How To: Responsive Web Design for Mobile and Tablet

In our indicate Will involve a lot of videos about the design process A question that witness often question is You are very strong in entanglement blueprint What about accept design? Of route we will do Dont forget that we are also half experts Like the one standing right next to me Designer Sang Chung He will show us The layout transition process and some of his decisions First, let’s have a look Let’s firstly look at the computer version page[ Title] OK, let’s look at this page We will start with the computer version If you havent watched the previous escapade, satisfy watch the previous incident first Go in from this link and examine the previous bout Then watch this escapade in order to be allowed to OK, this is the page we designed Let me help you recollect Great page introducing the fishing lodge Of course I ever have concerns about watching such a page How resolved with so many elements Then I found out that a page like Apple Its mobile phone change is almost redesigned So that both have the best consumer event Because if you trying to kill two fledglings with one stone You may be required to languish the visual aftermath Use normal typefaces The discontinue outcome is that there are many examples on the Internet such as A webpage with almost all elements centered Do you know which sheets are like this? A centered motif like this Please pull down It’s not centered now Lets take a look at the responsive blueprint and pull down a small browser window You can see the individual elements of these things I noticed when you … When the browser is reduced to the size of the mobile phone The painting becomes bigger Pull back to the original length, pay attention to the changes here The characterization is getting smaller, can you see it? The picture width mutates Pull up to the same picture The sizing vary is the same All parts are centered This is usually the effect of the mobile phone When you design this page Now give us back away to the computer page Still centered Not countless asymmetric components Decorators always like to become the most of the entire page We need a more design typography Close this page now This page you can see It is not a centered symmetrical blueprint Although some elements are centered But this kind of sheet modification is much more difficult Sang you are eligible to exit full screen Now is the homepage Shown here is when you click When the “picture” button now The page will jump to the page of the epitome library Oh so this is a series of operations and pages Click the “Picture” button and experience the picture gallery Then select an album Then jump to the details page Yes, then there is no other interaction now So here is a ended series of operations, ok Let’s take a look at other sheets Is this the fishing manual page? Ok In the upper piloting table The first piece Lodge is the home page This is the Fishing Guide sheet Then this alternative should be highlighted You can leave a send in the video of the previous chapter If you guys want to know how to make this kind of projection Make it gazed more three-dimensional Its very simple to do with PS, I can teach you I am not a competent tutorial blogger Can teach you For the detailed steps, you can Baidu yourself But if countless people want to see it, I will do it Audience is god Okay, so here we use a good deal of asymmetric aspects I am a little worried about the adaptation pattern You may notice the lily-white opening on both sides Because we try to kept the content in this grid in order to develop Oh, 960 Grid Let’s zoom in, approximately forgot to say this The rationalization for the utilization of this grid is because everyones screen immensity is different Screen pixels are also different If its a small screen, you wont understand videos or text So this grid is imperative 960 Grid Please rectify me if I am incorrect Is 960 pixels wide Divide into 10 horizontal rows 12 articles 12 vertical towers, separated by 5 pixels, right? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Anyway, its 960 pixels wide from left to right We “know its a” 12 -column grid You can use 4-column grid or 5-column grid, it doesnt topic Then issued and circulated evenly What is the significance of this? Sang This method your sheet will gaze neater The verse will not be put up casually It looks like the whole page is a whole So these elements are aligned with the top Let’s pull to the top See what they are compliant with I hope there is a figure that can be aligned above Nothing…Well … The mean of the grid is to avoid guessing and guessing An point fell off 963 or 423 pixels this is not right Should be 420 or 425 pixels Specially for the elements in the upper left corner The right side is not so strict Because the elements on the right can be free Some centered components, like this title The respite is not centered Our interpretation of the 960 grid is a bit confounding So you may have to Baidu yourself I will announce the link here( translator: no) Here is the link to the definition( translator: no …) My drawing board is … Width is 1920 px I think this width is enough But the programmers time “ve been told” that they want to be wider Because what if you continue to stretch the sheet Yes, if you continue to stretch the window more than 1920 px This is an iMac, I dont retain the first contemporary But it’s a 5K spectacle So the screen extent, HD is about 1/3 So the sheet is bigger You can zoom in or use high-resolution personas But numerous photos are screenshots of videos Which is the size of the HD video Although some are photos More high-resolution photos When the page becomes bigger, delight bring up the 960 grid One thing to explain is When you design this sheet Your artboard cannot be 960 px wide Because you have to consider for widescreen users The most important information can be placed in 960 pixels The next factor is the filler Do you are familiar with? Remember this Because when you reduce this page Things beyond 960 pixels may not be visible When this square aspect is available on the page The programmer can restraint the height of the picture and strain the picture But the problem with my original explanation is These visualizes are initially cut off Picture and camera now This whole part is cut off So the programmer said that if you expand the page, you cant see it So they need to have a complete picture This is the revised part of this volume You are a bit over progress We want to look at the programmers test page Although only part of it can be browsed Has this page been numbered hitherto? They are building this website So please wait a moment, we can see the website last-minute Now tells take a look at the design of your mobile phone What is the width of this volume? I commencing from 640 px on portable 640 px? Is this a standard code? Standard starts from 320 px Then there is a retina screen So the rules and regulations double-faced Because the pixel density has increased a good deal Double the previous You can use 320 px to design But all the pictures are misty So I commencing from 640 px Then the programmer asked if it could be bigger Because now the phone screen is bigger Yes, Apples Plus serial So look at my drawing board, the blue navigate wire here is 620 px 640 px outside Then I extended some to facilitate programmers to implement So basically…Can you threw the computer side and the mobile side together? What were your thoughts when designing? This page glances simple Because most of the elements are centered Yes, the design of this page is simpler There is only one paint background And the background image is auxiliary Not the subject You lower the brightness to accentuate the white text Ok, keep coming down This is the mobile page It doesn’t have much seat in its diameter So you cant have as many elements as on personal computers And you have to include everything Actually you dont need to gave everything in First applied the most important text and buttons in You have to decide whether to set the other components to the left or right What to do with these zoomed videos Now you have set the elements in, right? These ingredients actually merely depict a reces Let witness know that this is an image and component I am modifying this designing now So I might frame those components below So “youre seeing” more details Now you can only witness a angle Yes, I envisioned too little Because the screen sizing is different So you are eligible to situated the entire persona element at the bottom This might work Here it examines better if the background is simpler Typesetting is too multitude now It doesnt realise much sense to only hear a reces of these components The remain of the page is very simple That neighbourhood is also difficult to handle just now The computer-side elements on this sheet are on the right So you removed this illustration This paint is not discernible on the mobile phone Why remove this one instead of that one? This one is desegregated in the background picture I think this picture mixes well with the background quality Can’t have both fish and bear paw The blueprint of the mobile phone is completely different Is it centered here? Maybe its the tilt, I think its a bit to the right Even if it’s centered, what do you think it looks like now? Im talking about the subtitle “team building” Here I give you a small remember Since his drawing board is already arranged like this Don’t guess or rely on the grid, use the alignment tool to do the centering pattern Did you use alignment implements? I’ll school you Move this sheet over Where is your toolbar? Here it is! Click the align board button Here Select align artboard Here you have selected this option Then sound the center alignment Center aligned layout … Andrew, I’m glad you came today Will core all elements Andrew: All well and good … Be patient, the next one is you Andrew Wait a time I will ask in detail why I continue this envision Recognizable! Recognizable! Recognizable! Because if you applied the picture on the left in the background The witnes is difficult to see Because this paint is too complicated High differentiate, high-pitched dye saturation So its hard to see in the background You need a textured background image The best background epitome is actually pure white or gray-headed But that would be too single This situation ogles good But not suitable for background use The poise between perception and visibility is important So for you as a decorator What you need to decide is I have to find an interesting background image But it wont meet the verse undecided Understand? That’s why you have to do this I belief I exactly have an example here Let’s look at one more This is the recruitment sheet of the website The web page consumes this quality image as the background I tried to convert this sheet into mobile But the words on the phone are too small to read clearly So my decision is Simplify the page Because this recruitment sheet does not need to be tall It’s not like being tall But the recruitment page is a very basic and important page The textbook must be clear to the viewer And on the premise of immediate shop We hope everyone will apply after read it If we discount the recognition of the verse because of the picture Or the whole sheet is too long The content here is by no means medallion Content is the absolute protagonist To master the balance of decoration and important Do you understand what I represent by sizzle and steak? Steak refers to the content, the main figure sizzle is the appearance of the text, decorative So on simple and important pages, the content is the absolute main body So Sang decided to remove the extra components Because the recruitment content text is the main Nowadays, most of the web traffic depends on the mobile terminal Therefore, the design of the mobile phone must be taken seriously When will we start designing from the mobile page We have to think hard Make the mobile ordeal most perfect and ended Okay, this is a good example Is there anything to say before we move on to the next relation? You seem to want to say something This is the page when the user enters into the website Yes, its the user profile page We have a social page on personal computers The portable terminal has slightly changed The mobile terminal retains the core consumer event What alterations have you drew? Just say no, I have to compare the two I recollect you closed the sheet and reopened it So you applied the subscribers details as well Here this button moves down To optimize the entire page infinite I keep the photo because I think it looks pretty This is a photo from their walk So i continued this You can be found in meanings and photos when you open it on your telephone You removed the white paper background Simplify the background Use photos instantly as the main body of the page Below are walk the examinations and other things Travel planning…Look at personal computers “Travel Plan” has a bigger font sizing on the mobile phone The characterization on the phone should also be bigger No problem Readability is very important Its also important to consider fingertip running The layout here will naturally be extended downward Single wrinkle layout Now makes take a look at the final product given by the programmer You merely received an email from a programmer Let’s take a look at the website They built a temporary website So we are capable of view Now we drop down the sheet to see the sheet dynamics There is a parallax move result Continue to pull down The textbook here is a little dynamic But I repute the living is a bit too fast But luckily they stimulated it up so we can see I belief the dynamic effect should be smoother and fade out gradually It’s getting out too fast now Mouse sliding initiation living influence Continue to look down The programmer asked me Do you just wanted to embed this visualize in the background? You entail it becomes a replaceable picture? If it is a larger company They will have their own development team We don’t have an internal squad Otherwise we will ask programmers to come and talk with us be faced Maybe we will have such opportunities in the future But now in the process of cooperating with you They will consider whether you want to use replaceable word-paintings Instead of a tied illustrate But the subtext here is Every decision you determine will increase their workload I dont think we need to change this picture This website does not require us to update the pictures from time to time I envision the point is to build the website They have questions about this page I initially designed it with 1920 pixels wide So what happens if you strain more than 1920 pixels? Now our determine is white background Looks…a bit low-grade It’s kind of … I advocate why not just adapt to the width of the browser window? Center cut right? Keep the meridian unchanged, center trimmed This can be done here, but … The following long situation is a bit difficult to handle As you can see this is a long drawing All parts collage in everything When you try to widen the picture, the picture will become longer So the picture has a clear top and bottom frontier You can use the technique just now, but not here This is why the programmer asked me Can you complete the elements on this slide In this mode, the picture will not be cut off It is indeed a problem … This is my main task today This is a good learning opportunity I gate-crashed when I encountered this kind of problem Because I have a idea that these problems will arise The higher the specific characteristics, the more difficult it is to adapt This is also world prices Usually composite intends are not universal Now we are unable find the best way resolving the problem of horizontal unfold We can do this later Design a 960 -pixel grid and use 4K photos So there will be no problems with the diameter What we might be able to point out here is Wait a time, slide up some This illustrate has advantages, where are its sides? Here? We can add a transparent dividing line We can only unfold lumber composition background Then keep the picture element still? Do you think so too? Ok Look, I just guessed This is called agility I will use a large grove cereal background portrait Then leant the picture element on it Stretch in proportion, so you dont have to worry about trimming Because now we are using a whole picture But if you dont need a picture When you pull the browser, the wood cereal background will stretch accordingly Exclusively this can solve the problem Another stage is that in order to develop last-minute Use photos with natural bounds as the background This way the picture is likely to be strained freely But I dont like Fang Zhengzhengs web design The layout is too rigid Looks like a template Is a bit, then a little rigid Can these arrows be clicked? Now its really invigorated I think backstage they just wanted to … Add another page Yes , now there are three pages, but the same background Just need to change the background persona Here is a carousel impression Depending on how many carousel sheets “youve had” What we need to discuss is whether to use autoplay Can you pause the carousel, etc. Generally speaking, as a example terminal The website now fits the design enlist Sometimes the paradigm station that the programmer gives you is quite different The programmers occupation is to perfectly photocopy the design sketch This is very important for decorators But I also know that designing a static website is something Writing it in system is another story I am very flexible I want to show what the phone looks like Oh, so you want to decrease the browser window, right? Ok let’s take a look Where is the demarcation moment? Wait … Is this the ipad interface? Is this a tablet page? One of the obvious converts is The navigation disallow is displayed by a hide menu Okay, I like the tiny animations now Kind of like blinking impression Here is the page change point of the dividing line Yes, it’s here … Here you can see the problem with this picture So programmers need bigger paintings It looks like this is the biggest problem There is something wrong with the typeface here But you said that this website is not perfect So are you testing the wrong region now? Yes … How to do it Do you use Trello? We connected to programmers through an internal website Can you show me it? Is this the website they use? I usually communicate with them every day I think this kind of communication is very important Because decorators and programmers have different ideas Usually, they dont do what I suppose So discussion is imperative And they are experts in writing websites So let’s summarize You required to provide a platform that decorators and programmers use to communicate Here is a website inside their crew Usually we use Trello … card, a pulpit like basecamp We need to use a format that programmers are more familiar with We are rapidly adapt to new formats( application) Because the task of the programmer unit is relatively heavy-laden Cant make them adjust to our workflow Consider the cost of learning What we fancy is the transparency of the project We need to understand the dynamics of the undertaking And trail these dynamics simply and efficiently So we have the link to test the error The programmer is responsible for their own problems we expect Now let’s rapidly summarize If you want to collaborate with others Respect others and give others use their abilities Don’t prescribe your minds on them Ask them another way how they would solve this question Because they may know more than you Make the best use of Ask them questions Don’t pretend to know everything Hire smarter parties to work Okay, let’s go back to the design What we learned from todays adaptive layout is 960 pixel grid Although our rationale is bad But I believe in your ability to understand We also need to consider designings beyond the grid Especially now that the screen settlement is getting higher and higher We think its safer to use high-resolution portraits But 4K, even 5K visualizes will be better Pictures with clear bounds are easier to zoom in and out Stretch the picture while still maintaining the summit constant But for some draws without clear borders For example, this long picture here Or various collages You can’t see its border We can’t extend them So we have to find another way When you consider designing pages for mobile Readability and functionality is also important Are the first priority If not For example, if you pay more attention to visual gists You are not doing the liberty design User experience will deteriorate This is not good for you and Party A As a decorator You have to consider the uniqueness of the specific characteristics and symbol effect And the relationship between function and readability If you think about used know-how too much Your website will look too ordinary Otherwise, the user experience will deteriorate Find the balance, and the answer is not the only one What else? About mobile phone adaptation This is my approaching When you design the mobile terminal It examines good, but you are not sure how it will look on the phone I will export the page as a picture good doctrine Then open it on the phone Sometimes the typeface is too small because designers like small print Looks beautiful, but it’s too hard to read I prefer this font length after testing on my phone It’s easier to read this behavior Is there a standard font size? I will not use a width smaller than 12 Of trend What is the font size now? Should be bigger than 12 This is 30… But it should be half on the phone, so it is 15 length So its 150 dpi on your phone screen 72 dpi on the computer screen So the typeface sizing cannot be smaller than 12. 24 when designing on personal computers So sang gave us the tip Exam your design on your phone Before you design everything Research readability What application do you use to open it? dropbox? Dropbox or precisely photo Or Photo, Ill email myself … Okay simply use the simplest app Email the image is yourself and open it on your phone Open the attachment and have a look Zoom in to occupy the entire screen Swipe up and down to check for faults I like to examine my design in a real environment There must be a problem Each copy of the mobile terminal pattern has more or less troubles I think this is all for today Sang, you can end with a few names in Korean Speak to the camera Say “hello” or “goodbye” in Korean To the Korean audience, is that precisely a few cases messages? come on I don’t speak Korean Screw you … You lied, come on … Okay … I hope you like today’s content Although it’s a very confusing chapter Next meter the programmers commit us a paradigm station, we will talk see you last-minute[ Purpose recognition] I didn’t make trouble, how nice I am … I just asked him to say a few words in his native language … But your tone is weird … I want to show the variety of our culture Although we only have one Korean and one Chinese Well, members of the mission disappointed … Well, members of the mission neglected ….

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