How to make video ads (the easy way)

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I'm going to explain how
to make a great video ad the easy way. In this video, I'm going to give you the seven secret ingredients
for a successful video ad and I'm also going to
break down the essentials that you need to consider
before you make your ad. Now, I'm gonna say the
secret ingredients for the ad but first, I'm gonna
give you the groundwork for making a great ad
and these are the things that you must consider before you start. The first basic consideration
is who is your audience? Try to figure out who your
perfect customer is first. Think about things like
age, gender, income, and their interests. This will help you target your ads to exactly the right people. Next up, you need to get really clear with yourself about what the
problem is that you're solving whether you're selling
a product or a service or if you're marketing
an event or a course, you need to be really clear about this. For example, if you make razors, the problem you're solving
isn't a hairy chin like mine.

What you're actually solving his bad skin caused by razor burn,
expensive shaving products, or feeling of not being handsome enough. The next big thing to give some thought to is where is the best place
to find your audience? This will have some impact on the ratio you choose for your video and the length you make it. These days, as a general rule of thumb, the most affordable place to reach your target audience is social media. In particular, Facebook and Instagram have the most sophisticated
targeting systems for paid ads.

If you go that route, you're
safest with a square video for News Feed placement. Youtube is also great for pre-roll ads. If you make those, then you
need good old 16×9 format. If you're selling B2B, when you wanna advertise on LinkedIn, this is best done in 16×9
as well just like YouTube. With regards to length, for Facebook, you'll what your paid ads to be short, like 30 seconds or less. For YouTube, it's the same thing. Maybe shoot for 20 seconds
as your gold standard. For LinkedIn, also shoot for 30 seconds. Now, that all these
essentials are out of the way, we can dive into the fun stuff, the secret ingredients for great ads.

We got seven of them. The first one is probably
the most important. This is a tried and trusted formula that has served marketers for decades and it's as simple as this. Empathize with your customers' problem and then show them how you can solve it, and in the process,
make their life better. Let's go back to the razor example. Let's say the problem
we're solving is bad skin caused by razor burn. Start your ad by asking if the viewer is sick of looking bad
because of razor burn. Then, explain how your
product will help them look and feel better by using your razor. You just explain how your
product improves their life. Who doesn't want a better life? Another approach is to
skip the empathy step and just take the view
straight to the emotional place that they want to be. This is a simple or could be as simple as showing a happy person and linking them to what you're selling. If you like this idea and you
wanna get started quickly, you could try this template
with dancing people who's infectiously happy.

Something else that all good ads have is that they focus on
benefits and not features. No one really cares about
all the amazing innovations in the thing you're selling. What people wanna know is how
will it benefit their lives and solve a specific
problem they're having. For example, your razors
are 100 times sharper just for the sake of it,
they're 100 times sharper to give you 100 times smoother shave without nicks or scratches or
grazes, that sort of thing.

business to business

Now, another important
thing to keep in mind is that great ads speak
to the target audience. Remember how I talked about
your perfect audience earlier? This is where that comes into play. Make sure your ads speaks to your niche. Now, you're not rolling
out a global campaign so you don't have to inspire
the world with your creativity but you do need to do this
directly address the problem and the emotion they're seeking.

You can do this best by
keeping your message direct, clear, and really factual. Avoid waffle and avoid abstract concepts. Now, for this sixth secret ingredient and that's the call to action
at the end of your video. Be very clear with your viewer about the action they need to take. Don't waste the engagement
your video has created. In the shaver example, call to action would be something like Shop Now or if you are selling a course, it might be Buy your tickets now.

Whatever it is, put it at the end. Now, for number seven, my
last tip for a great video. This tip is make it feel native. As I mentioned earlier, be
sure to use the right ratio for your ad placement and use content that feels right for the channel. Formal ads are less likely
to perform well on Facebook than they are on LinkedIn
and a square video would feel weird on YouTube
but it's perfect for Facebook. Make sure your ad feels right for the platform you're using it on. Now, you know all the theory behind making the perfect video ad. Now, if this feels like a
lot to process, don't worry. You can always grab a
template from Biteable. Just go to They're made by marketing professionals so you don't have to become one yourself. If you like this video and
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