Halo News Today – HALO 5 VIRAL MARKETING Countdown “HUNTtheTRUTH” Website (Halo News March 2015)

losing coming halo what is up guys Tyler here from ultimate halo and really quickly something has just come up he will fight teaser site counting down to this weekend here on IGN a very short post let's get right to it really quickly this is all it says Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor has directed our attention to a halo 5 website counting down to something the new teaser site hunt the truth promises to reveal whatever is this weekend the site features a bullet with the word traitor carved into it and that's all we have to go on any ideas the first thing that comes to mind when I think of trader with halo 5 guardians is the arbiter I really hate to say it but I feel that this is what its gonna be about considering that he's working with Locke and she probably is going to see this as a betrayal of their friendship or so called from ship from what we've heard in the halo 2 anniversary epilogue in prolog he was indeed my enemy every time I named him he'll even thrill the event switchboard this ball cook here on the actual website you can see the bullet that says traitor as well as the days hours minutes and seconds that are currently still counting down this is very exciting it could give us a real idea of what halo 5 guardians campaign is going to be about I'm really excited what about you guys another than that I will see you guys next time on ultimate halo your home for everything halo halo subscribe now for more on friggin believable halo content

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