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Hi everyone, my name is Jean-Pierre Is a are part of the Google Web Designer squad Im going to introduce you to Google Web Designers Gradient tool This tool stipulates two types of gradients Linear and radial gradients Borderlines and backgrounds for most elements Can refer gradients This is the color provided in the “Color” panel You are also welcome to selected a colouring anywhere in the palette I want to draw a rectangle to demonstrate How to apply gradient After drawing the rectangle, you can click the “Color” panel, the quality journalist Or use any other adjustments Adjust hues to add radial or linear gradients After to choose rectangle Choose a radial gradient Now you can adjust the colour firstly select a color stop pitch And then choose another color I can also contributed colour stops Click on this way to see Existing colour stops So you can add the color stop part before making adjustments I can add multiple color stops To delete the colour stop Time hold down the stop phase of a specific color and draw The colour stop top will disappear when the left button is liberated Ill show it again so that you dont see it clearly Hold down the hue stop top and move the mouse out Release the left button and the colour stop extent disappears Gradient can be applied to fill color Can likewise be applied to the border color You can see this is pure red Im going to choose a linear gradient this time Then adjust as needed I want to create another element By default, information systems maintains The gradient used in the previous shape for the next determine If i select a new appearance The current gradient will show up here This icon shows the current linear or radial gradient Tell you to choose now what colour After applying the gradient You can use the gradient tool to adjust the gradient if it is a radial gradient You can move the center point or convert the form of the radial gradient This is how to adjust the crowd hue If you want to adjust the blow colouring radial gradient in another shape You it is necessary clink “Edit Stroke” Then select another contour to change the gradient center station of this mold And influence When editing and adopting conditions with linear gradients The predicament of the stop targets at both ends can be adjusted Or use the tool to rotate the linear gradient Demonstration of Google Web Designer Gradient Tool It ends here Thanks for watching

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