How To Measure ROI of Your Content Marketing (NEVER Waste Time or Money Again)

you heard me say it time and time again you need a blog you need to do content marketing you need to make your blog so popular you rank everywhere in Google but you know what it takes time energy and money to do all of that blogging is it really worth it hey everyone I'm Neil Patel and today I'm gonna end up talking about how you can measure the ROI of your content marketing I found content marketing to be really profitable most people are not sure if it's working from or it's not so let me first break down how to track the ROI of your content marketing this will help you determine how much more money you should be spending on blogging if she was you having more people if you should be getting into video should be getting into podcasting and it's actually quite simple the first thing you need to do is setup Google Analytics you don't want to just set up Google Analytics where you're tracking all the visits but you want to set up goal tracking and Google Analytics once you see hey we're getting all these sales and leads you can actually look at where people are coming from if you're generating a hundred sales a month or a thousand whatever the number is but you find 50% of them first find your blog through content marketing or some sort of blog post that tells you that hey content marketing is working and you can put a number to it and then from there you can figure out if it's worth it now you should be doing more of it or less of it the second thing that you need to be looking at when it comes to the ROI of content marketing is how well your paid advertising is converting a lot of your paid advertising sales will come from remarketing you need to look at the first entry point of where people are first coming from because in many cases you're gonna remarket to them and you're gonna show them banner ads as they browse the web relate to your products relate to your services and you want to make sure you're putting some sort of attribution to content marketing so let's say you're getting 500 sales from remarketing you know 50% of your traffic is coming from the blog you know there's a good chance that a large portion of your remarketing sales are also coming from your blog so you want to actually some of those sales to your content marketing so make sure you're looking at your remarketing numbers how many sales is generating and what portion of those visitors are from the blog as well the third thing you want to end up tracking to figure out the ROI of your content marketing is brand mentions look at Twitter how many retweets are you getting look at Facebook how many mentions social shares are you getting look at LinkedIn are people talking about you at conferences within your industry there's a lot of value that goes into building a brand and if your brand is growing and you're seeing it then that shows that the content marketing is helping when you're trying to buy shoes you just don't go out there be like hmm let me see what shoes I want to buy you're probably gonna buy Nike shoes because that brand is so popular if you want a credit card you're probably gonna go with American Express Visa MasterCard again because those brands are super popular so you want to make sure that you're also tributing some of your content marketing expense to your brand value if you're not sure if your brand is going up or down you can go to slash trends type in your brand name like Nike and you can see the trend is that flat is it going up if you're doing a lot of content marketing and you see that your brand's going up because you're getting all these social mentions you know it's helping you and brands are priceless if you look at some of the biggest companies in the world they've built up huge brands you're not like oh I need to buy all these products let me Google from you're like no I'm gonna go to Amazon and buy these products because everyone knows Amazon is a place to go for our e-commerce needs they built a huge Brent and content marketing helps with that brand building the last tip I have for you is to collect emails from your blog posts see someone goes to your blog they read it they're there for the education the information if you're trying to get them to convert into a sale right away probably not gonna happen you need to build up that trust in order to build up that trust you have to collect emails so you can use tools like hello bar comm collect emails to content upgrades pop-ups sliders the possibilities are endless hollow bars free as well and through hello bar once you collect the emails you can start dripping people and engaging with them over time getting to know them building up that trust and then after a week or two you can sell them on your products or services by doing that what you'll find is you'll generate more sells and over time that'll give you a much better ROI from your content marketing because you'll also start getting more direct sales specifically from emails that you can attribute from your blog so that's it follow those tips if you do so not only will you know the ROI of your content marketing but you'll also generate more sales at the same time if you liked the video comment share like let other people know about it and of course subscribe to my youtube channel Facebook etc so thank you for watching really appreciate your time

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