Hi! Taylor here! At financial potion where video is your financial potion. Today we're going to talk about how large of a space you need for your studio. To never miss out on a video, please make sure you're subscribed to our channel and click on the bell to get notified when a new video is uploaded. And of course, if you want one-to-one training opportunities, please click above and connect with us on our Patreon page. A lot of people will ask us if they need to have a large studio space dedicated to do videos on their own. First, it really comes down to what kind of videos are you looking to produce. If you're trying to do simple talking-head informational videos like this, you really don't need a lot of space. Typically, we're in our office. However, that's under construction. Exciting! And we are really just using a 4 by 10 space as our studio space. The key is you want to have enough space there to be good for a lighting setup and you want to have a nice strong background color.

Preferably your brand color, or if all you have are white walls, make sure it's a solid white without the texture. Something about the white wall with texture really makes the background look more amateur. Of course, depending on the weather and look you can go outside. Just make sure you're going to have quality audio. So you really don't need a lot of space in order to have a studio to do videos. If you have any other questions on this topic, please leave them in the comments below.

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