Getting started with Google Web Designer: how to create a simple banner ad

My honour is Kent Is an advertising expert on the Google Web Designer team I want to show you how to start using Google Web Designer After reopen the app You will see this welcome screen The two main options are “New File” and “Open Template” In this pattern, I will create a brand-new file On this screen you will see that banner ads were elected by default However, you can choose these other options I now enter the enter specify Keep the default values for other options Lets take a quick look at the other options The point is set to “Desktop” by default But are subject to change You can change the environment Sometimes I use Google Ads You can change the size Set it to adaptive You are also welcome to switch the animation mode between “fast” or “advanced” After place, click “OK” Now I want to introduce the various panels You can rearrange them in any way you like For example, move groupings of bodies Or position it on the other side You can change the order of the labels in a prepare of boards Or create a brand-new laid of panels Click the panel title to crumble or expand a group of committees Hover over the bottom of a group of panels Until you see this doubled arrow icon At this time, click and draw to adjust the height of this group of panels Double click to set the maximum height First I want to import some substances Typically precisely drag and droop to importation Even if you remove these materials now Related substantiates will still be displayed in the database I are also welcome to draw and drop it directly into the database Or use “File”> “Import Assets” in the main menu The first draw is the guide picture I will drag and drop it into the panorama Enable the selection tool Use tool alternatives to specify alignment with container Align top Align left I envision employing navigate depicts is the fastest direction to work Then initiate the elements one by one Then adjust its position visually Next I want to start making points Changing the timeline to advanced mode will make it easier to operate Use this icon to quickly switching between immediate state and boosted procedure We interpret associated alternatives is illustrated in the “New File” dialog box Now I just wanted to draw and put the logo into the scene We can see the logo in the timeline I will use the selection tool to change the motto Move to the upper left corner Then in the “Properties” panel you use most often Click the bond icon to fastening Aspect fraction when scaling Then click on the extent plain or the stature domain Then use the arrow keys Adjust the logo to the desired sizing Next complete the same running for the produce photos I composed the full final sizing of these situations This will minimize the file size So its usually best pattern If you want to design for mobile stages Then its better to save the picture to twice the final sizing So that the picture can be clearly displayed on the retina screen Produce images and logo situations are finished The next step is to complete the font I will switch to the text implement Often this is a good time to mention tools I chiefly use three implements Selection, components and verse Every hour appropriate tools is changed Will ascertain a different located of regulates in appropriate tools options bar above For example, the element tool, which is the label tool Including retouching implements div, representations, videos and customization Allows you to enter any label I will keep the div adjusts After selecting the text tool You will see the options that are also available in the verse committee Make sure the retouching implement is set to paragraph Weve see before when the selection tool is enabled Alignment controllers will be displayed With the text implement adopted I will select a verse carton for the Google Home wrap Press Command+ A to select all these attributes Then change the coloring to #888 While the alternative is still adopted Change font to Google font Poppins Poppins are not seen in the roll Click “More Fonts” Now you can choose any Google font If you still dont examine Poppins in the listing You can also search instantly Now you can select the Poppins font and you can see that the font has acceded to by my record Click “OK” and now be understood that the typeface is Poppins But I want to adjust the typeface force To reform the part domain Without computing the cover tag Switching to selection tool In the “Text” panel, select a medium thickness from the thickness roll Now click on the textbook chest Use the arrow keys to align with the upper left corner of the guide image text Then click on the typeface immensity environment Use arrow keys again to resize After all settings are completed, the size of the text box needs to be adjusted at the end First “youre supposed to” uncheck this chain tie icon To convert the diameter and height separately Now we need to create the next verse province No need to copy the first verse constituent But you can create a new one to realize the CSS style more concise Enter text and wrinkle terminates Switch to selection tool To defined the color Font Thickness And size Now press enter You can use the arrow keys to adjust its position Finally use the arrow keys again Trim the size of the textbook carton a bit smaller Everyone pay attention to see that you can jump 10 pixels at a time by holding down the Shift key Finally, you need a call to action Element tools will be used now And div modification tools To make it easier to set the exact size I want to zoom in on the vistum You can use the plus button and minus button Or double-click to enter a appreciate Draw a rectangle Then double-click the seam and identify it “Call to Action” Now designated its mode Specify the background color in the Property panel Set fillet Note that the series connection icon is enabled So all four recess are similar Next I will lend some textbook Nest it in a div instead of superimposing it above Use the selection tool to double-click the div This will recruit these components You will see this mutate displayed in the breadcrumb piloting and the blanket specify Use the verse tool to draw a text carton Type “Shop now” Then switch back to the selection tool This will change the verse style of the entire element in the text board Which is white Center-aligned Poppins font and medium weight Now, to adjust the position of this text plain Use the “Properties” panel and this icon to change percentages per This aspect has numerous advantages If I use 10 to the left and 80 extent elements will immediately return to the center The last step is the typeface sizing But now I cant participate the guidebook photo To to resolve this problem I want to return to the spring div Check the call to action and provided its opacity to 0.5 You can now construe the guide illustrate Double-click the call to action again to complete the text preparing The final step is to return to the root div Restore the call to action to be completely opaque This is another advantage of percentage If I use the selection tool to change the button size And enable the transition sovereignty That is to use the size readjustment manipulate Keep the verse in the middle for buttons of any size Restore the representation to 100% This is done The following is to switch the visibility of the guide image to ensure that all elements are in place If the target result is reached, you can press the Delete key to remove the guide picture Its important to note that using simply the eye icon cannot remove the image from the published ad You need to delete the mantle from the timeline I forgot to mention a few pitches just now That is, the background color and territory are hard to see If I click on the gray area outside the panorama Will uncheck all elements I can determine the document page color to #fafafa Which is a illuminated gray that is almost white The other is the border Its best to set it on the top coating so that the effect will be better. When contributing an living upshot that moves in from off the screen Use the label tool and the div modification tool again to draw a rectangle Add a 1-pixel gray mete to it The determines that should be used for all borders are still the percentages just now 0 0 100 100 This highway, when you adjust the ad size The strip will automatically inform But there is a problem with this, we will solve this problem in the CSS body Now, affected by the border width Two pixels more extent and height So you need to add style box-sizing: border-box Rest assured that the behaviour matches the expected path We contribute a bit living result Right-click the half-second position in the call to action layer and put a key chassis Because the call to action is in the last formulate So now I will swap up and down in the translation X and opacity battlegrounds This will determine it as an living owned Right-click the key enclose living qualities to confirm Both will apply animation effects Now I can sounds the start keyframe and move the arrow to the left a few period Set the opacity to 0 so that when I drag the timeline, it fades in somewhat I can also right-click on the line to control the slow movement And choose to move out gradually Almost finished Only one depart episode Uncheck each option Click the plus button in the reces of the event board to create a brand-new episode Select document.body in turn Mouse> sound “Google Ads” Exit ad “Gwd-ad” Now, lent the stochastic gauge ID to the panel And the full URL of the landing sheet All freedom I can preview my ad now Select the desired browser You can see the animation impact Click to go to the disembark page Everything looks great A few last parts In the ad verification tool panel You can examine current problems in the document in real age while creating an ad See here that all checks have progressed And system attitude Now, if it is necessary, you can code manually All conversions spawned now will be reflected in the design view The last step is to publish Two common options are: Publish to Display& Video 360( “if youre using” that environment) Or publish it locally, I choose this option In this dialog I typically accept the default settings immediately Especially “create zip” Please greenback the site of the zip folder Because we need to manage ad give Show success meaning and you’re done The whole make process is complete Thanks everyone for watching


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