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success in today's business world relies on a solid digital footprint but how do you develop a powerful digital marketing strategy use social media effectively and leverage ecommerce to make your business grow I'm David Bell professor of marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania this cause digital marketing social media marketing and e-commerce fundamentals is designed to teach you the principles and practices of marketing in the digital economy the fix to mobile internet and related technologies exert a profound influence on how business and social institutions evolve how they're challenged and sometimes even displaced companies that were non-existent a few short years ago including Facebook LinkedIn and uber have dramatically changed the way we interact how we communicate even get from point A to B so if you're an entrepreneur an investor a manager or a student you need thoughtful approaches to navigate and win in this new environment I designed this course to help you understand how the digital economy works and how to develop the critical insights you'll need to understand ecommerce digital marketing and social media marketing over four weeks we'll use theory and of course lots of current examples to cover the main themes of behavioral foundations for understanding and navigating the new online offline environment we'll look at new forms of interaction including networks and reputation building we'll look at tools and principles of digital marketing action including online advertising on both fixed and mobile devices and finally we'll look at new platforms and communities and the emergence of organic celebrities so at the end of this course you'll be able to identify and understand new models of business and ecommons you'll be able to use social media and digital marketing methods and market yourself and your products more efficiently and effectively so whether you're a marketer an analyst an entrepreneur a small business owner or an investor or even a consumer this course will help you be more successful and using the internet to market your brand your products your business and even yourself more effectively I very much look forward to seeing you in the course

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