How To Write A Promotional Video Script (For Your Business)

– Are you wanting to write a
video script for your business, but you don't know where to start? In this video, I'm gonna walk
you through the framework that I use with all of my clients to ensure that their videos get results. (whooshing) Hey guys, I'm Amanda
Horvath, and I'm all about helping business owners
leverage the power of video without breaking the bank
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(whooshing) Over the past four years
of being in business, I've tested hundreds of
different script variations and figured out what works.

And by "what works," I mean
actually getting results, getting your customers to engage with you, whether that just means
getting them to click Buy Now or join your community via an
email list or a Facebook page. In this video, I'm really
gonna be focusing on the brand video, because I think
that's the number-one video that people should create
for their business. It's the video that's gonna take someone from knowing nothing about your business to knowing who you are
and how to buy from you.

So let's jump right in.
(whooshing) Part 1, open with the problem. Your customer is on your
website for a reason. Why are they there?
(whooshing) They're likely dealing with a
problem that they're facing, and they're Googling to
find a solution for it. So you wanna open up your video with actually talking about that problem and build that gap of what they're feeling and struggling with to where
they actually want to be. (whooshing) Part 2 is to frame your product or service as the solution to their problem. Now that they know that
they're in the right place (whooshing)
and you know their problem, they're ready to hear
what you have to offer. But be sure to share it
from their perspective. They're not worried about the backend or the logistics of
what you have to offer. They really care about the outcome of what they will get by working with you. (whooshing) Part 3, outline three to five key points. What do they need to know
in order to buy from you? (whooshing) You wanna keep these super simple.

Think about bullet points almost. Maybe even think about
hesitations that they're facing, and address those with key
points for your business. For my business, my key points might be to focus on promos and brand videos, we do documentary style, we charge hourly, and we help shape the story for you, so that you don't have to
come to us already prepared. So it's super simple. You can hit these really fast. (whooshing)
Part 4 is social proof. At this stage, your customers
are probably wondering, is this too good to be true?
(whooshing) So you wanna get
customers, past customers, on camera, actually vouching for you. What do they enjoy about your services? What is the outcome that they have gotten? Be sure to capture that so that people can really believe that
others have come before them, they're not the first to do this. Now, if you don't have
past customers, no worries. There's other ways to go
about getting social proof. This might be as easy as
actually having B-roll, which is the footage that
goes over an interview, verifying that your product
or service is legit.

amanda horvath

So if it's a product, maybe you get people interacting with that product. Maybe you get your friends to kind of step in and use the product, and show how it actually works on camera. And if you're a service,
maybe you can stage you working with a customer, and that customer could be a friend. And you just need to make sure that you're not stretching the truth. So long as you can deliver on the promise, you're good to go.
(whooshing) And finally, Part 5 is call to action. (whooshing)
So you wanna make sure that there is one action that you are leading your customers to take
after watching your video. So what is the first step that they need to take in
order to engage with you? For some people, this might be to buy now. Other people, this might
be a "schedule a call" or "join the Facebook community." So whatever it is, keep
it simple and clear, and end with a call to action. (whooshing)
So that's it. All five parts should take about a minute and a half to two minutes.

So you don't want to ramble
on and on about each section. You want to be clear and hit these points. But take some time to brainstorm and make it lengthy at
first, and then cut it down and hit each part with just a
few concrete, clear sentences. Okay, now I need your help. What issues or hiccups are you facing when actually going about
creating video content? I'm consistently wanting to make content that's really valuable to you, so go ahead and comment below with any
questions that you might have, and I just might make a
video about it in the future. Ad if you like this video,
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I'll see you in the next video..

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