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Today let's talk about why you need to take Your business online I'll discuss some points regarding this. SO far all the marketing strategies were just pamphlets, billboards tv ads etc But here we are not able to measure our marketing efforts. means we weren't able to decide whether that was profitable or not I circulated pamphlets 1 lakh But the person who came was via pamphlets or newspaper it's not easy to track One way is to ask your computer how did they know about you Customer said they saw your pamphlet, hoarding or tv ads And that's how you can measure your marketing efforts But how accurate will it be? Will you ask every customer? They might get irritate Now you've given them form What if they don't fill the form? so better alternative is digital marketing Here you can track How much products were sold via your website How many people are calling us via google and people who adds the product in the cart but doesn't buy it. But those who buy the product after adding the product in the cart.

Date of birth of the customers In the beginning, We used to maintain a list that date of birth of this person is this Now we need to do relationship marketing. Congratulations sir on your birthday Here we automate it You've created a CRM software that date of birth is this anniversary and by default we've created mail and in this we've done personalisation Hi sahil Hi <firstname> And the other person will feel that you've created this for him/her You can do any kind of promotion So Digital marketing gives you this leverage that normal traditional marketing doesn't give. Now one more thing Our buyers are of age 22-23 boys and who lives in delhi What can i do? I can put hoardings around places where boys population are more I won't be eliminate girls Logically i wasted my money i am not getting any conversion Now Digital Marketing plays a big role We can target a specific audience We can specifically target people in rohini in a specific pin code it's date of birth is this that And will show the ad to him only Here your conversion chances are high Here google is the mafiaa Whether you are using chrome Chrome stores your data what kind of a person are you? So google knows the kind of person you are That's how you can use google ads His interest in other person Profession of this person, it's household income You can target things in detail.

I've already created a course on google ads I'll give the link in the ibutton You can learn google adwords from that video. and how you can do micro targeting that is possible via google adwords. We'll cover social media marketing in future. But google adwords is a better option if your main focus is on conversion if focus is on awareness, then social media is good., One more thing I've spent money on billboard and i've taken contract of 6 months.

But i realised after some time this is not a nice place can i take it back? NO Digital marketing gives you this leverage today if you spend 5rs tomorrow you can spend 10 rs if you see results. then spend even 15 rs. This is just an example. You can operate on 100-200 So you can compete with big brands suppose you have a Mcd in your surrounding and i have a burger shop too, so through digital marketing I can compete with him People buy what they see the most in the market Suppose there is a person nearby yourlocation Who sells certain product If you start seeing their ad on facebook or on any platform His image will be changed You'll definitely visit their shop Because we know the taste of Mcd and should try from their shop as well One more thing: There is not time limitations The banner that you created Suppose you have 5 products. Now you have the banner Can you change it according to day and night But in digital marketing, we can do this In summer, we can show ads according to that It's very hot today, buy this drink and in the evening, we can show ads like We can create a banner like after a hot day, buy this product etc Today's day was very warm Buy this powder and feel the coolness WE can show our ads according to time Should we do traditional marketing? 4 years ago, An uncle came to my shop he bought x product from me and now new features have come And we have created an offer People who have x product, they need to give dash amount 10%-20% and they'll get the new product.

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So what we can do according to the traditional marketing we'll look at the records. Maybe we won't have their number But in digital marketing, you get the power Here you have their email id all their details., you can directly mail them maybe Their names are saved in the CRM You can call them You may be understood the importance of digital marketing. and how good is it People were asking the scope of digital marketing, this is the scope Future is digital What can we do offline Amazon has ruined the market of normal retailer People are still buying it In future, grofers will get the funding Maybe people will start buying groceries online Electronics is online Gradually, they'll move towards other categories also If you want to take your business online This is the right time to do that Do not delay.

You should have a website. Google my business is important. and Local SEO Means people search for you locally Suppose you have a cycle shop, if someone searches for cycle nearby me. the top results of google Your result should be seen there. because Everyone is educated nowadays. Everyone searches on google about the price of a product. Think logically about it. Last thing: there is no budget boundaries. Maybe you have lot of money you can spend millions But i have small business, i can only spend 500rs. So you have 500rs and someone has 10 lakh. Digital marketing can take them at the same level. As long as you are spending or they are spending It'll keep them at the same level , I won't stretch this video more. I hope you understand this topic.

Why you should take your business online. Bye Goodnight Goodafternoon Goodmorning whenever you are watching this video. .

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