wouldn’t it be great to curate your facebook
video content in a way that keeps your audience   on your facebook page longer watching every
single video you’ve created a facebook video   playlist lets you create a netflix style video
content that skyrockets your video views and   keeps your audience engaged i’m sure by now you’ve
heard all the juicy news about video marketing and   why your business needs to be on that bandwagon
like yesterday but just because you have some   spanking awesome videos on your facebook page
doesn’t mean your audience will actually watch   them consumers are lazy we want the work done
for us we don’t want to jump through hoops   to find what we’re looking for or not looking for
because we don’t know it’s a problem for us yet   even if we do find all of your facebook videos we
haven’t a clue as to what order to watch them in   if there’s really any order to watch them at all
that’s why a facebook video playlist is absolutely   essential when it comes to your video marketing
strategy if you’re new around these parts   welcome my name is sarah i’m a facebook strategist
and on this channel i teach creative entrepreneurs   and online business owners how to up level their
business using facebook and chatbot marketing so   if those are two things you just need a little
extra help with no judging here definitely hit   that subscribe button because i am here for you
every single week facebook video playlist lets you   create netflix style video content that skyrockets
your video views and keeps your audience engaged   you can group your video content based on themes
or topics keeping your audience on your facebook   page longer when one video within the playlist
ends it moves on to the next and the next and the   next absorbing your juicy content learning
more about your specific topic and in turn   skyrocketing your video views you’re building the
know like and trust factor through facebook video   playlists because you’re giving your audience
more of what they want and without doing any work   now what do i mean by that if you never set up a
facebook video playlist your audience won’t have   anything to watch after a video is complete
there’s nothing listed under up next nothing   to learn or engage with what do you think
they’ll do now i’ll tell you what they’ll do   now they’re gonna leave your facebook page bye
create a facebook video playlist to keep them   and give them more of what they want now you
may be wondering why you should really create   a facebook video playlist and i totally get it why
spend your time on something if it won’t pay off   fortunately playlists will pay off and are well
worth your time to create them it keeps your   audience on your facebook page longer because
they’re on your facebook page longer facebook   then takes notice your facebook video views
skyrocket telling facebook your content is   fantastical and should be shown to more of your
perfect people it boosts your reach because the   more people watch the video the more news feeds it
shows up in your page’s engagement will increase   too as more people view your video the more
likes comments and shares you’ll rack up this   is also a major plus if you want to monetize using
facebook granted it’ll take some time because you   need at least 10 000 facebook page followers
30 000 one minute views within a 60 day period   set yourself up for success from the very
beginning by creating a facebook video playlist   today build up your audience and video views now
so that when the monetization comes you’re all   set now that we’ve got the what and why out of the
way let’s create a facebook video playlist head on   over to your desktop and i’ll see you there head
to your facebook page and find the videos tab keep   in mind the location may vary depending on which
page template you’re using from your videos page   click on the three horizontal dots to the right
of visit creator studio a drop down will appear   select create playlist a new tab will open which
takes you to creator studio here you select the   facebook page you want to create a playlist to
the title and description of your playlist along   with a cover image which is optional if you choose
to not add a cover image facebook will by default   pull the thumbnail of the first video within that
playlist i found the best size for this image is   1080 pixels by 420 pixels once you have your
content added click next you’ll now have the   option to add published videos to your playlist by
selecting add video from library in the center of   your screen once you’ve rounded up any applicable
videos for that particular playlist click add   videos in the bottom right corner these are now
all of the videos that play in sequential order   within this playlist what i really like about this
feature are the quick glance stats you can easily   make changes based on what your audience doesn’t
want because you can see where your views have   dropped off you now have the option of reordering
your videos this definitely comes in handy if   each video within that playlist builds on from
one another just click reorder in the top right   hand corner and drag them in the correct order
when you’re done click save once your playlist   has been saved you’ll have a full view of every
playlist you’ve built for that specific facebook   page here you can make any changes to the title
description image add remove videos reorder videos   create new playlists and more now that you’ve
created your very first facebook video playlist   i bet you’re dying to know what the heck this
thing looks like to your page visitors right well   it depends on your facebook page template if
you’re using the video template your playlist will   appear on the left side of your facebook page when
viewing on a desktop and within the videos tab on   mobile it’ll appear towards the top of your page
now it all depends on what tabs you have enabled   so shop for example if you’re not using the video
template your playlist will appear within the   videos tab and that’s it either way this is what
your playlist will look like within the videos tab   the title of your facebook video playlist is in
bold and the description is directly underneath it   has a very similar appearance to youtube playlists
which if i’m being honest does make sense facebook   wants to play with the big dogs if not become
the big dog in every category including video   marketing now remember that thumbnail we chatted
about just a bit ago this is where that puppy   comes into play pretty snazzy don’t you think this
is also the same layout when viewing a specific   facebook video playlist on mobile too now there
are a few things to keep in mind when building   your playlist published videos can be added to
multiple playlists new videos can be automatically   added to a playlist on an initial upload title
description image order of videos add remove   videos can be changed at any time no more than
500 videos can be added to an individual playlist   tell me do you already have an awesome-sauce
playlist on your facebook page if not are you   supes excited to get started and bust through
your reach and engagement goals i’d love to know you

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