Eductivity Content Marketing, Video 1, Hoe gebruik ik content marketing om nieuwe klanten te trekken

What appeals to you more? That you have to find customers? Or that customers find you? It is claimed that content
marketing helps potential customers find you. And if so, how does
that work? We went to investigate and
asked Brigitte Schiering that question, among others, and she is a
guest in the studio today. Welcome Brigitte, nice to have you here
– Thank you. Now how can I use content marketing to get new customers? Well, with content marketing you attract customers like a magnet. You have to imagine, in the past people naturally went to a store to get information about products And nowadays everyone goes, most people go, especially orientate yourself online by using the smartphone,
so if you are there and you
share knowledge and information about your field, you attract those people, as it were.
Then you build a relationship with those people, they start to trust you.

As a result, they will eventually
buy something from you. You have qualitatively much better leads than if you pick up the phone, for example. And it has also been proven, because 2 percent of those leads if you only pick up the phone actually become an order, while going online much faster, because then 15 percent becomes an order. The quality of the leads, say, the people who come to you is much higher than with telephone acquisition. But that means that, if I understand you correctly, research says that with telephone acquisition 2 out of 100 people actually place an order
and when you use content marketing 15 percent, so 15 out of 100 That is logical actually, because the preparatory work has already been done.

So people are already made warmer for your company. You're already more famous, while if you make a cold call, the one on the other end… .- yes he gets mugged.
You don't know what the person, whether he is willing to buy anything from you at all, whether he needs anything. So that's all the difference – Yes, I can also imagine people saying, "Yes, but I'm already putting out ads and I'm shouting how good we are". Is that the sharing of information you're talking about No, it isn't. That's the mistake many companies make with content marketing. They say: my company is very good, but that's not what your target group is waiting for. They have their own question, they want to know how something works or he dreams of something and wants to realize it for example And it doesn't even interest him, in a manner of speaking whether your company is that good, he is looking for something and that is the most important – And that is actually the power of content marketing.

Yes, that's right, that people, that's actually inbound marketing, come to you as it were instead of the other way around. Traditionally we say outbound, then we will indeed talk about how good we are and can help for your brand awareness of
course , but then it goes the other way around, then you are a and pushing instead of pulling people towards you. – Okay, now I keep hearing you talking about leads, about people who contact you, but when I look at an average website, I can't see who is visiting me, the visitors on the website are

How does that work then? That's right, that's traffic to your site indeed. Visitors are arriving. So you have to ensure on your website that you offer good content, good quality content of course, then they will stick. And you have to make sure that they really
do something, they call that a call to action, that there are really things like click here or look there or buy this, all kinds of things. Yes that is important. Okay Brigitte, thank you for the information you wanted to share with us in this video. And that simultaneously brings us
to the end of this content marketing video. If you find it interesting, click on
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And if you want to know more about Brigitte or about Eductivity, make a choice by clicking on one of the other buttons.

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