Digital Marketing: A Strategic Perspective | Yale SOM Executive Education Online Program Trailer

the average consumers spend more time online than TV or any other media more than four billion people are using social media now and the people talk to each other and get information there all the time so these are marketing is not a choice it's a must [Music] online is where the customers are now it's rare they prefer that you reach them all night is where the modern buying process begins which is why in this course we'll focus on organizational alignment of the digital marketing strategy by taking this program participants can gain strategic insight about the possibilities of digital marketing and how to integrate it and make it more effective in their organizations our program is not only about this our marketing but we will get all these new decent marketing levels such as search display advertising content and the social media marketing and the big data analytics from perspective of the stress we aim to provide this frame of how to analyze a decent marketing from this unique and crucial view yes om is well known for its integrated core MBA curriculum which takes a very cross-functional approach to teaching management this course integrates marketing and organizational issues in digital marketing in a manner that is unique to the som ethos

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