Effektiv Online-Marketing Beratung

an estimated 5.3 billion searches per month in germany performed by 53 million internet users online sales of around 50 billion euros per year in germany are on the rise the internet offers great opportunities for companies This is what simon's employer thought as an online marketing manager should simon increase sales in his company's online shop but how does simon get more visitors to the site and turn them into customers? first of all, the products have to be found on the internet that can be done through search engine optimization achieve technical optimization of the website Search engine advertising sees more visitors to the website a google user is looking for after the products of simon's employer, a suitable one appears display in the search results but what if the visitors visit the page find but not buy now the conversion rate applies So increase more visitors to convert into customers you can do this, for example, by increasing user-friendliness Achieve them generate a positive user experience the customer will thank you for it social media offers good opportunities to communicate directly with customers quite a few screws that simon used to improve the success of the online shop fortunately supported in the team of effectively going through the controlling reporting and transparent The experts for online marketing and e-commerce take care of project management the traceability of all project steps that the agency assures job understands not only show their numerous satisfied customers but also the igoogle and sex with the certifications With the help of effective online marketing you use the potential of the internet optimal his employer's online shop flourishes and comes up with considerably increasing its sales and making them Also turn your website into a strong online sales channel effectively online marketing supports you in this

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