Content Marketing World Day 1 Take-aways

this is saris Garrick from PR Newswire and I'm here at content marketing world close to the first day with Candice annalen who is the chief executive officer of propel growth a financial services content marketing firm out of New Jersey and one of the great things about a conference like this is you actually get to meet people in person she and I have been conversing via Twitter for a few years now so this is really fun for us Candace what did you notice today from content marketing world what are the emerging themes well one thing that it's been good to see is the focus on the buying cycle it seems like a lot of people are talking about how to align content throughout the buying cycle and facilitate sales yep and also the metrics tracking metrics that matter like what is actually influenced so I think that's a great point because building on that I'm hearing a lot about actually measuring outcomes versus output yeah so no longer just how many blog posts or how much activity but what it actually engendered which is a fantastic change of pace and not just web traffic but getting the right people right exactly and then ultimately whether or not that drives to revenue and there's almost a testing by creeping into content marketer when we're going to start talking about a/b testing our content at some point that we'll be interested would be you also mentioned content shock tell me yeah that's something that's missing we did discuss it in the vc panel but i think that we need to spend more time talking about what's going to happen as it becomes more at more and more difficult to get organic reach with your content to actually reach your audience and so that amplification that you guys talk about all the time is getting more and more difficult to do without pay to play and if so i really want to see what's emerging in that space so to be continued from content marketing world

Candice annalen

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