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Did you know that video is where your customers
are spending most of their time online? With video marketing, videos get ranked at the
top position of the search engines. This places your message in front of the eyes of your
target audience whether they are local or worldwide. They say that a minute of video
is worth 1.8 million words. This is powerful. Why? People respond more effectively to communication which combines visual and audio stimuli. This really improves the effectiveness of your
message and brand recall. On Google, videos have the chance to attract three times more
visitors in the search results. Plus, on average, a visitor will stay two minutes longer on
your website, just because you have a video that they can watch. By 2017, video will be
90% of all internet traffic. Do you realize that there are over one billion unique visitors
that visit Youtube every month and that Youtube is the number two search engine in the world.
87% of social media users follow their brand’s videos.

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Online videos are 100% more socially
engaging. With video marketing, you can get more click through rates, more exposure, more social engagement, and 46% more conversion lift. We are experts at helping your videos
be found online. We can help your videos to be more engaging and effective by taking your
message and broadcasting it to the world. To get your videos found online, contact KickFire

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