Grow Your Handmade Business with Video Marketing 📹 The EASY Way For More Shop Sales

If you're looking to grow your creative
business in a way that isn't totally saturated and not very
many people are doing yet. It's with video marketing. I'm sure you've heard other people
say this videos are so powerful, but no, I'm not going to tell you to start a
YouTube channel and do YouTube marketing. In this video I'm going to share with you
why your handmade business needs to do video along with eight tips to do them
well and have them impact your business in a big way with little effort. Hey there, my name is Mei
Pak and I help makers, artists and designers create a consistent
income from selling their handmade products online.

Here are a few
reasons why you want to do video. Firstly, social media loves video. That's just where things
are moving these days. You know how it's really hard to stand
out in social media because of the algorithm and all the
competition that's out there. You can still have a competitive edge
and stand out from doing videos and you know why? It's the medium that
all the platforms are pushing, so they give you more reach and
visibility. If you do video plus, it's overall just more engaging
for people to consume. Right now, I'm not saying you should always
do videos only from now on, but people love videos,
so let's give them that. That's generally the
philosophy you want to have. Anyway when it comes to social media,
give people what they want, right? So I know you know that
making videos isn't easy. For some of you, this
might be super scary, but stay on to watch the rest of this
because I'm going to show you how it doesn't have to be scary.
Here's the thing though, because most people are afraid
or resistant to doing video.

That means not many people in your
space are doing them yet. Of course, this is relative to other
forms of marketing, right? So say if a hundred of your
competitors are on Instagram, probably only five of them
are using video marketing. Videos are an incredible way for
you to build trust, credibility, and appreciation for your shop and your
products and help increase sales and conversions. If you've done a lot of live events like
craft shows or farmer's markets and you sell it really well there, but if
you're struggling to sell online, it's usually because if
people can see, touch, feel, smell or taste your products, that's
always going to help close the sale.

It's hard to do those
things online, right, and maybe your products require
a bit of you talking about it, explaining the benefits to people who
come to your booth. If this is you, you definitely want to use video marketing
in your online business because it's the best way to translate your offline
sales success to the online world. If you make a product
that's information-based, like you sell crochet patterns or
craft kits or creative classes, then video will be super helpful
for you. Having said that, it's not that people who make jewelry
or clothes won't find video helpful. It would just be more helpful in other
ways that I'll talk about later in this video. Now that I've kind of convinced
you that video is where it's at. Let's talk about how to grow
your business with video. The first tip I have for you is to let
go completely of the idea that you have to be prim and proper and
polished to do video. I mean, yes you do want to be presentable, but no, you don't need to look like Kim Kardashian
or have perfect hair or the perfect face or voice to do video.

Well, and here's why. When people see videos or
photos that look too polished, they're going to think it's an ad that
you spent the time to create an entire photo shoot and hire models and makeup
artists and advertising agencies to create that video. When
things look too good, it comes off as an ad and ads don't
perform nearly as well as candid, real, raw and natural videos.

This is why if you've
ever done a Facebook ad, you'll learn that they don't like
it when your ad looks like an ad. They want your head to look like any
other normal post in your newsfeed like as if your friend posted it because Facebook
has the data to show that those kinds of posts always get better
engagement than polished, fancy videos or posts. And that's also why most
ads you see these days, unless it's an ad for a designer products, they use models and actors that
look relatable and or aspirational. They're not looking for the super hot, sexy person because the data shows it's
harder to make sales when you use models that look too good.

Tip number two, your videos can totally be short. Don't stress about making them long
because I know that's when you don't take any action is when you make
it so hard for yourself to do. If you're doing videos for
social media, Instagram story, video posts are only allowed
up to 15 seconds anyway. It doesn't have to be a whole process
where you plan out an entire speech. Make it easy for yourself. In fact, really long videos can be hard to watch
because people are busy and don't have much time, so you're not just making
it easy for you, but for them as well.

The hardest part of doing video is just
showing up and when you can do that, you'll have one more than
half the battle. Hey, if you're enjoying this video
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want more videos like this, because when you do that, when you leave
a like or subscribe or leave a comment, it tells YouTube that this was a good
helpful video and it helps show it to more people on YouTube. Tip number three, you don't have to do a lot of videos.
This is why I said at the beginning, I'm not here to tell you
to start a YouTube channel. Now I know that I post two videos
a week on my creative hive channel, but creative hive has a very different
business model than my jewelry business.

One is selling information while the
other is selling a physical product. Fundamentally, I don't believe that you need to do a
video every week to have video work well for your hiney business, and I say that because creating
video can be super time consuming, especially if you're doing like one or
two videos a week and it isn't the best thing that will give you the
biggest ROI for your business. For most of you watching this video, you should be focusing on pitching
your products to people who have large audiences to get your products in
front of that has the best ROI, meaning it can give you the most sales
for not a lot of time invested in doing it. Videos take a lot of time, but don't give you fast or a lot of

certain products

It takes time to get there. So my recommendation is it's totally okay
to create a fixed set of video assets that you can use over and over again
in your business, like in your emails, on your website, your social media. These videos can be evergreen videos
that help push people to becoming your customers. We'll talk about some of those types
of evergreen videos in a few minutes. Tip number four, you can absolutely use your phone camera
to take videos if your phone was built in, say the last three years,
here's something you may not know, but the back camera always performs
better than the front camera, so keep that in mind when you go to make
videos so you don't have to go out and invest. In a $400 DSLR
video camera. Again, make your life easy. It doesn't
have to be hard or expensive. If you are doing top down videos of you
making your products or demonstrating it. I love using the Ipevo
Presenter document camera. These cameras are usually
known for instructors or
teachers to be using in class to show like pages from a textbook and
then to cast them to the entire class.

What I love about it is it captures really
little details incredibly well and it connects directly to your computer
and it's only a hundred dollars. If you don't want to spend that
much on a new camera like this, you can probably also ring
together and overhead. Um, smartphone camera for cheap. Just do a YouTube search for
that after you watch this video. And if you are an artist and you take
your art and if you're an artist and you take your art and you do them digitally, you can also record your
screen and use that video. So you don't even need a camera
to do. But let me tell you, seeing art being created like
that is so cool and mesmerizing. So here are a few different video
assets you can make for your business. Tip number five, make a video that
shows how to use your products. You can just demonstrate using it and
you don't even have to talk in it.

So say you make handbags. I know there can be a lot of detail in
handbags and video is a great way to capture a comprehensive view of
the product from the outside. Design it to the inside pockets and
the dividers that you've got in there, or talk about your product
benefits. For example, if you make a skincare product, talk about how the ingredients you use
in your products help with someone's skin.

If you truly don't
want to talk in a video, you can just film the video without any
voice and then write out a simple script that you can hire a voice over actor on
Fiverr for $20 to do the speaking for you. And then you can add that
to your video. Tip number six, make a video of you making your products. You don't even have to show your
face usually for videos like that, and you don't have to show the entire
start to finish process of making your product. If you are concerned about
people stealing your techniques, you can record yourself
making your product as usual. But in video editing software, you can cut out proprietary parts and
definitely speed up the video because people love seeing something before and
after and they're eager to get to the end result of what you're creating. These kinds of videos are amazing to
have in your business because they help build appreciation and
appeal for your products. When people don't know how
your products are made, sometimes they assume simple designs
don't take a lot of effort, right? And they don't value
those products as much.

How many times have you ever heard people
say, I could make that myself? Right? But when you show your process, you're showing people how much skill and
patience and effort is required to do what you do and it educates people that
it's not so easy to make your products that makes people appreciate your work
more and they're more willing to pay you higher prices for them. Tip number seven, if you've got a website online, but few people are buying and you
haven't been around for awhile, it's most likely because people
just don't trust you yet.

It's the same reason why past customer
feedback and that five star rating you see when you shop on Etsy or Amazon is
so important. That gives people trust. If you don't have a lot
of customer feedback yet, that's okay because you can still build
trust with your potential customers by making videos. Videos help show your products in a
way that pictures just can never do so. It gives customers a better idea
of the product they're buying, but more than that, another video asset you should start
collecting is if you can get an influencer or utuber doing a product review
or unboxing video of your products, that's even better for boosting your
credibility and social proof and this is how trends are created, right? When celebrities and influencers
talk about certain products, that's when people decide, Hey, if
so-and-so likes using this product, it must be good. So I have
to get some for myself. It's consumer psychology and it's proven.

These are the best kinds of testimonials
to have and they bring you incredible social proof, trust and credibility. If you're wondering how to get you
tubers or influencers talking about your products, I have a great video showing
you the simple steps for how to do that. Tip number eight, if you ever do paid ads or if you do
Facebook marketing organically for free videos in general are always great to use
because you get better engagement with them. Now, this might be a little bit
advanced, but if you do video ads, you can retarget people
who've watched your videos.

And the reason you want to do that is
because now they're more familiar with your brand and they're more likely to
buy video ads are cheaper to do because again, Facebook is encouraging people
to use videos because people love them. I have a video ad that's a combination
of YouTube or is talking about my products and me making them and
it converts into sales quite well. And my last bonus tip for
you, if you're lazy like me, you can make easy video ads or video
posts by creating slideshows of different product photos, just like
this one of my charm bracelet. If you enjoyed watching this video, stay on to watch this next video on the
screen for more handmade business tips.

If you like this, give this a thumbs up, leave me a comment below and don't forget
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you so much for watching..

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