Fernstudium Content Marketing Manager/-in (IHK) – Dozentin Marina Friedrich

My name is Marina Friedrich, I am the managing director of wurzelschläger & friends GmbH in Leipzig together with a partner. We are dealing here with strategic branding and marketing. Of course, it is very much about the target group and the question of how to address this target group. Accordingly, we are always dealing with the topic of content marketing and due to I am now also a lecturer at HSB in the Content Marketing Manager course.

Our course is aimed at all those who may already be involved in marketing and just get to know this new topic which is very hyped for yourself right now want. It is also suitable for people who have heard and experienced about it before, that you can use it to push your own company forward with relatively little effort can if you don't have a big marketing budget or just anyone who, yes, is new wants to develop, wants to achieve new goals, looks for prospects. The learning content in our course is basically divided into two parts. We have one, the first part, which deals with the questions of what is actually Content marketing in concrete terms, what is a content marketing strategy, what do I have to do do everything, step by step, to implement content marketing, how differs that at all about the current marketing measures that are being done and why are they going overboard such a hype about it.

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The second part is more about a technical aspect. How do I design websites, how do I set them up, how do I link any videos etc. with a. So that's where the technology really goes. Participants who take the course, yes, they can basically use it afterwards Companies go back and can have content marketing establish themselves in the company Arguments at hand why this modern form of marketing is important and where you can use it Can save money or where you can reach target groups better than before and our unique selling points here at HSB are that we take a course which goes over a longer period of time, where you also deal intensively with the matter deals with them, in the form of seminars, in the form of a few face-to-face workshops in which you can participate, we have an IHK certificate as a qualification.

As a lecturer, it is also important to me that we have a lot of practical relevance in this course, in other words, let's see what current examples are there, in order to also compare can and also get practical tips, right away so that you can also get on board into the subject. I would be delighted if I could greet you in the course..

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