Evolution of Web Design 1990-2019

the first website being issued in 1990 comparing to today’s website it’s really impressive to see how far we have comein this video we will travel back in time to see each step of web designevolution in the past 30 years let’s check it out 1990 was when the worldfirst website was published there were nothing much except a few cases verses andlinks too at the time the accessible public web browser wasn’t graphical buttext exclusively announced thread mode browser so here is what was the website looked like 1992 was when the first image was postedonline and was revised with Photoshop before uploaded into the Internet in1 993 mosaic the world firstly public graphical browser was available this waswhen the bring page designing was introduced and the first one who didthis was MTV web site now was there a arrive sheet in 1994 one of the worldmost popular browser Netscape was launched Netscape introduced easy accessof the Internet to the public including graphical facets like enlivened gifimage verse formatting and table w3c was also founded this year to create commonstandard for entanglement improvement 1995 the use of table to format the HTMLstructure was widely endorse javascript was also introduced this yearstarting the era of interactive content 1996 to 1999 CSS1 was introduced andadopted during this period before that everything styles were coded inline into theHTML so CSS is the first step to separate content and presentation andhas become the foundation of today’s web design and occurrence rounded cornerimage was very popular trend as border-radius was not available until tenyears later uses of table to format the content had become a standard and atthat time an repetition of 3d consequence can be created using likeness like this javascript was mainly used to createpage effect like blizzard fail or fireworks blink was also a cutting-edge technologyto create website living at that time in 2000 twinkling 5 and ActionScript 1 wereintroduced this was the beginning of animated content and twinkling tournament also the first draft off css3specification was published during this year 2001 SVG format was introduced this isthe first vector likenes format for the website it can be written in XML 2003 first edition of WordPress wascreated this year observed the beginning of dynamic content and blogging erainstead of static HTML page in 2004 give of CSS sprite was introduced by groupingtogether smaller idols into one and use background position to select whichimage to show this helped reduce the number of HTML seeks and sizeallowing web designer to apply more graphical material on a page in 2006 the first CSS preprocessor sasswas created this year broaden CSS features and allowed web designer tocreate more complex effect in 2007 CSS grid layout was introduced distinguished theend of table and floating divs epoch in 2009 CSS flexbox was introduced allowing adesigner to create adaptable layout without worrying about alignment andspacing a negligible of intend theory was also first introduced this year in 2010 birth certificates of responsive design instead of creating separate mobile locate thesame content could be used in different organizations depending on the screen sizeGoogle font was also propelled this year in creating typographic abstraction to beusing web design 2011 with affect of window 8 Metro ofthat blueprint was very popular bootstrap CSS framework was also exhausted thisyear increasing network motif and developing speeding dramatically in 2012 media query was introduced this year offering CSS ability to track the screensize which is the core of responsive design parallax scrolling idea wasalso introduced this year 2014 was a year of 3D. A stable andcomplete version of WebGL was launched allowing 3d rendering with GPU powerusing javascript additionally CSS 3D alter wasstarting to become very popular this year – 2015 html5 became widely adoptedand in this year YouTube decided to draw a Flash Player and use html5 playerinstead css3 animation and transition were introduced this year allowing fluidand accept buttons and menus 2016 this year was a rise of minimaldesign lots of web designers tend to drop everything down to only basicelements mobile first and thumb friendly pattern were also widely adopted thisyear 2017 to present with the maturity of designing implements we started to see lots ofvarious design skills to impress us a symmetrical scheme, interrupted grid layout, inspired background exerting video or WebGL and that’s the past 30 times from justtext website to stunning real-time 3d making it’s exciting to wait and seewhat’s coming in the next 10 or 20 years and that’s all for this video feel freeto subscribe to stay tuned with us for evolution tips and tutorial videosthanks for watching and see you next time bye

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