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In this video i’m gonna share with you how I learned network design in exactly Six months and how you can do it, more this is the exact outline that I use to learn web design fast and not only that but i’m At a point where I can take on clients now and actually form some coin from it, which is pretty cool So if you’re interested in the entire learning blueprint from start to end to learn web design then stick around Also, if you’re a beginner freelancer and you crave more tips and gimmicks on how to start your freelance job Then affected the agree button below So before we get started There’s a few things that you need to keep in mind First off a question that a lot of parties expect is. Is it too late to become a web designer? The reaction is absolutely not ron segal made a really good video about this subject already Which I will attach in the specific characteristics below But the short answer is no it is not too late to become a web designer In fact with everything going on in the world There’s actually no better time to become a web designer with everything going on in the world A mint of businesses are constituting the move online.So that means that a lot more jobs need websites So stop being afraid of automation taking over web design and all of that rigmarole and exactly get started learning today likewise Just one more super quick thing before we get into the actual content here Six months is a really short time to learn a huge topic like entanglement scheme But let me make it clear. I did not become an expert in web design in six months What I did was I learned all that is I needed to learn to at least support entanglement pattern as a service to other ventures In six months, so exactly keep in mind that learning never actually stops i’m Trying to learn endlessly every single day At least one brand-new thing about entanglement blueprint and you should kind of have that same accurate mindset To become a really good web designer It really is about continuously learning and trying to add on to your skill set as go goes on Okay , now we can get into the fun trash Which is actually how you’re going to become a web designer in precisely six months Step one before you do anything else.You need to learn the basic principles of design I choose it was as simple as really learning how to build a reasonably website and throwing it up on the internet But if you want to actually become a good web designer, you need to learn what makes a website really good so What did I do? And what can you do to learn how to make a really good website? First off. I speak two journals that were absolutely crucial to my To improve understanding of websites and network scheme those two diaries are don’t stimulate me feel by steve. Krug And the specific characteristics of everyday things by don norman, I will introduce connections in the description to both of those notebooks If you are able to I would pick up a emulate of both of those books and read them in full If you read and genuinely understand those two works Then you’ll develop yourself a pretty good foundation of layout And that’s super important before you actually go out and try to build any websites Please do not skip over this step.I know how easy it would be to skip over this gradation But it’s so important that you get that groundwork stratum of understanding Before you actually go out and try to build websites because without that footing blanket Your websites are probably going to suck and you probably won’t be able to make any money from it So I will go ahead and get both sets of journals and predict them in full But if you don’t want to buy the books You don’t have the money to get the books or you’re not so much better of a reader then you can still go ahead and learn in different ways hop onto youtube and type in things like Web design principles how to build a really good website and different expressions like that and merely start binging all of the videos I can’t stress how important it is to understand the basic foundation of designing before you actually go and improve websites because Building a really good website is a lot more than just what you appreciate visually when it comes to a good website It’s really all about how you can use the website to help a business achieve their goals So for the first month or maybe even two months, I would just start to get a really good understanding of basic intend principles Formerly you get that really good understanding then you can move on to the next step All right, next you’ll want to decide which pulpit you want to build websites on So let me break this down for you because this is a pretty big topic There’s a lot of different ways to build websites like you can use wordpress webflow Wix squarespace, there’s a million different ways to do it So rather than trying to become a jack of all trades And learn all of those things.I would just choose one of them and get really really good at it And with that said today, there’s two platforms that I would recommend most out of any of them so the first one is wordpress wordpress is a content management system that does take a little bit of time to learn but It is pretty customizable once you learn it You certainly don’t need to know any code you can get by without knowing much system at all Personally, I favor wordpress really because it’s what i’ve been using for a really long time So I improve the majority of members of my websites for clients employing wordpress. Okay, and the second platform that i’d recommend is webflow now I personally haven’t exercised webflow before but i’ve been looking into it a lot more recently because a lot of the best and greatest decorators in this space use Webflow and they swear by it but no matter which one of those two you choose or if you decide to go with something Completely different what I would do is I would just choose one of them and get going as fast as you maybe can You’ll be able to find hundreds of thousands of different articles about why WordPress is better or why webflow is better and the pros and cons of each one and all of that Don’t focus too much on that stuff because there’s pros and cons to each of them.There’s good and bad to each of them so it’s a lot more important that you merely choose one and is starting either one of those have the Capabilities to help you become a web designer. So just pick one and get moving Okay step three is to go and watch people improve websites with the pulpit that you chose. Now this step is pretty self-explanatory But you want to go out and actually watch pros construct websites exercising your platform again Turn to youtube and type in something like how to build websites On wordpress for beginners or how to build websites on webflow for novices something along those lines Personally, I wouldn’t go out and actually try to build a website Or do it side by side with one of these videos quite yet I think it’ll be a lot more valuable for you If you actually take some time in the beginning to just watch beings doing it if you go and type in those investigation words on Youtube you’re gonna be able to find like hundreds of thousands of different tutorial videos and they’re all like hours long So certainly precisely choose one of those videos and watch it from beginning to end only start to really familiarize yourself with the scaffold What it looks like what these decorators are doing? As the very first step and then the second step and so on and so forth There’s a lot of awesome content out there on youtube already.So just go out and start destroying it and start getting more Comfortable with the stage that you chose. I will join some of the best of those videos in the specific characteristics below Okay step four is to go and try to build a website while following one of those tutorial videos on youtube Now that you’ve watched one of those tutorial videos from start to end It’s time to actually go and try to do exactly what they do At every single step go into wordpress or go into webflow and actually do Precisely what they’re doing every single step of the action really reproduce them For every single step that they do the reason that I intimate to actually watch the video first before you go and try it yourself is because I know how it works easy it is to get carried away in one of these scaffolds when I was just starting off I went into I I went into wordpress right away And I tried to build a website without any prior knowledge.I didn’t even know what the inside of wordpress looked like So when I get in there, I was utterly moronic I was driving myself crazy And I genuinely only didn’t know what I was doing and that’s not the freedom approaching you want to take? so watching one of those seminars firstly before you actually go out and try it is gonna much better prepare you for when you go In there, you’ll at least know what to expect and it’ll be a lot easier to actually follow along Okay After you’ve followed along one of those tutorial videos Step five is to go and try to build a website on your own without a tutorial.Trust me This is going to be really hard the first time that you try to do it You’re probably going to forget a lot of things when you’re doing it There’s steps that you’re just going to completely “ve forgotten” and you’re not going to do and it’s okay In the beginning to continue to go to youtube and look things up when you need to and kind of help yourself along the way The trick is to not get discouraged this part’s probably going to be the hardest part actually trying to do it without any kind of guidance or cure but just followed up with To rehearsal and watch those youtube videos and tutorials when you need to when you get stuck simply category something in on google or youtube And then eventually the more and more that you practise and the more and more that you try to build a website on your own The better and better you’ll get at it my suggestion to make this step a lot Easier is to go find a website that you really like that’s already on the internet and try to copy it exactly how it is doing this not only gives you a good sense of what a good website actually looks like and what kind of Tools and capabilities it has but it also gives you that know where you can various kinds of bring your ideas to animation Okay , now that you have a ton of practice in your pulpit You’ve gone through the tutorial videos and you’re starting to get a lot more cozy And you think that you can build a website on your own the next step which is step six Is to start building fake practice programmes at this point.What I did was I would come up with counterfeit Business reputation and I would come up with impostor corporations and precisely profess that they’re real companies and build them a website For example, let’s say there’s a regulation house in your arena called j j friends or something like that. I don’t know go out and actually try to build that forge fellowship an internet site extend look at other law firm websites kind in something on google like Good law firm websites or something like that Look at what beings are already doing compile notation of things that you really like compile things Make observes of things that you don’t like so much and then go and build a website taking what you learned And only realise the best law firm website You maybe can now of course a law conglomerate website is just an example i’d go and do this In an manufacture that you enjoy.So if you experience health and fitness, I would go and look at really good Personal trainer websites or gym websites or whatever you’re interested in. I would just go and look at websites that are already doing really well And then come up with that imitation corporation and even off some forge problems that they’re having or something like that, more and then go out and build them a website to solve those problems doing this is a really good learning technique and it’s going to Absolutely elevate your knowledge as a entanglement designer very quickly because it’s giving you that real world experience Of direction. This isn’t really a real world experience because you’re making up the company and house a website for them But what you’re doing is you’re set yourself in a realistic situation So when the time does come for you to start equip entanglement pattern as a service for different companies You’re going to be much more prepared and then over epoch you’re just going to get much much better because you’re put in these best practices and you’re mis at things and you’re adjusting and you’re looking things up when it is necessary and All of that so over day you’re just going to get a lot better I’d go ahead and prepare two or maybe even three of these forge rehearsal campaigns Which this part is probably going to take up most of the time when you’re learning But it’s absolutely crucial for you to put yourself in those real world experiences So this is a step that you cannot skip over.Okay, the next step step seven is to nail down your network motif process It’s so important when you’re building websites to have a system So that every single time that you take over a brand-new projection you’re doing the exact same things And you’re not forgetting things and scrambling every single time you get a brand-new project and trying to figure out things brand new every single time so It’s time to start certainly inventing your process and figuring out How you’re going to take on clients and how you’re going to take on campaigns as they come in? again Go to youtube and type in something like web design process I is a well-known fact that I deter timing you guys out to youtube every single time, but I chiefly learn entanglement intend through youtube and I think that you can do the exact same when you type in Web design process on youtube just start watching the videos And start to get a good sense of what other web designers do every single time They start a project pick and choose from all these different strategies that you’re watching and then construct out your own process for example I’ll share a little bit about what my web blueprint process is So I start off with a research phase where I go and do adversary analysis And then I go into a scheduling time and then I construct out the scheme for an internet site and then I firebrand the layout of that website and then I Go ahead and construct it into wordpress.And then I launch it is now time. It’s okay If nothing of that last part made any sense to you But as you various kinds of get more familiar with all these different terms and as you watch these web design process videos You’ll start to understand what your process is going to look like Once you’ve figured it out write it down on a piece of paper or build out a pdf on your computer so that every time You take on a new website assignment and you’re going to build the website You can merely look at your process and you can follow it step by step Okay step eight Which is our final step is to never stop learning and continuously refining and improving your network pattern process What I do is I construct time into my planned every single week got to go and learn more about web design There’s so much to learn that you’ll never truly be done if you stop learning you’re just going to become depressed and you won’t ever improve so genuinely build in that time and try to get better every Every single week because by getting better what you’re doing is you’re increasing your skill set and you’re making yourself more valuable So over occasion you’re too going to be able to charge more too.My favorite ways to learn about web intend are youtube Obviously, I like to read different works and then i’ll also read articles on google Sometimes i’ll go to different forums or blogs But merely keep in mind that I learn network blueprint primarily free of charge and I think that you can perfectly do that, more And that’s pretty much it. That’s what I did to learn web design in just six months Like I “ve said” you won’t be an expert after six months but at this moment You should start to feel a lot more cozy and almost comfortable enough to provide web design as a service for a business This is where it starts to get fun because you can take everything that you merely learned from all the books you’ve speak in youtube And you can go apply it and you can actually proceed make-up some real coin with it now This video isn’t meant to simplify the learning curve of entanglement scheme It’s still going to take a really long time to actually get good at it But just like with anything the more you rehearse and the more that you actually start Do it the better you will get and eventually you will feel pleasant enough to take on some consumers This is the exact process that I took to learn web design and you are eligible to utterly do this too comment down below What do you think the most confusing part about network intend is I is submitted in response to all of my commentaries So leave a comment and I will get back to you if you experienced this video Please pay it a like and subscribe.It cures me out a ton. Thanks for watching and i’ll see you in the next one.

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