Content Marketing Trends 2021 // 10 Best Content Marketing Channels to Use

Hi everyone, this is Simon Cunningham. Welcome back to my channel where I share insights Marketing to help entrepreneurs and owners Businesses and content creators to grow their business. In this week's video I will be discussing content marketing trends in 2021 I reveal the Top 10 Marketing Channels and Styles Content You have to pay close attention to this year So as not to be left behind. So it is possible that You now have your own The content marketing strategy is planned And the updated content calendar with great content ideas For your business this year. If you don't take a look at this video Accidentally I show you how to create a marketing strategy Content and I give you a content marketing plan template Mass.

This will be of great help to you. I also have my primary content calendar Which you can download here as well. It is the place where you organize all of your content Cool new. Well assuming you tagged These two things are really off your to-do list The year. You are done, right? Well, not quite. There is more that you need Know it so you can keep up with your competitors. So keep watching. Before we start, remember if you like what I share it today Please give this video a like and subscribe So YouTube will show this video for more Persons. Also, remember to press the bell button to be done Notify you when I post a new video and confirm Leave a thoughtful comment below. I really love to hear from you. OK So let's dive in. What are the channels and tactics Most Effective Content Marketing In 2021? Let's start with the exact details What is content marketing. Is structured content marketing About two main activities. Create single content And two distributions of the content. This is marketing. If you are watching this video I am sure you are familiar with creating content Step 1.

no doubt You work hard to create content for your business, or on The least you want to be. You are writing articles It produces customized videos for your target audience Or ideal clients and topping in that You offer it, too The value plus measuring the results of your efforts from During the analysis of what works and what does not work in marketing Your content. But what about distributing content in step the second Ask yourself these three questions. Where do your customers spend their time? What are the content distribution channels that should Your target this year? What are the main areas Should you focus your attention when planning For your content marketing strategy? In Here are the best content marketing channels in 2021.

YouTube channel and tactic number one. It was You have to see this coming, right? Every year video marketing is becoming more and more popular to a big limit It is now a very important channel for companies and men Business There is no denying that YouTube's reach is massive. With two billion users in All over the world and 79% of users The internet they say they have an account on YouTube. So does companies and businessmen They use the video successfully? The answer is yes. In a recent video marketing survey , 93% of companies reported that the video was a part Important to her marketing strategy with approval 87% that the video gives a positive return On investment. So if you aren't on YouTube yet, there it is Four methods you can use to attract clients And grow your brand. Use the channel To host your business or branding videos. You can link it back to your site and blog than It will help generate more traffic. two Takes Take advantage of the YouTube search engine opportunities. Just like the folks at Google, he writes Keyword persons searching for video clips Three increase your organic reach.

Appear YouTube videos in Google search results You can also click the tab Video to review all private videos With a specific search term. Four Promote your business or videos via YouTube ads. This is a great way to attract New audiences and promoting your product or brand Commercialization by targeting your ideal customers. If you are considering starting with the videos, The best time to start is now as the broker It's already become very saturated as YouTube itself. The goal should be to create video content each A month works on weekly content while it is done Simplify your operations. In the channel and Tactic No. Two. Live videos and webinars. Probably You are already creating videos for your business But is it a live video? It might sound scary, and its good, it could be Sometimes especially when Things are not going as planned, but we are We need to be more comfortable with a business owner Or an entrepreneur or a content creator.

Industry increased Live video streaming 99% in a year 2020, right? Statistics show It was a great score The upward trend even before the pandemic. But the year The past as we all know Suddenly everyone seemed to be making a live video Even if it's just a meeting with zoom technology / Zoom out. There has also been a big trend this year for events Live broadcast where Eventbrite reported that 67% of video viewers are likely to They buy a ticket to a concert or business event Live this year.

So the creation of a live broadcast of events such as a webinar via Internet at low or even no cost might happen Attract more customers for your products or services. The interesting thing is that 80% of people They actually prefer to watch a live video Instead of reading a blog post. Well everyone seems to be struggling with a lack of time These days, 39% of B2B buyers find that Valuable webinar content with 63% They want to spend 20 to 60 minutes watching Webinar, 51% ready to spend Five to 20 minutes watching the video clips every day And if you are concerned about investing in time And resources according to HubSpot It doesn't have to be. 52% of marketers fire The name of the video as the type of content that achieves The best return on investment. So remember that if You were not interested in investing in the video Direct, there is a good chance Your competitors. Channel and Tactic Number Three Podcast. Like video files as a marketing channel gained Popular over the past few years.

A recent poll showed that 55% This means that 155 million people are in the states Have listened to podcast 50% Within two years. Podcasts is a great form of Forms of entertainment But it is also a very useful business marketing tool. Podcast listeners are described as loyal and wealthy And educated people. According to the Podcast Insight Poll, The 61% of our regular listeners were in The United States hold a university degree Four-year, postgraduate degree, Or an advanced degree. I found a study conducted on destinations Content marketing that 64% prefer podcasts in The top of the funnel. This is because more than half of B2B buyers are willing To spend up to 30 minutes listening to A podcast to find their purchases. With more than 1.5 One million podcasts available. There is a lot of competition out there, but it is less Much competitive than video.

Podcasts are a powerful business tool for three reasons. One of them increases brand awareness Two improves confidence and builds power and three leads Traffic to your website or Social media accounts. In 2021 The number of people is expected to exceed at any time Went on It will mesh with the podcast. Consider how Your business could benefit from branching out into this The space Channel and Tactic Number Four Online Marketing E-mail Yes, mail marketing continues Electronic mail is an important and necessary part of marketing Content in 2021.

Why? Because it allows you Personalize and target your communications more than any format Another form of marketing. Can bring Email marketing to your clients And your potential customers in a detailed buyer journey Extremely. Starting with a shot Generation and then gradually direct them to buy from you Once you form a relationship with you and your brand. Interestingly, people complain about receiving Too many emails They are also happy to open up Emails from companies that Care about her. The key here is to provide value to them. It takes to create mail marketing campaigns Segmented mail focused on customer desires And their needs during the buying journey will take time, however The investment is worth it. Estimated that e-mail Generates $ 38 for every dollar spent. That's an impressive 3,800% ROI.

If you are still a bit hesitant about the Investing your resources in mail marketing Mail, so don't be. With 73% off Marketers Reports Email marketing as the best channel Digital ROI, 80% of destinations reported Marketing reported an increase in mail participation Mail last year. Channel and Tactics Number five: Improving the content experience. If you are bothered by popups And ads, you are not alone much of it It detracts from the overall experience of your content , It basically turns off Persons. The experience you create is for your customers Just as important as the content you create for them is. It usually requires multiple exposures to the content And your brand before you can trust Someone buys in you or starts this interaction From the moment They visit your website for the first time. Your goal should be to keep them engaged And they care about your brand with every bit of The content you create. You can improve the experience Customers in five ways. One thinks about the reader Your build in your content. What did they find valuable? In what format do they like to consume the content? Are they blogs, videos, or podcasts? Two are considering customizing the buying trip So they feel appreciated.

Create content Based on their specific desires and needs. Three prioritize the phone experience Mobile. 55% of people use the devices Portable to desktop computers. On my website, the percentage is 80%. You need to know where the traffic is coming from Your own. Four focus on brand loyalty Commercial. Make our existing customers happy As well as developing relationships with new clients. Five be consistent. This will establish brand loyalty. Likes People be the voice of the brand And the general feeling of the brand is the same No matter where they find you. No Be different on every platform. It's confusing and detracts from your customers' value Experience your brand. Channel and Tactic No. 6 visual content. We live in a world where we are bombed every day With visual content. It is what people want and for some it is Also how they learn. Some people have a style Visual learning. They need to see the information to learn it. in a Create your own content marketing You can use visual content to your advantage from During the creation of marketing like infographics Illustrations, photos and diagrams Slides, presentations, and videos.

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Visual content marketing continues to rise 84% of communications were visible in a year 2020. By the end of last year, it was 79% Of internet traffic is video. It is also claimed that 65% of people remember The information they see in the picture but 10% They only keep the information they hear with voice high That's why the graphs work very well. Also remember to break up text walls in Your blog posts with colorful pictures where it is said that Colors in visuals increase attention span Viewership rate is 82%.

Channel and Tactics Number 7 for Social Media Marketing. Still taking advantage of media marketing Social communication to attract more clients A valuable tactic in 2021. With over 4 Billions of people around the world are now using it Social media every month. Also worth noting is the media Active social The number of users increased by 12% year Past an increase of 453 million people Average people have eight accounts Different on social media. With Social media is only increasing It is important to think about how you will use the content Your in social media to achieve The best benefit to you. Social media A great place not only to promote your products And your services, but also to create interaction through Communicate with your target audience through engagement Content and interaction with others' content and answer To the questions. 69% of marketers use social media Social Brand Awareness with 52% use it to increase their traffic world Wide Web. When creating content for your business For use on social media, It should be noted that 57% of people They follow brands to learn about Their new products or services using 47% To stay informed of company news.

Many of Social media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn YouTube Twitter and Pinterest have been around for A long time now. However, it is worth checking out for the new arrivals TikTok, Instagram's Reels and Search for How to get it to work with your target audience. Be Careful though If you do not want to be unfollowed, Make sure your products and services are of class First. The main reason why consumers cancel Follow up brands on outlets Social communication is poor product quality or the service Poor customer service and inappropriate content And a lot of ads. It's also worth noting that 45% of people They like and follow the accounts suggested in Their feeds or discovery tools.

So make sure to enable that in private settings Your If you want to grow your account. Give the channel Tactic # 8 will prioritize content improvement search engines. The creation of engaging content is high Quality is essential, but it needs Optimization for SEO or One will see it. Look at it this way it works an improvement Search engines and content marketing together. Via Content marketing, you provide value to your audience, Also good SEO helps Your audience can find your content Using search engine algorithms that specify The value of your content. It's no longer enough to just produce what you think is content Great in 2021. You need to produce high-quality content that covers Topics that people are actually searching for. You have to ask yourself whether the content provides value Is it real to your target audience? If you don't produce the relevant content that people want, There is a chance that your content will not lead to Generate a lot of traffic which wastes your time And your resources.

Longer search for keywords An important first step in the content creation process The long-tail keywords will be more As important as ever Popular keywords become oversaturated. Put in Consider reviewing an improvement content strategy Search engines have to see if there is Room for improvement. You can build SEO traffic Your speed is five ways faster. One creates Consistently high quality content Use the content calendar to keep track of all your content Your team creates it. You can download mine for free. Two for posting content A high-value directory can create a library Or a clever guide to direct traffic to Your website.

Three create links Wallpaper with free offers. Abandonment can result More relevant content to increase traffic. Four build reliable content from webinars across Internet. Convert content into prop content Value for Attracting traffic and five continue to improve Your content. Update your content Your with relevant updates to achieve the maximum Take advantage of the work You have already done. Channel and Tactic No. Nine focus on products and services. With Companies continue to spend carefully The trend towards the bottom of the funnel content Related performances are expected to continue It will be strengthened in 2021. It makes sense to mean conservative marketing plans That business owners and entrepreneurs want to Laser Focus On The Jupiter Journey That The basic topics and objections are covered with People progress through the funnel. there will be Also more directly linked content With product services and launches. There will also be a special focus on creating content It explains the benefits directly For a product or service in order to secure the sale.

Taking a client Potential to the bottom of the funnel takes time Long and expensive. It is helpful to perform a content catalog audit Your fast in your mind. How much is the content of the part Bottom of the conversion path or decision stage do you have? Some examples of formats You can use downloadable PDF files such as E-books or product brochures Templates, webinars and courses Free training videos, success stories Courses and education. Several business owners And the businessmen are great at developing materials For the content awareness stage. Keep this in mind The general content that you need to create and who It guides the potential customer to the buying decision. Don't forget to track your conversions So you know which piece of content led to this Sale. And finally Channel and Tactic # 10 Forward content across channels.

I really hope you did it already, and if You are not, the world of private content marketing Your is about to get a little more exciting. The idea behind this strategy is that you take High quality content, and I created it Already and converting it into multiple parts of Content for everything you have Channels and share with as many as possible Persons. Why? Because if you take the time To create engaging content, you can, too Take advantage of it.

About your YouTube video Into a podcast or article, and shorten it For Reels or TikTok video, switch Your articles into social media posts Social and Email Marketing. You can get the picture. Yes, some rewriting is needed Editing to make every piece of content fit Requirements for each platform. However, by creating branches for content from One well-written and well-researched piece of content Well, you make it stretch more than you allow By reaching more people and saving you Headache coming up with something new every time. Create less, promote more. If you are concerned about overexposing Your content do not be. Why? Well, because your audience at large He doesn't follow you on all social media accounts Social owned or statute People are attracted to the media They enjoy it and it suits their lifestyle. For example, some people will still prefer Read videos, then watch them. So go ahead and start changing items like crazy. You can thank me Later So here are the ten best marketing channels and techniques Content for content marketing in 2021.

I am interested to know which content marketing trends You're excited to try it in 2021 or are there A trend in which you have achieved great success and will continue to be This year I love to hear from you. So be sure to leave your comments below. Previously I mentioned the primary content calendar template My file which you can download will help you Organize your content and I also have a template My comprehensive content marketing plan to guide you By creating your own content marketing strategy Your If you haven't already.

Download it Today by clicking on the existing links In my video description While you wait for next week's video, cast A look at the first video in the blogging series My 2021, How Blogging Works To improve your content marketing. I answer your questions about current trends on Blogging and its future plus benefits Blogging & Why You Should Do Doing so to improve your content marketing. Also check how to brainstorm 7 Techniques for Effective Content Marketing. This will help you get some inspiration To come up with some cool new ideas. Hope you found this video directions useful If you do, please remember to subscribe and click The like button. Thanks for watching. as always I am grateful for your support. Have a nice day and a great week. I'll see you in the next stage. Bye.

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