How to Create a Digital Product That Generates (AT LEAST) $100,000 Per Month

are you guys doing awesome so how many of you guys here have ever created a digital product and sold it online well I have some good news for you and some bad news which you guys long first the bad news is what I'm gonna teach you requires you to do some work all right and I know affiliates hate doing work you know the good news now the good news is when you promote a digital product you pretty much have something that has a hundred percent margins right so when you're doing advertising you're selling something what's your cost pretty much nothing it's just the hosting after you create the product of course so let's get started today I'm going to teach you guys how to create a digital product that generates at least $100,000 a month here's my twitter handle you don't have to tweet if you do my system will probably reply to you because I haven't used Twitter in ages but it still works so here's a screenshot of daily revenue I don't even know what it says last 30 days based on the dates it's probably not the last 30 days because they're not in August but you can see the trend and it keeps going up and up yesterday was what days today Monday it was funny on Saturday in the US I was checking the stats and we sold something like 36 digital products in a day and I'm like this isn't too bad for a Saturday actually didn't even spend much money on advertising I think was 3000 something dollars I also have a lot of organic traffic can you guess how much I sell the digital product 4000 bucks a pop it's not too shabby right and when I say those sales that's after refunds so let's get started I'm going to teach you guys how to make money selling a digital product first step what industry should you enter and I'm gonna go quick because there's so many slides I picked the digital marketing industry can you see what's wrong with the digital marketing industry it was too late when I started if I pick something like nutrition I would have sold so many more ebooks so many more video courses you see why it's so much more popular you just go to Google Trends type in a niche like flashlights and you can see how popular something is all right so when you're doing this you want to make sure you're not competing with marketers you know how hard it is to compete in the digital marketing space you're competing with people like me I found out the other day my assistant was telling me you know like hey you got Bangkok coming up I've been traveling a lot I did Brazil Australia Toronto than here and I haven't been home in months and throughout the traveling he's like oh you're going to Affiliate world Asia you're trying to get more involved in the affiliate space I'm like why would you say that because I make all my money from the fortune 1,000 he's like oh you ranked on Google for affiliate marketing on the first page I was like huh good to know I never knew that right but it just shows you US marketers we know how to drive traffic from places like Google you guys are marketers do you want to compete what the person turn to your right and turn to your left do you want to compete with that person to drive traffic to offer no pick something that's not as competitive here's an example this is organic traffic this is one of my blogs quick sprout another one wellness mama wellness mama is not my blog it's a blog by this mother who talks about how to make your own Sun Tan Lotion at home she gets 10 million unique visitors a month I'm like you got to be me you're gonna talk about wearing goggles tonight at bed right like she wears goggles – better she has some article about that I'm like why would you wear water goggles to bed and why would you make your own sunscreen when you can buy that for five bucks right but yeah she gets ten million visitors talking about that and look how many links she has at the very bottom column total linking root domains CS 757 I have over 1815 that's the primary driver of Google traffic can you guess a difference even though I have more than double the links of her she gets over ten million unique visitors a month and I'm at a million do you see why you want to pick a really broad niche alright so now that you know that right you gotta make sure whatever niche you pick you know really well you have to be an expert at it I tried creating a nutrition website for fun for shits and giggles I actually got a lot of traffic I didn't make really much money after it because like after I started selling fish oil pills made over a hundred grand a month I didn't give a about it why I'm not an expert in nutrition I don't care for it marketing I do way better but I love it so once you figure out your niche you need to pick a product that you should create don't just create any product right you have to create a product that helps people if it doesn't help people you're not gonna do too well if people buy your and it doesn't help them what are they gonna do at least in the US and Brazil they don't really do this they'll refund in the u.s.

You'll get like 20 percent refund rates in Brazil you don't even get five percent refund rates when you have a product Japan they don't believe in refunds you can have the shittiest product ever and you won't even get one refund I should not be telling you guys this I can see you guys ology the Japanese market tomorrow you're like cha-ching you're like oh we can spend more in ad dollars there won't be any refunds you like think you guys don't need a rotate up your credit card processors cuz you don't get the chargebacks either right I know you guys do that kind of stuff too I don't know how you guys do that stuff but it's kind of interesting you know it's funny on a side note all these u.s.

Affiliate marketers haven't you guys from the US they all moved to the US Virgin Islands so they don't have to pay taxes have you guys heard about that these affiliates are stupid as why would you move to the US Virgin Islands when you can set up a corporation in Malta they charge you five percent tax and you can still live in the US a hundred percent of the time don't take your advice from affiliates take them from bankers go find that guy who went to Harvard learn financial firm him let the affiliate marketers teach you how to make money and not get chargebacks all right so I love affiliate marketing though although I don't do much of it so when you're trying to figure out a product to create why not ask people they can give you feedback they can tell you what kind of stuff they want to end up by all right so survey your readers ask them some things like and if you don't have readers go find who you can target on Facebook and ask them questions what's the biggest problem I can help you solve what's the biggest challenge you're trying to overcome you can use tools like koala rule and Survey Monkey and if you don't have readers just survey people anyone with an industry pick up the phone Craigslist whatever it may be your friend you want to make sure you serve at least thirty people why has to be statistically significant now you want to get into building a product and making money I'm gonna show you guys some crafty stuff too don't try that on me it won't work but it'll work on everyone you already advertised to on Facebook all right so first off I can't emphasize this more than anything else build something you can be proud of its longevity you'll be happy when you build something that you can put your face on you know those affiliates are like okay I don't want anyone knowing this is my company don't build a product if you can't tell people it's your company if you can be proud of it and put your face on it you're good to go all right so here's a few lessons I learned a customer should be able to finish your product within three months right but not quicker than one month when you have a digital product when they finish it before one month what happens to many refunds when it takes more than three months what happens they think it's too much work you guys can all relate to that right if you tell people is too much work are they gonna do something no that's why I affiliates don't start their own e-commerce companies it's very rare and the guys who I do look at starting ecommerce companies it was funny I met one guy who is selling like this anti-aging cream and he was crushing it on Facebook he was doing literally over four million dollars a month he ran that anti-aging cream you know he did he went to Costco and build up Neutrogena like cream in his bottles like he said I had to pay my Ferrari bills it's sad but it's kind of funny at the same time so another thing I learned videos and audio files and worksheets have more value than text-based documents so pay people to create these videos and audio files for you don't overwhelm people with too much information make sure it's actionable and create a membership portal right through simple tools email WP member simple tools like this the last thing you want to do is go pay someone a shitload of money credit membership portal and not generate too much income here's an example of my membership portal be using WP member I use a guy named Bobo it's not like the car I thought it was I would email him saying hey Volvo and he's like my name is Bobo vo vo I was like oh my bad he created this thousand bucks it's not too shabby right it looks pretty good he even has videos too then you got to figure out how much you should charge in general you don't want to charge less than a thousand bucks a thousand dollars is a good starting point because when you start charging a thousand dollars you can end up generating quite a bit of cash from Facebook and typically for every dollar you spend if you suck at Facebook Ads you should be able to generate $2 so dollar and profit if you're good you'll be able to do $3 for every dollar you spend so two bucks in profit if you're really good like I've seen a few guys they're doing five dollars in revenue for every dollar they spend and they're doing it in quantity on Facebook where they're spending like twenty thirty thousand dollars a day which is good money right it's like how much more can you spend and you know what the best part about this is guess how many facebook ad accounts they have one they don't have to turn and burn or anything the stuff I'm going to show you works with just one Facebook account you don't have to buy more and more how people set them up for you so a quick case study Ramin Seth Ephraim I will teach you to be rich he ended up breaking down how he made five million dollars in a week from selling a digital product he pretty much broke down if you sell a product for five dollars look how many units yet to sell right you pretty much have to sell a shitload you need a lot of visitors roughly a hundred million to generate five million bucks or if you saw a two thousand dollar proc you need 250 thousand visitors which is more realistic miles we'll just go for the 250 so here's a few pricing lessons I learned Park needs to be at least a thousand bucks anything over three thousand dollars doesn't sell well without a sales team so make it under three thousand bucks make sure you're giving enough value at those price points and make sure your product keeps getting better and better over time by adding bonuses it helps keep people there so let's go into how you sell the product this is the most important part right because you already know you can drive the traffic it's just about creating something and selling the out of it so first you can use affiliate products I love Brazil it's the easiest hot Mart is one of my favorite ones clickbank's another really good one because the thing with hot Mart that I learned I have no affiliation with them in Brazil did you know you can do payment plans like 14 24 payments and the person has to pay each and every single one and they can't back out that's pretty cool right your product can now be really affordable to people so you know I've done a ton of this and I've done it all on the blog so here's my Brazil version you can end up checking out if you don't read Portuguese it's okay I don't either but you can get the point of it so I give a ton of free marketing tips and then from there I start collecting emails I collect emails then I sent them to a product called webinar Jam a webinar Jam is a webinar tool that you can sell long then I create a PowerPoint and then a critic follow-up sequence PowerPoint tips should be at least 1.5 hours long spend at least 40 minutes educating then have at least 20 minutes of your sales pitch have QA at the end and then through webinar Jam you show a Buy button at the right price and I'm going through this fast and the reason being because I'm going to show you a real-life example of this so let me show you how my presentation works all right how I built for multi-million dollar companies from free traffic and you want access funny and help I also use YouTube ads to promote this the number one comment on the YouTube ads is if you can build for multi-million dollar companies through free traffic anyone can get access to why are you advertising on not YouTube Facebook everyone's like why are you advertising on Facebook have you guys seen my ads on Facebook yeah converts really well I make more of the free traffic than Facebook but it's cuz I'm not too aggressive that's my fault I don't believe in like selling too hard so the first part I get into my goal my goal is to help you with X Y & Z right by the end of this you should know how to do a B and C and then if you stay till the end this is me pitching you guys if you stay till the end I'm also gonna give you notes but also a framework that's gonna teach you twenty two ways you can implement this on your business and drive more traffic for those of you don't know me my name is Neil Patel yada yada yada check out some of my accolades Awards my bio about me you know and the reason I'm telling you this is not to brag but it's more so to show you that the knowledge I have is actually valuable and it works and that's why you should listen to me keep in mind again to repeat it for all you guys wanted listening this is me giving the pitch it's a recorded version right then I go in testimonials then I go into Tim Sykes how I helped him get fifteen million dollars in revenue I took him from I think it was what six hundred thousand a fifteen million he's a buddy of mine I didn't even charge him and then I talked to him how I got twenty six percent more traffic for him and then I talked about how he learned all these tactics the hard way right what I'm gonna show you today is all the tactics that I've learned the hard way but a beautiful part for you guys you don't have to waste the millions of dollars that I did and you can learn them all now and here's the three secrets I'm going to teach you I quickly go over them and then I go into secret number one the first thing is is if you want people to buy from your site you got to collect emails I go into lead magnet right here's an example of reaming Sethi how he collects emails and then I also go into how emails are my number one channel no matter what it drives consistent traffic here's 103 thousand unique visitors that I'm getting from emails and I talk about no matter what it converts it's my number one channel right it's the highest converting channel by far and even though it doesn't make up the majority of my traffic if you look at search etc email still drive more revenue than anything else I think it's like buy 40 something percent and I have stats I skipped on like half the slides in this presentation right and then I talked about a friend Sara Underwood how she started selling a coffee table book she's a playmate it was pretty much half-naked coffee table books but was through emails and she sold a shitload right and then I talked about how you gotta collect emails and here's some quick ways you can do it you can do pop-ups here's one of my step-by-step guide to getting monster traffic do you want more traffic yes or no when you click yes what do you think I tell you put in your name and email and I'll teach you how to double your traffic in 30 days when you click no what do you think I tell you congratulations on having massive traffic putting your name and email I'll teach you how to convert those visitors into customers you see it's pretty clever I know some affiliate tricks here and there yeah give myself a pat on the back alright so when you implement these tactics you'll see results and then I go into this is after ice one over secret one two and three you guys are all still following along it starts getting really interesting and then I go into like how I tell you all these things and I'm like did you find this valuable I do this in the chat so webinarjam has a chat feature and they say yes I'm still on this slide I'm like did you find this off yes you I'm going to teach you something else or talk to you about something else that you'll find also interesting if you don't want me to just say no in the chat and everyone in the chat what did they say yes yes please show me No why do you think I do this I'm getting them engaged when I get them engaged what are they more likely to do by when I get them engaged what are they more likely to do by that's right so then I say introducing the advanced marketing program what's inside I stack it I pretty much break it down tell them the total value then I talk about the bonuses bonus number one implementation plan surprise number two private video lesson that teaches you how to get a million visitors a month on your blog right all teaching you how to create a blog without spending a single dollar on paid advertising you think that's valuable right two thousand dollars I'm gonna give that away for you for free and then I could give it over you again what are you gonna get surprise bonus number three a Facebook group you can get in there and my group my team will all help you out you can streamline this the group starts helping each other out right then inside the Facebook group and then I show examples of this some announcing a QA then I talk about how there's a money-back guarantee if you're not happy you get your money back what's the beautiful part if you sell this in Japan no one doesn't refunds it's against like it goes against the grain of their culture I'm not saying you should abuse it I don't want to use it it's funny when people are say they're unhappy I just give them their money back even if it's after like 90 days but you don't have to do that if you don't want it then I go into bonus number 4 want to do this all from scratch so hard you have to hire the right people I'll just give you my rolodex people who are really good at what they do for pennies on the dollar like that Volvo guy cheap labor right amazing out what he does and then I get into hey I'm also I didn't go over the rolodex right so I'm gonna lay a little secret have you ever wondered how we get two million visitors I talk about house two infographics and I paid people pennies on the dollars for the infographics and then I give you ovary of what you're gonna get twenty two thousand dollars that's a lot of money right for all this stuff would you say that's a good deal about five thousand bucks that is but I'm not gonna even make you pay five thousand not even three thousand cuz you know what you came here you saw me speak more so you saw me on my webinar still works so if you get started right now I can only guarantee that this will be available right now this is when I show the Buy button you can get started today for 997 that converts really well right and then I go into testimonials right here's someone they're happy another person they're happy this person actually bought a house because they made more money through my here's another guy he decided to quit his agency work for me and again I'm like this is amazing stuff people are getting amazing results and then in the chat people are like because you can pre-program the chat they're like Thank You Neil I'm in the program love it awesome amazing right and then I'm like again bye button and you know what after I do this then I'm going to Q&A in the Q&A is usually a lot of questions related to the program so how well do you think this converts for every hundred webinar signups how many sales do you think I'm getting take a guess oh I can't hear you take guess ten ten would be amazing if you got me ten I'll kiss you right now didn't care if you're a guy or girl I get three point six that's pretty good stats a hundred webinar registrations would just name an email and I get three point six sales all hundred don't even show up to watch a webinar that's pretty good it's almost unbelievable right some of you guys don't believe me if you don't believe me go to Neil Patel com sign up for the webinar I bet you how convert at least three point six of you it really works I did that and uh I was at what online marketing rockstars there was four thousand five hundred people in the audience I had over four hundred webinar registrations and people in the audience so like I don't believe that this works and I was counting myself and I'm like damn it I should have charged euros cuz all these people you know your Zords more than dollars that was my mistake so you're gonna get happier cells from the webinar and then the other half you're gonna get at the end like to your email sequence so I use Infusionsoft seven day email sequence last two days of the sequence is a countdown clock I use something called Plus this have you guys heard of that Plus this puts a countdown timer in an email so countdowns and it makes the links expire so it creates a sense of urgency which causes people to buy right and then you also want to segment your list so that's pretty much it there's some few cool tricks that you can do to when people don't attend the webinar I'm gonna give you a few more so when people don't attend the webinar use a software called pick snippets it's 47 bucks I don't own it I don't own any of this yeah I won't make money from this but pick snippets forty seven dollars and it'll send you an email like what's your name Asian dude in the front there's some the Asians here what's your name huh Chris that's not an Asian name we'll take it though all right so Chris here if you didn't attend the webinar it's me holding up a sign in a jacket and I email you and it says with me with the sad face like and it says why didn't you attend the webinar Chris like question mark is there something wrong pic snippets writes it out and like Hanna in text and it inserts your name dynamically it's really good it makes you think I wrote it manually and then you click on and usually convert later you should try it again don't believe me don't watch the webinar sign up for it don't watch it you'll get that email and then you'll bye all right another cool thing that I do is I ask for a phone number when people register for a webinar all right check this out so there's this thing called turbo dial how many of you guys heard of turbo dial no one oh my god you guys are gonna spam the out of this all right so what turbo dial does is it'll go and collect all the phone numbers and then it'll message all the people who didn't buy that saw the Buy button but they didn't click R they clicked and they didn't buy it's all automated and it'll say I'll text you the next day automatically and I'll just say Chris question mark or a random number Chris what would you do if you got a number texting with Chris question mark exactly he would say who is this are you affiliate marketer Chris no if he was on her like look I duped you with other tricks okay but imagine Chris is the affiliate marketer so he's gonna say who is this someone responds back technically it's automated it's like hey this is Andriy from Neil Patel esteem Neil notice you watch a webinar he just want to follow he wanted me to follow up with you to see if you had any questions all automated once they start responding the sales guy gets there picks up the phone starts calling and closing works like a charm and you can do that for almost anything but the key is I've tested the crap out of this always do it the next day don't send the text right away it's too pushy always the next day and then the other cool thing is when I do webinar Jam I start the webinar every 15 minutes on the clock and I have a countdown timer on the page it's going based off the computer and when you do it every 15 minutes you know my show break for a webinar is almost 70 percent so for every hundred people that register at least 70 will show up because I have a live webinar going every 15 minutes and then I have people in the chat room 24 hours a day I got them from the Philippines loved Asia good labor cost we pay him well and what we ended up doing is we got them in the Philippines there in the chat room 24 hours a day and their messaging people helping them and they message them like hey Chris you know while you're watching the webinar feel free to tell me your website URL I don't mind giving you live feedback and giving you advice by creating that interaction more people are much more likely to buy and you know how we make our support stuff in the Philippines really good we hired good ones that we've him like a thousand two hundred bucks a month but if they go through the program which we give it to them for free we then pay me extra dollar an hour so now they're really qualified because they know what they're selling and helping people with and they really do try to help but this all works out now I don't want you guys to abuse this because I know most the shitty part about this is you guys are gonna take up a lot of the Facebook ad inventory that my cost or my margins are gonna go down but I'm okay with that I don't really care to sell products online I'm a software guy but nonetheless when you do this it'll convert did you guys learn something how many of you guys are going to start selling digital products it's really easy I have a few friends that were to show me their tax numbers some of these guys are making around like the shitty ones are doing around like a hundred 200 grand a month in profit the good guys are doing roughly like a million dollars a month in profit isn't that way better than selling like other people's products and then you can do up cells and down cells and you can just start milking more and more money but make sure you're providing value just don't sell to sell right and don't I remember how many guys were here we're in Berlin all right a few of you I remember in Berlin I was talking about a presentation and let's talk about how you affiliate markers make money and you guys all put those testimonials of Oprah and dr.

Oz on your page right like in your webinar don't create Oprah Oprah did not give you a review dr. oz did not say you have the most amazing medical product that will cause you to lose 50 pounds in one month right so use realistic testimonials make it believable some of you guys are laughing I'm like are you doing it don't tell me you are using dr. oz you really are do you live in the u.s. you're gonna get your ass sued what's your name why are you thinking your name you shouldn't be saying your name I hope Rob's really night what's your last name Rob or do you just say Patel you're not Brown you're like a white dude but yeah don't do it Rob Patel they don't put dr.

Alexa Alexa

Oz in your webinar and just because it's not indexable you know dr. oz isn't gonna see it so that doesn't mean you should do it but you can make legitimate money this way I have so many friends that are doing this and they're crushing it you know what their number one problem is they're like we're selling too many I got a higher support staff to answer their questions this sucks I'm like what do you mean it sucks you just netted a million dollars a month for the last 12 months like yeah and now I got to manage people I'm getting too many support complaints I was like who gives a you made a million dollars a month but test this out now let's get into some Q&A anything you have to ask whether it's SEO could be this how to make money on digital part like competing ok well I've actually got a couple of questions myself for you deal and then we'll open it up to the audience after that sounds good so I think the first one one of the really big surprising points for me I've done a fair number of products myself but really never never any product under 1k is there any circumstance where you would say that's doing a product at a lower price point is actually something that's a good idea or was it just flat-out no never do it flat out no no no because it's so easy to arbitrage traffic right like just right now I talked to all of you guys I talked to you guys just for 20 minutes and some change and now we have a countdown clock right so or 30 minutes technically but when we talk for 30 minutes do you guys have a sense that you've got to know me a bit yeah have we bonded a bit I know Rob Patel and I have because we've bonded now if I made you a pitch if I told you I can take all your affiliate landing pages and give you a 20 percent lift would you guys be more likely to buy because you've seen some of my stuff right so I not just showed you guys some information but I showed you guys assuming you actually watch the webinar it's like some amazing information that talks about how to rank on Google like I ranked number one and two for the keyword online marketing in the u.s.

Without buying links or doing anything manipulative like I have legitimate traffic right I ranked on page one for affiliate marketing a lot more competitive terms than that but I've built up a bond so then when you sell something they're much more likely to close because they thought that they got to know you and that's why you say better to take that traffic and arbitrage that to hi-hi-hi product numbers when you're selling something emotional it doesn't matter like I test is selling it for five hundred dollars a thousand dollars two hundred dollars I just kept making more money when I started charging more once I started charging two thousand three thousand then it started dipping but almost everyone is seeing the same thing it just doesn't make sense to sell under a thousand dollars because that's what everyone else is doing and it converts really well yeah to be fair you have more balls than me every time I've started raising prices on info products my nerve has broken before the CVR stop that started dropping so yeah okay so second question I know you take you're very big on the webinars and I know it's a very popular way of selling info products what about if you are unlike either of us scared of public speaking if you really really don't want to do a live public speaking thing with an audience how would you how do you deal with that all right how many of you guys are public facing in mind like public speaking Wow most of you don't how many of you guys like outsourcing labor for pennies on the dollar like pretty much everyone go find someone to be your voice yeah because most of you guys are in public right I don't rob patellas a he's using dr.

Oz so as if you don't want to be public you don't have to just go find someone and go pay them to be your voiceover you can find someone on Fiverr instead of five bucks paying $500 they'll be your voice person that's probably overpaying but you get the point yeah then there's you use voices calm and stuff like that as well get professional actors yeah yeah well cool okay so in terms of using emotion to drive the sales and drive the traffic obviously a lot of us will immediately think fear because that's how an awful lot of affiliate marketing works you virus-like like agora have you guys seen agora financial I haven't actually no and then you have you guys have seen Agora the company that makes over 400 million dollars a year saying that what world is gonna come to end you guys have a herd of Agora one of the biggest affiliates out there they stay in the background because they don't want people knowing who they are hence you guys haven't heard of them but like in the US there's a Republican and a Democrat that could be a president right or independent they always want a Democrat because when there's a Democrat in office they found that more people feel that the world is more likely to come to end and they make a killing what do you think people selling flashlights make a killing they make more money than all that just saying like there could be a zombie attack like or shits coming to end buy more gold or buy this and here's how to survive like when the world comes to end and etc they're selling all the supplies but they're like the first people to really revolutionize the quote unquote survival space and they're the biggest in the space as well just no one ever knows they're real corporate so would you would you say that fear is the most powerful selling emotion is or anything that is like people can sympathize to like if you've made mistakes and you're just upfront with people so for example when I started out in a marketing I used to think traffic's everything and I built some sites and I generate a lot of traffic but guess how much income I made zero I was a little kid I thought traffic was everything but if you can't convert those visitors and the customers you guys know this has affiliates you can get a million clicks but if no one buys it's useless but I didn't know that and when I tell people like I made this mistake and that's why I lost money my first few businesses but luckily I don't want other people making the same mistake and I learn from it and I want to teach you guys it and if I can just save some people from making the same mistake as me I'll be happy like it's a good emotional peel that people can relate to like oh that's nice let me buy so it's partially you're you're making yourself vulnerable there and by making yourself vulnerable you build trust but it's also true to write like that is the biggest mistake I've made in my career which for the first five years of my business I focused purely on traffic and I made very little money because of it okay have you tried programmatic email lists there's not doing and this is new big thing stuff like drip that's allowing you to automatically segment and send out different email lists different emails different people depending on what they've done with your product that's commentation so that's like Infusionsoft yeah if you're selling import products to use Infusionsoft it is the most advanced and flexible one out there like we do crazy things or if you click on a Buy button but you don't buy you gets put in a different bucket group and then we send you a different stuff or if you watch the first five minutes of the webinar and you didn't finish the rest we send you another campaign that it's an email from my assistant it's all automated but imagine me emailing a girl named Amy and the email is to Amy like hey Amy I noticed krisily watched the first five minutes of the webinar and he left can you just check in with him to make sure everything's okay with him and his family I want to make sure everything's okay and nothing wrong happening and then the email goes to criticism attic it looks like Amy forwarded to christen the emails like hey Chris Neil wanted me to followup with you make sure everything's okay you can see his note below that's like a really good way to boost conversions right so it's all segmented out like that okay so there's one one part of your presentation I actually kind of wanted to challenge you a little bit on sure if you don't mind so you say you have to be an expert now you are clearly an expert on marketing no question whatsoever but if everyone here has to become an expert in the thing that they they're gonna sell product on before they sell products that's going to take a while I mean I'm an expert in a couple of things and it took me about a decade each time so how expert is experts are you talking here you just talking what are you talking well you need to know well enough where you can teach other people and they can get value for or if you can't go higher or partner up with someone who could be the expert or the face of it I have someone who sells yoga courses and health courses in Brazil like they teach you if you're pregnant how to have a better spine it's just an info product right or how to be a healthy pregnant person or how to have less back pain in life and you know how Merced doing in Brazil think about Brazil's in one of the worst recessions out there right now they're generating I kid you not around four to five hundred thousand dollars not realize a month in profit from Facebook ads oh it's not competitive in Brazil no one's buying traffic for it and you know what the guys know about help nothing they just found someone who's into yoga and back pain and they partnered with them and they made him crate webinars and they recorded and scripted it and they're like haha it sells and we're just killing it because their ad costs to generate that revenue was a bit more than what's the conversion it's three point something to one so like 20 to 25 thousand dollars USD a month to generate that income so so if you're doing that would it be basically case of find your niche then find your expert yeah but you want to make sure that whatever expert you find they can give really good value because the last thing you want to do is sell someone if you're gonna be proud of it why sell it that makes sense okay so I think we're going to open up at this point to questions from the audience we have a couple of mics down the front here if you have any questions uh-huh we already have someone you've figured it out come to the phone hello yeah so I'm actually asked I'll have six three questions if you don't mind go for it first of all was really really good I really enjoyed it a lot of like mind opening things you said so first of all you talked about the three point six per 100 registrations is that including the follow-up and retargeting or is that only from the first initial registration well if one I mean by three point six is when someone comes to your website and they register for the webinar I don't remarket them after they're just registered and then I keep selling them through email okay or text message yes so basically the three point six cells per 100 registrations is unlike the hundreds registrations the three point six is that including like because you say you follow up if they don't buy and you're half the sales will come from the webinar one point eight and then the other one point eight come from email policy okay cool yeah that's why I don't know do you target code traffic with your Facebook ads or yes mostly and I make at least double my money okay awesome and what's the percentage of the cells actually come from facebook from your Facebook advertising you can scale it up to a few hundred thousand dollars a month pretty easily it's not that hard it gets tricky on Facebook if you want a scale to like a million dollars a month in profit you have to be targeting something that's really broad okay and last question because I noticed that it's really easy to give a high ticket price to anything that's in the make money online niche so my question is do you recommend 997 ticket price like what you said here to a niche that's not related to the make money online niche yeah you can try a 997 price most people I know are selling over 997 and even like the spine health stuff it's in their currency but in their currency they are products that go max of a thousand dollars their lowest end product is five hundred dollars in their niche just sound like health and spine health I think okay awesome thanks there's no float of people with spines it turns out that's right okay next question please hello Haney we're into WordPress themes and plugins and you know I wanted to know like mostly the products sell for about to you know 50 to $900 how do we go more close to the micro get louder so you know the products that we sell in industry entire industry WordPress it's like fifty to hundred dollars not more than that and how do we go about you know raising the price point to be almost 10x like you say it so you're selling WordPress related products that helps people right yeah you can charge more money if you can actually provide more people benefit so for example you may have a plugin that helps with traffic generation right you may have a plug-in with custom designs you may have a plugin that helps you monetize woman's if you bundle it all together and you had one plugin that was a master plugin to helped you collect emails generate sales optimize it for SEO has pretty design templates landing page templates etc all in one box and you know you can tell people hey you can go and try to do this all on your own for less but you know what how do you know that that plugin is actually gonna help you how do you know that that designs actually gonna convert how do you know that you're gonna generate traffic we've tested all this look at the case settings look at the testimonials yes we charge you more but our shits prove it and because of that you're gonna pay more money okay you want to go waste time and try to figure it on your own go to the wordpress plug in the store go try downloading and come back to me in two months and tell me how successful you are i think thanks that that helps and another question i have is like you know how do we go about you know generate massive traffic for WordPress specific niche because you know most other affiliate networks etc are on mainstream and the word place is very niche so that is where we are having trouble you know getting more traffic okay so you give teams away for free yeah do you put links in the footer come on again do you put links in the footer and of the theme yeah yeah so step one is remove that link and link to me instead but if you want to do an a/b test on that you can do that you can let me know if it got you more traffic or less okay so the first step is nofollow all those links because those links are gonna hurt you from a search engine point and I won't cause you to rank well Google hates when people do that the second thing I would actually do is partner up with some amazing designers okay and then give away amazing templates because most people give away templates for free like how much money do you put in your templates like we do fifty thousand two hundred thousand you know how much did you pay for a template to make like for a template it causes two thousand to three thousand dollars per he go spend ten thousand dollars and go pay some amazing designers and I bet you are gonna get like 10 20 times the downloads okay seriously that's the biggest problem so I had a friend created metal lab designs have you heard of them they did I'm going themes he made a killing from tumblr do you know what his trick was he just designed better themes than everyone else I've seen the WordPress stats and tumblr stats because they know a lot of people that work at these companies the that does the best isn't people who are marketers it's like let's just create beautiful themes because we don't want our name to be Hank and it works better because most people are like let me create themes so I can make money put the user first you guys are based in what country India okay your costs are low right so you're you're profiting a lot of money now yep yeah some of that money back into the business don't put it in your pillows I know in India they keep all the money in the pillow they don't like paying the tax they look at all the brown people laughing you guys put the money in the pillows you would know that if you're truly a Patel Rob okay so uh yep put it back in the business seriously don't just try to keep it all for yourself right hope see ya like put it back in I know our parents always taught like don't spend your money my mom always teaches me that today like still to this day she's like Neal it's easier to save money than make money I don't know what went wrong with you you always eat out like cook your own food I hate like my mom still haggles me to this day but nonetheless invest more put it into really pretty themes and then pay bloggers to talk about the themes and email it out to their list right and you'll start noticing that you'll get a ton of downloads really fast and you'll start shooting really high up on all the apps like the plug-in like the WordPress directories etc cuz they'll notice that you're spiking thank you thanks Aaron you're welcome that's alright okay I actually have a slight follow ups about well on subjects of spending money to make money you mentioned that video in particular is very high value as a filmmaker I know that there is literally no limits to the amount of money you can spend on your video so what kind of video contents do you find works does it have to be super professionally produced you have to have fancy titles and edgy and you could make money even arbitrage in a product sixty bucks or 70 bucks have any of you guys seen Tai Lopez here in my garage the guy's first and low-end product is $66 he makes millions and millions of dollars selling a 67 or $66 Park whatever it is sixty something dollars and he just created a low five video of like here in my garage is my Lamborghini but you know it's more impressive than this Lamborghini this shelf e'er filled of books and knowledge you have you guys seen the scoop video of that it's amazing it's like here in my garage you find my Toyota Corolla and the Florida heat I had to roll down my windows because I don't have AC but you know it's more amazing than my Toyota Corolla this show shelf full of and he gets into it and then he goes into his fridge and then he talks about you know what's even more amazing than this realization of knowledge is this 12-pack 12-pack of beer and you know what I get from this 12-pack of beer my beer belly right here it goes into what is hilarious you guys should check it out but yeah you can so money on anything right like or you can sell anything it doesn't matter what price create a lo-fi video I was gonna create a YouTube video and just burn a hundred grand a month for pure branding because I make most of my money from the fortune 1000 and my buddy gave me an idea he's like you buy a Ferrari I'm homeless and I don't have a car and he's like you should buy a Ferrari and just be like here in the street and then just demolish the Ferrari and jump on it it couldn't be funny and then he's like it'll probably go viral on YouTube ah I don't want to spend the money on the front I guess you could do most oil Socrative instead yeah that I should be funny so with video can you actually just get away with like phone video oh yes and in most cases it converts better than a professional quality video because it's more realistic and people can relate to and they emotionally connect so keep the lights to keep the lighting rigs and Alexa Alexa cameras at home okay and Troy yeah we have any more questions for the audience yep please come up to Mike can you talk a bit about creating enough value in a product to justify thousand dollar price say like in a fitness niche sure okay so in the fitness niche what is everyone looking to do either get more ripped or lose weight would you agree with that right okay and what's the problem in the fitness niche what's the biggest problem with losing weight or getting ripped what do you mean what's the biggest problem if you want to get ripped or lose weight what's the biggest problem follow through yes and it also takes a lot of time yeah right have you seen Beachbody p90x and what's the other one like they have this 15 minute one that works out in your hotel yeah I've seen those they don't charge that much yes but they make all their money on the back end so when you're in small niches and you want quantity and you you have other products the reason I say charge of 997 is because most people don't have more products if you have many parks so you can create it you can create a low-end product in the fitness niche for a hundred two hundred bucks like a video series or a training course that teaches people how to get more ripped or jacked yeah they're not going to have as much results compared to if they went to the gym for a year but if they did in their home and use body weight or whatever it may be and they were healthy about it I bet you they can get results they can have results quickly they're not gonna look like Brad Pitt or drew Canole who speaks later on today the guy's ripped right but he takes a lot of time and energy and he's good at it and he's passionate right but not everyone's gonna look like that Jack cuz they're not like me there's no way I'm gonna go and like get ripped and if I did I'd probably lose money because I walk into corporation and they would be like you can't be a nerd you're too jacked right it's funny that's actually the stereotype out of buddy Tim Sykes he sells digital products and he's like I don't want to work with AJ anymore he's too buff and I'm like doesn't mean he's dumb but you know there's just a stereotype but the point I'm trying to make is you can go and create an info product like this educational like a mic chain right sell that and then have a lot of upsells and outsells the best plan the best idea to start low that's correct because in your space you can cast a really wide net in my space I can't cast a wide net when you can cast a wide net and go after tons of people charge low and then have multiple products that go up to like a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars in the fitness dish people will spend thousands of dollars on give an example of what kind of product we'd be worth like 3,000 or thousand dollars sure I would first start with a low-end product maybe a video series that teaches how to people how to workout at home like busy parents when you have kids and how to make it entertain to keep your kids busy at the same time or like work out with your kids or your family then from there I would some other products you can do up cells and down cells into like protein powder supplements whatever it may be then from there I would get into weekly coaching it could be all automated on Facebook and you can give people a login system where like they track their weight their meals and you do meal plans for people and you can charge let's say a hundred dollars a month for that and then from there I would start having products that cost a thousand to two thousand dollars where you have your own personal trainer or personal coach with you and you do Skype sessions and you can find people like who are trainers on Craigslist and you can pay in per hour that they work with these people and you can just arbitrage it you can easily charge a thousand to two thousand dollars for that I know the muscle 4life guys they're starting to charge people a few thousand bucks for training sessions over Skype and I was working really well with them the biggest problem that they had is they couldn't scale it up fast enough and find enough trainers that they really believed in would you do that marketing mostly through email first I would get them through Facebook or YouTube then collect an email and then either send them to a webinar or instead of collecting an email have them register for the webinar which is like an email signup right same thing go ahead and watch the webinar solo morning yeah all through emails and on checkout so you'll notice that if you're selling a low end product you can double the triple your revenue on checkout if you offer three upsells flash down sells thank you very much you often I was fantastic I might make my product now okay unfortunately we have run out of time so I just like to thank you very much for that fantastic thank you everyone for having me so if you like this video like comment share I do appreciate it and if I can ever do anything to help you genuinely even if it's you know giving you some advice I don't care for the money just leave a comment below and I will do my best to try to help you out and answer all your questions thank you for watching

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