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hello do your internet business enthusiasts today's video article is going to be about the lifeblood of your business that is to say traffic generation on these video articles of series we're going to focus on free traffic marketing this first one is called get your very own system in place for generating traffic to your website you want to go ahead please get started traffic is the lifeblood of your online business you need fresh targeted traffic in order to put your business in front of a captive audience to build Authority and to establish a presence in your industry traffic equals profit and the more targeted rail traffic you have the more money you make the problem is many new marketers and entrepreneurs are on a limited budget deserting their business of the ground this struggle to develop effective marketing campaigns because of how much time is often required in order to maintain momentum or great and go traffic funds fortunately there are ways of generating prime traffic to your website without having to spend a lot of time and money in the process the best of all many of these techniques will automatically repopulate the traffic to your site even when you move on to other things the sleeve your articles of series reveal the most powerful free strategies for generating mass traffic to your websites you can either choose the focus on single contains students a variety of these techniques for maximum exposure the choice is yours let's begin if you are willing to exchange high-quality content for traffic your number of different traffic strategies that you can use to propyl to propel your promotional campaigns and ultimately flood your website with qualified visitors one of the strategies balls article marketing will article marketing you seem to create keyword rich content submit its into the popular article directories and wait for traffic to start loading your site the downside to article marketing is that it does involve a bit of time especially if you plan to create the majority of your content yourself however there is one misconception to article marketing the tiles prevented many new markers for exploring in script cradle potential to deliver targeted traffic many entrepreneurs believe that it is is holding the quantity of the articles you submit rather than the quality in truth while the martha's you have in circulation the more traffic you'll receive focusing first on creating rich quality and relevant content for Europe which will help you generate targeted visitors so but you may have less traffic to travel you do receive will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer to create your first article marketing campaign you should have five to ten quality articles created your articles don't have to be longer than 300 words in length but make sure that you have chosen the keyword rich title for each article that you plan to submit into the article directories titles you use with your articles will ultimately let's remind the exposure you receive us both the major search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as the article directories themselves we could have a rise or rank your articles content based on the keywords found within tiles you also want to make sure that you repeat your primary primary keyword the first us of each article that you create this will help you gain exposure within the search engines who pulled you up publish a portion of the radical when someone enters related keywords into the search engines and there is also another important factor to keep in mind many of the article directories will not except except double-deck countries which means that you will water submit your original my children into this director is first wait for approval and then submit the tendons are two other directories the giant of all directories article directories online is easing articles so you want to focus your attention on submitting contents into this director first followed by other directories in the following order for instance is the articles basel search warp a little base self-growth go articles article ally Allison's web source you can find the links to all this article directories at the description of this video article also keeping mountains not only you generate traffic from direct visitors who read your articles but if webmasters choose to republish your content of the website you will also gain additional exposure from their visitors as well now one of the most critical components of your successful article marketing campaigns is in your offers resource box which is a short offer bio attached to all of your articles this is where you will include a call to action prompting you realistically you link where's it you need to think of your outbursts resource books as you move a short commercial highlighting the benefits of visiting your site I showcase in an incentive offers which will motivate readers into taking action so this is the end of this first part of this subseries in the meantime while other articles come you can get more internet business so traffic generation laws it's free at the nearby Hakam receive valuable information tips tricks is that the strategies and more for free just by subscribing to my HB KH membership mailing list at sea tan color from slash membership / loves members you can find both links and the links to the Eiffel directories a description of this video article and till next and thank you very much for having been here you

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