Essential Business English 2 — The Marketing Meeting

OK everyone, let's get started. As you know, the object of this meeting is to review our marketing strategy and come up with ideas for the next campaign. Sally would you like to get the ball rolling? Well, I think our current strategy is too focused on women in the 30 to 45 age range. We should be targeting our brand at a younger audience. I agree with Sally. Young people are increasingly interested in fashion. So what can we do to reach this target? Alan, do you have any suggestions? What about using social media? Our advertising is mainly based around traditional media such as print and television. Nobody under 25 reads newspapers anymore. I'm not so sure about that. Fashion magazines and supplements play an important role in our overall marketing mix. Yes, but we need to be using Twitter and Facebook too if we want to increase our market share among millennials. Can I make a suggestion? Of course, Kevin. Why don't we hire a social media manager? Someone who could connect with potential customers and promote the Chic Boutique brand online. That's a good idea. It's certainly something we should consider.


I'll bring it up at next week's board meeting. Right, I think we've covered everything. I'll send you a copy of the minutes tomorrow and we can start thinking about the agenda for the next meeting. Thank you, everyone..

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