Effective video marketing: Repeat your message over and over again!

Hi everyone I'm Clarice and today I want
to talk about repeating your marketing message. So many people think that
creating videos for your business is a very complex and difficult process and
they are like wondering okay like how much, how many videos should I be
creating? Isn't it that editing is a lot of work and things like that. What they
don't realize is that video content that you create can be easily repurposed into
different lengths of a video. How you can do it is for example if you are doing
like length of video you can talk about the main point in like a shorter video
like a six second video and then you can create like a 15 second video. So from
this 15-second video what you can do is you can cut up this important message of
six seconds and then you can add different imagery on top or like music,
it's a bit of variety in it. However that punchiness in a short video
versus their feeling when someone watches a longer video might provide
like a different perspective and focus on a message itself. So this has been
particularly useful for some businesses where they want to keep the video budget
small but they want a huge variety.

Repeating a message is extremely
important when it comes to marketing. Studies have shown them when someone
hears your message again and again and again, they would perceive it to be a
true message. It sort of brainwashes in a positive way, it drives in the message
and they remember better if you repeat the same message in a different way. So
if you are looking to create videos on a small budget in 2019 think of how you
can cut up one message into different perspective, different lengths by
repeating the message you can target this to people who have interacted with
your brand once or twice but you want to drill it in, moving them from the brand
awareness stage to prospective buyers stage.

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So if you keep showing them this video
through free marketing channels and then hear your message again and again it's
more likely to trigger them to think, oh yeah, okay yes and it keeps coming back
to their mind and you want to have your business at the top foremost of their mind when they want to consider buying a certain
product. What do you think about creating repeated message do you create new
videos for your different channels or do you repurpose and cut up different lengths of your video for your different social media
channels? Let me know in the comments below.

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