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Translator: mahmoud hassan Validator: ali alshalali The human voice. It is the instrument we all play. He's the most powerful voice in the world, perhaps. It is the only voice that can start a war Or saying "I love you". Although many may experience it That when they talk, that people do not listen to them Why? How can we speak strongly So we change the world? I would suggest, there A number of habits that we must avoid I have collected you The Seven Speaking Mistakes, I am not claiming that this list is complete But I think these seven mistakes are just too big Habits we can all fall into First, gossip It is to speak negatively about someone in his absence A bad habit, and we all know it well The person gossiping after five minutes He will talk about us The second mistake is judging people We know some people who make this mistake It is very difficult to hear a person When you know that he is evaluating you And it finds desirable at the same time The third mistake is negative.

You can make this mistake My mother is in the last years of her life She became very negative and didn't listen to us Recall one day "It's October 1st." And she said, "I know, isn't that terrible?" (Laughter) It is difficult to listen when a person is passive Another form of negativity is complaining and resentment. Well this is a traditional UK art. Our favorite sport we almost complain about the air From sport, from politics, from almost everything Resentment is pervasive misery.

It does not spread the light in the surrounding environment. Excuses, we've all met this guy. Maybe we have all been this person. Some people blame it All they do is pass the blame on to those around them They are not held responsible for their actions. Again it is difficult to listen to this person Penultimate error, sixth of seventh. Decoration matters and exaggeration It degrades our language, in fact sometimes For example if you see something And it is really cool What do I call this thing? (Laughter) Thus, of course, the exaggeration will become a lie We don't want to listen To people we know are lying to us Finally stick to the point of view Confusion between facts and points of view And when the two things get mixed up, You are listening to air Someone bombards you with their opinions as if they were facts Difficult to hear this person So here we have the seven mistakes to speak of I think we should avoid it But there is a positive way to think about it Yes there is I would suggest four Very strong foundations or pillars And dependence on it if we want our unity Be strong and change the world with him Fortunately, these foundations are a word.

The word is "haile," and it has a unique definition as well. I am not talking about the things that come down from heaven And you fall on your head I'm talking about a definition And its definition of welcoming the other party with enthusiasm Which I think is how our words can be received If we stick to these four rules So what do you mean Let's see if you can expect.

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The letter "e" represents honesty, of course To be honest in what you say, to be clear and honest. The letter "a" represents originality, which is to act with your nature and humor. A friend of mine described authenticity as being To hold on to your truth, And I think it's a nice way to describe authenticity The "y" stands for integrity It says what you do And to be someone people can trust L stands for love And I don't mean by this romance But I mean to wish people well, for two reasons First of them, sometimes we don't want to We hear complete frankness I mean, my God, you look ugly this morning I don't think this was necessary In harmony with love, of course, honesty is a great thing. But also if you wish someone to be okay It is very difficult to judge him at the same time Actually, I don't think you can do both At the same time Hey! Also, now this is what you say, It's like the old song it's what it says It's also the way you say it You have a wonderful collection An amazing tool These tools are few people use I would like to reveal it With you now, just check out some tools Which you might want to use These tools will increase the power of your speech The sound field for example High pitches may not be helpful But there is a medium pitch I won't talk about the technical side Anyone can train You can select a suitable layer for your voice So if you speak up on the nose, you can hear the difference And I can speak from the throat Most of us speak from this class But if you want less sharpness You need the sound to come out from the chest Do you hear the difference? We vote for politicians who have low voice Because we associate this layer of sound with power And with power This is the sound field Then we have the melody It's how we feel the sound There is research that shows us that we like sounds The warm soft rich have a wonderful taste If not, this is not the end of the world Because you can train And you can get a voice coach And there are great things you can do With breathing, posture, and training To improve the melody of your voice And then we have the rhyme, and I love rhymes It's what turns speech into song We use it to convey meaning They are the original roots of communicating meaning People who talk steady It's hard to hear them If they do not have the art of improving the rhyme.

Hence the source of the word "monotonous", meaning monotonic Or the word "monotone," "terry." And also we have a repeat of the rhyme Like ending each sentence as if it is a question In fact, it is not a question but a statement (Laughter) And if you repeat this thing over and over It will limit your ability to Rhyme use while speaking I think it is a shame So let's try and break this habit Speed, I feel very excited When I say something very quickly I can slow down to confirm the meaning In the end, he definitely is our old friend Silence A little silence doesn't hurt In the conversation is not it? We do not need to fill our silence with muttering Silence can be very powerful And of course the tone of voice is often used with speed To indicate alertness, but you can only use the tone Where did I put my keys? Where did I put my keys? There is a difference between them In conveying the required meaning And finally the volume level I can be very emotional with the loud voice Sorry if it bothered any of you Or, I can get you attentive to what I'm saying Using the low volume There are some people who are broadcasting their voices Try not to do that This is called Foolish Radio Speak out to the people around you Irresponsible and poor behavior Certainly when you want to apply these tools When you have something important to do Like standing on a stage like this Presenting a talk to people Or maybe when you are getting married Or request a promotion, or a marriage letter Whatever your goal, these tools are very important You owe yourself to looking at this toolbox And the engine that will implement these tools No motor runs well without warming up Warm up your voice I'll show you how to do this Please stand up for a while I'll show you six exercises to warm up your voice That I do before every word Do her job before talking to anyone important First arms up, long inhale Then exhale, ahhhhh, like this.

one more time. Ahhhah, very good And now you're warming up the lips I'm going to make sounds like ba, ba, ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba, very well Now, please, Just like when I was a kid Brrrrr. Now the lips are ready And now with the tongue With padding say no, no, no, no, no, no. Beautiful, you have become very familiar with this And now with Ra. Rrrrrrr. Like champagne for the tongue Finally I will do this one time Experts call it a whistle It is very good and starts with "wee" to "or". The "Wei" is "high" and "" "" or "" no. " She says yeeyeo, yeeyo oooo. Excellent. Clap yourselves. Sit down, thank you (Applause). Next time you speak, do the above Now let me put the above in context This is a serious point now. We're here right now, right? We don't talk well For people who simply do not listen to us In an environment that is not suitable for talking because of the hype I talked about it on this stage In different stages What would the world be like If we talk powerfully To people who listen to us In an environment suitable for this Or to go for the better What would the world be like If we issue our voices efficiently And we listened efficiently We designed our surroundings for this purpose? That would be a world where the sounds looked beautiful A world where understanding and communication are between people It would be normal This will be an idea worth spreading thank you.

thank you. (clap).

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