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Google and other search engines like yahoo and bing are a great source to generate traffic for your business but getting to the top of the first page is extremely difficult especially if you're still using those outdated methods that the majority of businesses are still using today we're talking about websites what's wrong with a website first websites cost a lot they're time-consuming to make and because there's so much competition getting them optimized with the proper keywords and content and then getting them ranked high on Google is even more expensive what if I told you there was a better way to reach the top of the major search engines without a website how many more customers do you think you can reach by being at the top of the first page on Google in this pie chart provided by google it shows that over sixty-eight percent of all of the traffic from any keyword search goes to the top four positions in Google search results that means if you're not on the top and you miss out on most of the potential business that a search engine can provide so what if there was a way to not only reach those top spots fast but also have a tool to convert more of the customers that saw your listing and get you even more leads and more calls than a website ever could there is that tool is video it's no secret video converts better than in any other media because google loves video so much they're just looking for any opportunity to put that video in the organic search results this is where we come in and don't take our word for it we can show you video after video of satisfied customers already on the first page of Google and because of this new video method are getting more calls and more sales video works in all cities big or small no matter what size or type of business you have video is one of the best ways to reach a customer just look at some of these amazing results we've provided to other clients so how does it work we'll give you a list of the best keywords for your business type or niche and then you pick the ones you'd like to target along with the areas or cities that you want to reach we do the rest the best part is that this is much more affordable than almost any other advertising and we can usually get you on the first page within a couple of weeks advertising for your business can't be any easier than this contact us today and we can get your business in front of the right audience targeting your customers without all the cost and hassle of designing a website call us today we look forward to working together you

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