Creating Video Ads that Convert Like CRAZY (Model This)

– In order to really understand
ads that actually convert, we've got to understand how
traditional TV actually works. In this video, yes, we're gonna talk about what type of video ads sells like crazy. What type of video ads will have high share-ability
as well as engagement. But in order for us to do that, we got to understand how does this actually
relate to traditional TV. Now you see, traditional TV used to be the pinnacle of all type of advertising. Usually the case that if a business owner wants to get more reach,
more leads, more visibility. Where do they advertise?
They advertise on TV. But here's the problem. Nobody's watching TV today. And the thing that we need to understand is that this thing right
here, that's the new TV. And this new TV right here,
what are people doing? They're doing this. They're scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. And we got to understand that
when it comes to creating ads, video ads, we got to first understand how do we then stop the scroll? It used to be a case that
when you run ads on TV, people are watching some sort
of series, or even movie, that's right so for you
millennials out there, you're thinking, "What, ads
in the middle of a movie?" Yes, that's how TV used to work.

So that's the pattern interrupt. Today, if you think about
that same psychology, today it is all about the ads
that will pop up in the middle when somebody is scrolling,
watching their content. So behind the scenes today, you're gonna see a coaching call, a session that I did with my students, where they paid a lot
of money to be there. But you get to see exactly,
what are the steps required to create an ad that stops
the scroll, that adds value, so that they would want to invest in whatever it is that you
have to offer at the end.

(upbeat music) Let's begin with, who do you serve? And the result you generate. – [William] All right, so basically it is a product, a eight
week bodyweight only product. That, I'm not the person
that's actually doing it, it's my partner. He's actually my personal trainer, myself. He's my own personal
trainer, and he's currently having some problems
taking his business online. 'Cause everything's on lockdown. So as someone who markets courses and who wants to make his own course, I see this as a very good opportunity for me to make a product that's B2C, directly to the customer. – [Peng] William, go
ahead, share your screen. Let's take a look. – [William] So basically
our offer, full eight week bodyweight program workouts,
14,000 Rand worth of value. It has been calculated.

Weekly live trainings with
Sihle, which is my partner. Then it's a dedicated, full time coach which is him, because he's
going to be there 24 seven. And we also looking, one of our goals is to hire a customer support manager. So it's success manager type of thing, and also a private online community, which honestly is priceless 'cause of the environment
that you're going to be in. And total value is 19,000, and today's price is
997, which is 5% of that. So that's currently our offer. It's only 5% of what the total value is, what we truly believe it's worth.

– [Peng] Is there a landing
page that we can take a look at? – [William] Currently there
hasn't been a landing page because I've been busy building out the actual course itself. That's part of our offering. Basically it is a full custom app where everything it
has a beautiful layout. – [Peng] So what is your
main question you feel will help you move forward? – [William] If it's okay for
you to watch our first video, that we shot yesterday, how to results without
doing the thing you hate. Some feedback would be
really beneficial to us. – I can watch that for
sure, and can do that now, but I actually feel that
that's not going to be the main thing that
helped you get unstuck.

– [William] Okay? – And here's why I say that. Because when your video's up, what you'll need to know first, it's always comes down to the offer. Because you could have a really bad video, or rather a good offer, a bad video will always out convert a
bad offer with a good video. So your video right now
is not the bottleneck and your focus of what it is that you should be working on right now. Your main thing is on getting
the funnel up and polished so that when you send videos,
and clicks, and eyeballs, and visibility from this
video to your landing page, you able to identify
what your conversion is.

So let's take a look at the video. – How is it possible to
complete an effective workout without using weight or
any sort of equipment? Hi, my name is Sihle. The creator of the Bodyweight Hustle. Today I'm going to be sharing something that will help you realize that training without weight
or any sort of equipment can be as effective as a
normal weight training. – Okay, pause one second. Can you get Sihle, is
that how I say his name? Can you get Sihle back here? Hey what's up, Sihle. Sihle, do you mind taking your
shirt off for us for a second – [William] The jacket or the shirt? – Like, all of it. – Okay, see. Now, how many of you here just from this, this getting your attention? Raise your hand if this
gets your attention.

Look, Davina is all excited. She's like waving her hands, frantically. Sihle, what people want to see. Remember social media, first of all, can be a very shallow game and that is why a lot of gurus utilize
Lamborghinis and bikini's at the start of the video or as a thumbnail to secure attention. So right now your video,
whatever it is you say is not going to be as powerful as you starting off the
video just looking like that.

In fact, you could, you don't
even need to say a word. You could literally just
stand there looking mean. And that is going to
get a lot more attention than what it is that you say. So I want you to be able to utilize that and identify that that is your strength. Average would be like,
hey guys, Sihle here. Today I'm going to be showing you how to develop your chest muscle and utilize this without any weights by doing this thing called pushups. But can you imagine if,
instead of saying all of that, all you did was, it's funny 'cause I can't
move my chest muscle. All you did was just this
thing going up and down and it's like, have you ever thought about how you can develop this muscle set? Try that. Have you ever thought how
to develop this muscle set and just move your tits up and down. – [Seke] Have you ever thought how to develop you muscle
by moving your chest? – Yeah, right? Guys can you imagine that was the first three seconds of the video.

And by the way, all the
girls here in this room, they're all going insane.
They are losing their minds. And maybe some guys as well. But basically what I'm
trying to say here is when it comes to social media, the game is what stops the scroll? What gets their attention? And this is what gets the attention. Yes, what you want to say is important, but the visual is so much more powerful, especially in the fitness game.


So can you imagine if in
your videos, in that 21 days, when you start developing, and creating, and implementing these videos, you're now not just
thinking about what to say, but how do you have these two things? Information and entertainment.
It's infotainment. So that is what gets people from watching all these different videos to stop your scroll, because
it gets their attention, and now they click on it. And that's why they land
on your landing page. I want to give you guys the next thing that could be applicable for all of you. You see some of you might struggle with the whole solo experience
of being on a camera. 'Cause I know that was my struggle. Now some of you might
find it a whole lot easier being a cohost, or being interviewed, or by having someone
ask you the questions.

And then after you edit
out the questions after. So perhaps, William, what
you could do, as the partner, is to ask Sihle the questions in between. So you're still leading him
through the entire script. 'Cause now he's just answering questions. And then after that, post edit,
you delete your questions, in order for him to get
comfortable on camera. – [William] Thank you.
– Thank you so much. – Thank you for showing
us a wonderful time, okay. – This is not something
that we're gonna promote. – It's not in the webinar, it's not in the sales video,
it's not in the sales patter. But for the funnel, it's
something that's spontaneous, and if they do that, if they complete it, they get a chance to get a 50% refund. If they leave a review, if
they leave a testimonial, whatever it may be.

And then before they leave,
after they get the 50% refund, we introduce, hey, do you know someone that could use this program as well? How would you like to get a hundred percent of your
money back, or even make money? – One thing that you
said that I really liked is the fact that they
would get their money back if they complete the challenge. And I think that to kick things off, that is actually a great way to start getting case
studies and testimonials. And the way you are going to
sell it and position it is because we are in a prelaunch stage and we want to help you get results. So, you know what, in
order to motivate you, because let's face it, most people buy something
but never take action. Here's what we're going to do. We are literally going
to bribe you take action.

And here's how it works. Join the program, do the workouts. And when you post these workouts and show us that you did the work at the end of this training,
at the end of the program, at the end of the challenge, you will get all of your
entire investment back. So what does that mean? It means that you change
the quality of life. You built a new routine. You got results. And it was a completely
free investment. How's that? And you're probably thinking, so William, why would you want to do this? Why would you give us our
money back? Here's why.

Because right now in a prelaunch stage, and the truth is we
are looking to document our success stories and case studies. This is not something we're
going to be long doing longterm. Why? Because it's not sustainable. So if you want to be part of
this pre-launch beta group, where we're going to hold you by the hand and give you these trainings daily. Kind of like having
your own personal coach without the cost of one, then join us right now for this prelaunch. So I would definitely not not announce it. I see it as a very powerful
marketing mechanism. And I would definitely want to be able to utilize
that in your marketing. How long has it took
you to plan what it is that you want to do today
and put into action? How long since you
started thinking of this and based on what you've done so far, how long did it take you? – [William] In the end–
– [Peng] One second, William.

How long did it take you to build what you've done
over here, this portal? – So it took me round about about, a good, the actual mechanics of the proper portal, is what, I would say a good 12 hours. – Guys, I want you to start
seeing something here. Just by looking at this framework, you can see that he's got it mapped out. And obviously the videos is
a separate thing altogether. But the game plan, you
can see week one, day one, day two, day three, excluding the videos. But the plan is there, the
framework, the architecture.

12 hours, and the truth is this 12 hours, for some of you, this
could be a days work. This could be three
days, four hours a day. But the reason why, I feel some of you really need to see this is because sometimes creating
an offer that converts literally can be a day's work. Now obviously results, not typical. It is very common that when
people finish the challenge, they're going posting the groups. They're going to be showing
the before and after, especially when they're proud
of their accomplishments.

So that itself will be your
best form of marketing. Every single fitness product,
the best form of marketing is not some secret Facebook ad strategy, but rather when the initial
thing gets traction, word of mouth, hashtags, people posting on their Instagram stories, and tagging you guys. – My last question is I just
posted that ad that you saw on the brand account. And I just wanted to ask you now, what would be the better
page to post from? His personal account or his brand account? Because currently his
brand account, he has, there's no following, it's completely new. – At this juncture my answer
would be, it doesn't matter.

It will not make any
difference at this juncture, whether it is personal
name or it is the brand, because it's too early to, you're not thinking about acquisition. You're not thinking about
selling it to somebody else. You're not doing any of that. So at this juncture, before
you reach that milestone, it doesn't matter. – All right, cool, not
a problem. Thank you. – Well I hope you
enjoyed the behind scenes to this coaching call. If you enjoyed this video, let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is. And, as always, be sure
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And if you want to apply and
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