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so we've gone through a lot of information in this program and we've covered a lot about rapid article profits what I want to do is just summarize things very quickly for you yeah just so you could we can go over things and clear up any things are not clear on so to start with the first step is to research your articles yeah find out what your niece once find out what they're after what the problems are find out who you were addressing then you need to title and organize your articles remember what we do is we write our articles in batches of 10 give them a number 0 to 9 and put the title down once you've done that three to five points on each article three points will get you about 300 words five points typically would be about 500 so you know I personally own for 500 where you end up ames up to you but title and organize your articles next once you've done that you want to record the audio versions of the articles now obviously you can write them out if you want to you can type them it depends upon your your your needs really are you some of these happy typing or would you rather just record it send it off pace on sort of twenty thirty dollars to do it for you it's entirely up to you depends on your budget then you go after odesk could get a freelancer freelancer wherever it might be and high someone who will do the transcription for you once you've hired them obviously you receive and you check the transcribed articles you make sure they're okay make sure they're done properly how you told them to make sure they make sense and there's simple just a quick read through will be enough and as I said if you've done what we said about sort of testing the transcriptions before you hired them but obviously you know you'll do okay you know if you if you test them first then you know that you're gonna get reasonable quality back and your quick look once you've obviously checked it then you would pay them for the work if they haven't done it properly you'd either get me to redo it or you just wouldn't pay them whichever it might be so you'd receive and check the transcribed out but then once you've done that they're yours you can use them and profit from them and enjoy so the thing is with the whole of this it's about increasing productivity by improving your processes and this applies to the whole internet marketing not just article writing by improving your processes you can increase your productivity increases in productivity typically mean more money in your pocket so you know you really want to focus on this and you really want to make a big effort to improve the processes as we've told you about in this video series one thing i do recommend is that you don't put all your articles with one transcriptionists if you're sending them all to one person and they get knocked down by a bus tomorrow you know you're going to be massively behind schedule so i tend to put them out amongst lots of different people I don't tend to give them work again and again and again I found they get a bit lazy so they'll get bit every now and then simply because it's easier that way and always on the edge and they're not getting too complacent with the fact that well I've got regular work I don't need to worry by giving them a bit every now and then it keeps them keen keeps amiga basically and what you'll find is as you work through this process it's going to get faster as you refine it and personalize the method you know I've given you a framework and what you would do is you will adapt this to yourself you know you may realize that well actually recording works best for me typing doesn't or you may say well I don't want to hire someone i'm going to type it myself fine it's it's a personal thing yeah i've shown you what works and a method and then you can adapt it to your personal situation now obviously I don't know you I don't know who you are I don't know what your situation is so you've been able to refine the process yourself it's going to really really help you an awful lot with making sure it makes money for you so it's we've talked a lot now but it's time to finish talking now it's time for you to take some action you know these are very very powerful methods that are going to help you to make huge amounts of money if you take action you're going to get results if you take massive action you're going to get massive results so really you want to do as much as you can you apply this with your every five you've being and really see some fantastic results you are going to be amazed by what you can achieve with the rapid eligible profits method very powerful and very effective and you can see yourself writing articles in five or six minutes you can go in from writing one article an hour to writing ten an hour hour and just imagine what that will do for your profits

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