How to Start Day Trading As a COMPLETE Beginner (Day Trading for Beginners 2021)

I'm boring to death watching Netflix episodes at home Can't you go out to work if you are not the pillar of the family At this time, when will the transaction within the school day wait? Novice entry day trading only requires four steps Recently in my Twitter and Instagram DMs comment section There are so many people Everyone is asking me how novices should get started with intraday trading So I made this short video for beginners’ day trading Which also contains If I can go back six years, give me advice on getting started Again, these are my personal opinions, not financial advice The only thing that sounds like suggestion is Give me a thumbs up to improve virus immunity Well, no matter whether the World Health Organization approves it or not let us start As a novice, the first thing to do Is to open a virtual trading account Virtual trading is to use the simulated funds in your account opened at the broker Practice like you really have these dollar bills I don’t know what these pink words mean But I think it’s too much like a real dollar bill The reason I recommend starting with virtual trading is Of course, you as a rookie I don’t understand K-line, no technical analysis Don’t look at market trends, news reports, etc.

Why use your hard-earned money Take the risk of losing your money and plunge into the firm Confused and lost everything? Don’t worry, practice first with virtual trading These are the brokers I recommend you to open a virtual account First of all this TD Thinkorswim Completely free, suitable for novice users in the United States Users in Canada Yes, Thinkorswim can be opened Dual accounts for real-time trading and virtual trading But need to deposit $5,000 Keep real-time data updated Thinkorswim also has a great feature called OnDemand Allows you to check the history Almost every stock can be used for price exercises This feature does not matter for novices Or experienced people are very useful Make good use of it The second virtual account practice I recommend is Interactive Brokers, available in the U.S.

And Canada To use Interactive Brokers, you have to purchase additional real-time data Can be used in virtual transactions I think Nasdaq, NYSE l, and level 2 total $20 to $25 per month should be enough Also not bad The third one I recommend for virtual account exercises is Webull It is a zero commission trading app I don't recommend Use a free brokerage account such as Robinhood or Webull Make a real transaction But I think the novice introductory virtual account practice It's good to use them Compared to Robinhood, I recommend using Webull Because its user interface is very compatible Can be used on mobile phones, personal computers and Mac computers You can use real-time data to perform completely free virtual trading exercises on these platforms On the Webull trading app There is a pre-trade market, After-hours trading options and even short buy options After registering with Webull, you can see the following recommended links There will be two free stocks The first is to open an account to reward stocks worth $250 The other one is after depositing $100 Reward stocks with a value ranging from $12 to $1,400 This is all for you to get started for free Money for virtual transactions using real-time data I also recorded a video using Webull.

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If you are interested, you can check it out. Real-time data virtual transaction Can be used in Canada and the U.S. But currently only US users Can open a capital account on Webull for real trading Canadian users can still use real-time data for virtual transactions Sorry, friends from Canada Now the virtual trading account is set up Finally start formal learning At this time, many people will ask you to buy a $5,000 DVD Or a monthly SMS reminder plan of $300 We'll talk about this later I have an unpopular opinion It’s my personal opinion, not financial advice Before buying anything I will first use the free resources on the Internet to learn There are so many resources on YoutTube I have been making small videos on it myself for over a year I will talk about intraday trading strategies Various methods of stock selection How to counterattack its shameless stocks There is also a week of stock trading review and so on The main purpose of starting with virtual accounts and free resources Both economically and spiritually Start stocks for you to really enter And prepare for future battles Most people got in at one end I don’t know if I will succeed in the future Hardship and sweat 90% of people believe I bought Kool-Aid stock and everything is fine Only need a month to spend $300 to subscribe to SMS reminders No matter where you are, you only need to trade for one hour a day Can lie down and count money Now I use my six years of personal experience to tell you Reality is not so good Stock trading is not a simple matter Control risks, maintain self-discipline, and concentrate This is a protracted battle that must be fought every day As I mentioned before in this short video Even if you are trading stocks outside of work Your amateur pursuit Also need you to pay 100% If you watched some YouTube videos, you said, "It’s so terrible You mean I can't open the market for 10 minutes and then flip it up? Want me to get up a few hours early and I'm going to age 10 years in six months like Humbled Trader? Forget it, I'm not suitable for stocks I’m going 9 to 6 now, it’s fine", it’s okay It doesn't matter, i understand So far, you have only done the first step of virtual trading The second step is to use free internet resources It is equivalent to buying yourself a free post-ticket Simulated intraday trading in the past few months Completely risk-free I'll say it again Those beautifully packaged DVDs and courses that teach you stock trading As long as the goods are genuine It’s not weaving people’s Lamborghini dreams, there is nothing wrong with it I just recommend complete stocks novices Start learning by using free resources Spend the investment at the right time Next step, third After opening a virtual trading account Start learning strategies and do some preparatory work The next step is to click the "Wish" button to let the sky rain Lamborghini I heard that toilet paper is more expensive now, give me more time Let me appreciate this independent and exquisite packaging 36-volume double-layer "Goddess" She gives you perfect care during your simulating stock trading period Okay, oh, this thing is really heavy If you have a Lamborghini, you definitely want to exchange it This perfect roll of toilet paper in my hand, call me quickly The third step is to record your stock trading process That means spending 5 to 10 minutes after the market closes every day Write down your buying and selling and all other operations Only track your transaction records, view and compare your performance in a list To become a real stock marketer Know if you are good at doing long-term or short-term Good at making large or small amounts Is to look at the index to buy and sell Still follow the market Only operate at the inflection point? Only answer these important questions You can become a real stock marketer Remember, yes, we watch everybody on social media with a bunch of Barabara Buy parabola or lows What is suitable for others may not be suitable for yourself So you have to record and track it yourself So that you can find your focus Once you find a point or two that you are good at Just concentrate on these two points, leave everything else aside You can register my email list below Get free sample records I can still receive it every week Free weekly stocks to watch Just use the second and third steps to select stocks from there to practice hands This is the registered link Simulation exercises from a few weeks to a few months After learning and recording follow-up of free online resources You will have a clear understanding Understand day trading Is it your dish? Do you want to follow up? For 90% of people At this time you will know that this is a big project It takes a long time and wants to give up This is normal As we said before, this is not suitable for everyone But up to this point, it’s all risk-free In the remaining 10% People who want to continue seriously It’s time to join a paid stocks community Learn from them and trade with them No, I didn’t mean that Remind you to buy and sell services That's not in line with our original intention of self-taught stock trading, right? I know I said that learning is free Said in a blink of an eye Join paid community learning Somewhat contradictory, but please listen to me carefully Take advantage of excellent short videos on YouTube Is a beginner And a good way to test the waters before large investments During trading hours No practical experience and stock price analysis There is only so much you can do on your own In the community with other stock traders who have seen the same thing as other heroes Is the key to unlock the world outside of memory mode Personally, it’s only me who invests based on my own "market intuition" And there are a group of stock traders who can trade and learn Just let me really learn Some furnishings of intraday trading in the stock market Such as analyzing news headlines How benefits affect different sectors How the macro economy affects short-term stock price changes And all other important details Such as price movements and capital flows Balance between small and large All this knowledge If you want me to learn by myself Take advantage of free resources I'm afraid it will take more than a few years to study In retrospect, I was right in the market I don’t regret at all for the tuition Because it speeds up my learning curve Yes, I understand that the image of stock market education services is not good It is always drawing Lamborghini flatbread Make people fantasize Those dreams with a million-dollar market budget each year Many stock traders send me messages and emails Carrying out this kind of lifestyle-changing marketing, selling this kind of dream Really sad I believed this many years ago But now everything i learned So I can see through a lot of things I want to say that dreams that are too beautiful are probably not true The reality is that stock trading is not a simple and easy task overnight.

If you want to spend time and energy to study hard I can learn it gradually Hope this video can help you Especially those newbies People who are just starting out Hey, thanks everyone for watching my video Hope you guys like my video and my botched joke More intraday trading content Please also subscribe and follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts If you want to trade stocks with me every day Get my weekly stock highlights and stock notes Just click on the link below for more resources Low-carbon life, healthy and active, see you next time

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