousand most shared articles emotions played a large part in the shareability of the content of the top 10% of the articles analyzed longer content with a three thousand to ten thousand word count received more shares than content with a word count of one thousand infographics were shared more than other forms of content with almost 15,000 shares posts that our 10 item lists generate a lot of attention by receiving 10,000 621 shares lastly Google+ articles with the byline and or bio were trusted and shared forty-two percent more than those without the beefier the content the larger the possibility your audience will spread the word so buckle down and start piling on the right ingredients to make your content beefy

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