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digital marketing skills are really critical in today's workplace whether or not we're talking about a large global fortune 500 firm or just a new startup with three or four people because in the digital economy we have this ability to speak directly to a customer and start a relationship in a way that we couldn't do even five years ago and certainly not 10 or 20 digital marketing gives us access to all kinds of behaviors that just didn't exist before so for many marketers this is very new in that they know a lot about their customers if they do these analysis perfectly that's where the opportunities are and that's what is becoming exciting targeting customization all of these things are now operational but only if you did use the data efficient I'm having a working knowledge of how the digital economy is affecting our ability to reach customers directly to understand their behavior to be more efficient and more effective whether it's thinking about how to build a social media strategy or how to leverage your website and thinking about being omni-channel digital marketing is really key to moving the metrics forward I mean there are lots and lots of again interesting opportunities out there but if you think about people who can fill in and exploit those opportunities they need a recruiting different type of skill set whether you are a younger person looking to cut into an industry or find a larger range of job offerings or you're an older individual who's been around for a while wants to update your skill set to stay relevant I think digital marketing is a useful tool kit to do that completing the digital marketing certificate will help professionals in two ways one is they'll become familiar with new types of data mobile data search data and so on and new types of analysis that one can do both to what end to making better marketing decisions what we really give you here at the Wharton School are the frameworks and the research backing for really giving you an understanding that goes even beyond the course so once you take the concepts and the frameworks on board you'll have an ability when something new comes along you'll kind of know where that slots and I think that's really the biggest value of what we're offering here at the Wharton School I think an additional to the traditional digital marketing sort of tools we'll be talking about there's also a lot of useful add-ons that will help you update your skills more broadly you know there's a lot of jobs out there that really demand these kinds of digital marketing skills but a lot of job seekers who don't necessarily have them so by getting this certificate it's a great way to get up to speed have a good time and be prepared for the ever-changing future


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