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You wanna get more traffic
but you don't have the time to do your own SEO, your own digital marketing. What should you do? Well, the obvious answer
is you should hire a digital marketing agency. But you know what? If you just hire any digital
marketing agency out there, you're going to lose money. Hey everyone, I am Neil Patel and today, I'm gonna share with you how to hire the right
digital marketing agency. (bright music) If you want more advice like this, make sure you subscribe to this channel 'cause when I release my next video you'll then get notified. The first piece of advice I have for you is don't hire a digital marketing agency who doesn't have traffic
to their own website. If someone doesn't have
traffic to their own website how are they gonna get you
traffic to your website? Everyone claims they can do SEO or they can do paid advertising or they're good at
conversion optimization.

But if they can't show you the results from their own website, don't hire 'em. The second advice I have for you is look for case studies and testimonials. If a company doesn't have
case studies and testimonials, how do you know they're
gonna do well for you? And ideally look for bigger case studies and testimonials or logos. Because when you see this, what you'll find is if they
worked with big brands, there's something there
that big companies trust and these companies have a
much stricter hiring policy when it comes to contractors than most. So if they like 'em there's a good chance that you'll also like 'em. Number three, look for
someone who's tactical. Yes, strategy is important. Concepts are important.

But if someone doesn't
know how to implement, doesn't matter how smart they are. They're never gonna be able
to get you the results. They need to know how
to implement the changes to your website. Look for someone who's tactical or else it'll take forever
for you to see any traction. Number four, it doesn't matter
how smart the founder is. For example, I have a
digital marketing agency called Neil Patel Digital. But you know what? Yes, I worked on a lot of accounts and I oversee the whole
strategy for all my clients. But I'm not there every
single minute working on one specific site.

You need to make sure
that the people working on your account are amazing. I, myself do a ton of
the hiring and I'm picky. If someone doesn't know
more about marketing than me in specific areas or tactics
or they're not well versed, I won't hire 'em. I'm just that picky. Make sure whoever's
working on your account within these agencies are good. Ask 'em, who's gonna be
working on my account? Number five, you need to
have regular communications. Ask 'em, are you gonna be
providing reports, weekly calls? Are you gonna be doing
regular email communication? If not, you're not gonna
know what's happening with your account. Last thing you wanna do is spend money and not be communicating with the company that you're paying.

digital marketing

This is really important because if you don't have communication, you're not gonna know when
things are going wrong. Number six, ask for references. If someone's not willing
to give you references, they haven't done well. I'm not even saying you
have to call the references. 'Cause you know what, anytime you ask for references, people are only gonna
give you good experiences. But if someone doesn't have
any references to send you, that means they've never done good work for anyone out there. And last but not least, look for people that have
worked on similar businesses. It doesn't have to be direct competitors or someone within your industry, but similar sized companies. You don't want someone who's only worked with the Googles or the
Facebooks of the world. They have to work with
small or medium businesses if you're one or if
you're a local business, look for someone who's worked
with other local businesses.

By ensuring that they worked
with similar type of sites, you're more likely to get results. Follow these strategies
and you're much more likely to hire a good agency. Now, before I wrap this video, I have a question for you. How many of you have hired a
digital marketing consultant or agency and got burned off? If you have, just leave a comment below, just saying "I got ripped off "by a digital marketing agency." I'm just curious 'cause I've
found that a lot of people, they're not using these
tactics or these strategies and they're hiring the wrong agencies because they're not going
through this process.

If you go through this process, you're much more likely to hire an agency that produces results. Thank you for watching. Make sure you leave a comment
if you have questions. Like the video, share it,
subscribe to the channel. Again, thanks for watching..

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