This is the Grow My Clinic Podcast by Clinic Mastery where we help you deliver amazing
client experiences to grow your clinic. BEN: Welcome to another episode of the Grow
My Clinic Podcast. My name is Ben
Lynch and today we got a short, punchy episode around Content Marketing. There
is so much to cover in the content marketing space, but today I want to share with
you some ways in which you can start to get the inspiration or even get access to
the content that you can use in your clinic to position yourself and your
practitioners as experts.

Experts in particular areas, health challenges,
conditions, or even with specific demographics whether
it is peds or adults, geriatrics – whoever might be. We know that in your marketing strategy you
need tactics that are short term. You
might be looking at something like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords as short
term investments. You can keep doing them and they are very
worthwhile to have part of your overall marketing strategy where
you pay and you are going to get a return on your investment fairly soon.

Content marketing, as we have described in
previous episodes and we will continue to elaborate on, it is playing the longer
game. I’m judging, you are not in business
for five minutes. You are playing the long game. So content marketing is a brilliant
way for us to sow the seed now and reap the rewards later. We need to have and
diversify our marketing strategies. Now, content marketing are often a little
bit more laborious then some other forms of marketing, and so, a lot of people do not
do it. They do not see a quick return on
investment or they just simply do not have the time to be able to do it. So today, I want to share with you just a
couple of ways that perhaps, you can increase the rate of content marketing that
you are doing, and allow other practitioners in your team to be able to do
it as well because often people say, “Ben, I want my practitioners to be able to do this
but they would not do it. Well our job
really is to make your life a little bit easier. So, I want to share with you some ways in
which you can start to increase and scale the content that you are producing, because,
as I said at the top there, content positions you as an authority, as an expert
in a particular area.

And you can do that
in a number of different ways but content, and I’m specifically referring to written
in this episode, more blogs or articles that
you are producing and publishing. It positions you as an expert and that affords
you, allows you so many opportunities, whether it is speaking gigs,
whether it is the opportunity to get in front of more of your ideal clients and groups,
association, or clubs, whatever that may be. Or maybe it just can be repurposed and used
in some of your paid strategies. We
want to continue to position yourself. If you think of any author, they have your
attention. They have absolutely your respect because
they are seen as the authority. They have written about it. They have published on it. This is what we
want you to do. So, sources for content ideas often people
are like, “Where do I begin or what do I use for my content?” Here is a list of things that we have outlined
as inspiration or places you can go to get started on your content:
Number one, your new patient inquiry system.

Every time a new client inquire, you
should be recording the questions, concerns, objections that they use to help guide
you in your content. For instance, if people are saying how much
is a consultation or you might just want to produce a piece
of content explaining, rationalising why the fees are set at a certain price. This is a good way for you to distinguish
yourself with the person down the road. The next one is your appointment conversations. Hey, as a practitioner, how many
questions do we all get from a patient while they are in a consultation? Or how do I
choose my pair of shoes if you are a podiatrist? Or what exercise or should I be
doing to strengthen up a particular area in my body or rehabilitate myself from
home? These are all questions that you are probably
giving the answer multiple times a day, multiple times a week.

So, if you can record the question, if you
can document that advice, those suggestions, that content,
then you can share it with a broader part of your community, which is really a
great way to do it. You can also send your
clients to those resources so that they can learn more. And reinforce perhaps that
message that you are giving verbally in a consultation. The other one – I love this one – is your
continuing professional development sessions. Hey, we all have to keep up with the latest
research and evidence. And I
bet, if you are a good practitioner, you are taking notes. Am I right? You have to. If
[inaudible] come after you, you will get audited by your regulation body, you need
to have notes. And so often, we’ve got piles and piles
of notes. Those notes can be repurposed
into a book, into a script for video.

Those notes are so valuable, so pull them
out, use them and create content. Then we are not doubling up with just using
the stuff that you have already got – great little
hack there. The other thing is, if you want to get to
attracting more of your ideal client, you need to be publishing content or marketing
in a way that actually speaks to them. You need to become an expert, an authority
on the things that matter for your ideal client. So, your content should reflect the needs,
wants, desires, and challenges of your ideal patient. So, if you love seeing sports athletes, why
not make your content gear towards them. And then, you can share it with those peeps
and those groups. And get in
front of them and position yourself as an authority.

Reverse engineer your ideal
patient and needs, wants, desires, and challenges and start to create content there. Just think of common questions that they ask
you all the time. And you can write a
bullet-pointed listing that is in content. Another way to do it is using the Google keyword
planning. You can actually search
what other people are searching for. Literally, Google can give you the search
phrases and terms that are being plugged into Google by people who are looking
for you or looking for someone like you, and you can use that to craft the content
that you are creating, so you do not have to think of what do I write about; you can
actually see what people are looking for and create content based on the search
volume of specific phrases and questions that they are asking – great way to do it. Another one that I see some really progressive
clinic owners are doing is what you might call “news hacking.” News Hacking. So, when there is something topical in the
media, you might have seen it on the television, in the radio, in the papers. You
want to latch on to that topic and give your opinion, your expertise on it.


So, we
often say this with athletes and sports injuries. Let us say in the football over the weekends,
someone does an injury. And we see
really progressive clinic owners jumping on that opportunity. Jumping on that
opportunity to write about that injury from their perspective and how they go
about it. It is a really good way to jump on something
that is trending and get access, and again position yourself as an
expert. And then, another one is guest editors and
contributors. I love this. If you are
struggling for time; if you are not sure where to begin, this is the simplest way to do
it. If you’ve got guest editors and contributors
to publish content with you in a collaborative fashion, you could expose them
to your community – that is a huge added value – and they can be writing publishing
content, taking the demand off of you. So, in effect, you can scale your content
unlimited. It is unlimited. If you look at
tapping into your joint venture partners, your business partners, your referral
partners and asking them if they would like to get front and center with your

If they would like to create content that
could live in your domain, they could live on your website, on your socials
and you can publish and promote them because you believe in what they do, that
is a huge opportunity for exposure. If you are looking to build relationships
long term and not just make it transactional, this is a great way if you
do maybe three, four, five, six times a year.

Get them to publish and you get all the traffic
contraction of that piece coming back to you. And if you do that in a way that allows you
to promote through the blog piece, article, whatever it is they have written
– this is a great way to do it. So, if you have got other professionals in
your sphere, your community that you love working with, you love referring to,
get them front and center – this is a terrific way to do it. And a little cheeky one on that is if you
have got students coming to do work placements and observations, what a brilliant
way for them to help create some content.

Often, they cannot do any of the treatment-based
stuff, depending on the profession and the regulations and the insurances. So what a great way for them to make a meaningful
contribution while they are at your place doing work experience. For them to come up with some content that
you can then publish on your website or elsewhere, brilliant little way to do it. Hey,
you might as well use them. And one final one, as well on the list today
is your online and your e-mail communications, even your socials.

The questions that get put to you in e-mail
or online platforms, social media, you can use
that to start to publish some of these content and again position you as an expert. You have probably replied to people in the
past in e-mails and outlined your recommendation, your expertise in those e-mails. Rehash that, copy and paste,
tweak it, repurpose it and publish it. What we are looking to do here is use
whatever we’ve got that at our disposal now. I know what it is like. It does take time no matter which tactic here
that you use. But
if we can be more efficient, you are going to be able to scale your content a hell of
a lot more. Remember this is one piece of your overall
marketing strategy. We are
not saying this is the only thing to do. However, you can realise the importance. Heck, we all read the research from people
who have done research and are considered experts, and we look to them for
guidance. Our patients are doing the
same thing. They are looking to you, if not you, if you
are not publishing, somebody else for that expertise and guidance in their

The way that we become experts, the go-to
person and place for health wellness is to be publishing in some form or another. And long term, this content will serve
them and it will serve you in positioning you in that light. I hope today’s episode served you very well. Please reach out if you have any
questions or comments. Hey, you can hit on over to our blog and we
have got a lot of these articles written for you, broken
down, screen shots, bullet points, actionable things that you can do to actually
get your marketing, so that you are attracting more of your ideal clients. Remember, start with your ideal clients, front
and center. And do everything you
can to get in front of them, to get in front of their eyeballs and their ears where
their attention is and produce meaningful content, meaningful recommendations. Do things of value for them and you will attract
more. It is that simple.

Now, keep chipping away, I know it is a challenge
but if you prioritize this, it will serve you in the long run. Remember, you are not in business for five
minutes, so get chipping away. Hey, if you would love to leave us a rating
on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, SoundCloud wherever you are, we would really appreciate
it. Your comments are our oxygen. Head on over to
where you can get the show notes from every single episode that we have done. If you missed a point or you want to
follow it up, jump on over there. I hope you have a sensational day.

We look forward to bring you more of this
quality practical content about how you can transform the client experience as you
can attract more of your ideal clients and provide them with the best experience. The experiences that get them the outcomes
now and into the future that they need for their health and wellness so that
they will perform in their absolute best. Have a terrific day and we will speak very
soon. This is the Grow My Clinic Podcast by Clinic
Mastery where we help you deliver amazing client experiences to grow your clinic. [OUTRO MUSIC].

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