How Will Customers Find You— Build Awareness by Informing or Inspiring

what's the goal doing sales and marketing it's to get more clients we said you know if you have a good portfolio the dream is the portfolio gets you all the work all the clients that you want to have that last year lifetime right no and the assumption too is that because you have a good portfolio you should have profitable work and that also is a fantasy so in order to make profit we got to go backwards how do you get profitable work well you have to be able to get work and you have to produce it and how do you produce work you have to learn how to close a sale and to be able to close the sale you have to write a proposal in order to write a proposal somebody's going to ask you for one so there goes to RFP and then to get the RFP you have to have a meeting or a call and then we keep tracing it all the way back all the way back and there's that first contact so I have to take a minute to go into the whole conversion funnel with you guys and those of you guys that are in the marketing space are familiar with this those of you guys are in the creative space probably don't even know what I'm talking about conversion funnel purchase funnel the user journey the user funnel it's all the same and it does look like a funnel look something like that you can find version of this this is a version that I was able to synthesize from a couple different things we're going to design a conversion funnel for an optimized path so we have to say 'ok somebody has a need somebody needs something that you're doing right now whether they need a widget service anything and how will customers find you top of the funnel is awareness how will they find you think in your mind right now how's my customer going to find me right now those are you guys doesn't creative services how would he find you most people rely on word-of-mouth where the mouth is very powerful it's really good it's a testimonial from a trusted source that's usually a really good thing except for one thing most people do not spend their waking moments thinking about your welfare so they're not sitting there thinking I gotta call Jimmy and just tell the whole world about Jimmy that really happens it does happen sometimes when you're really really good and you have a great relationship word of mouth is easy requires no effort from you and also then it's not very predictable as to when that word of mounting is going to work out for you so we really want to talk about how will customers find you and when they find you why will they return okay because we know that people don't by just looking at you once and saying that's it I'm done you don't do that in your real life other people won't do the same thing they're going to compare they need to validate you so that little dashed line there that's where the magic happens because when they cross over they become a customer they buy they sign up they do something that's why we call it the conversion funnel or converting from passively looking at something to taking action and then you get into delight like did you do what you say you're going to do if you did that you will delight the customer and if you meet and then exceed their expectations there's a good chance that they will share that's the word of mouth thing I see this happen all the time we're out eating and you're having a good meal what do people do to take pictures of the food they talk about it they share so there's the reach then there's an engagement and then there's this barrier resistance the thing that holds them back you know that doubt like when you go to buy a car address like do I really need this is it in my budget does it make me look fat and your job there is to assure them you do need this you can't afford it and you look amazing so if you want more leads we have to focus on top of the funnel so this is where all the magics going to happen this is where we'll spend all our time so we do understand that a purchase is not made as like a single operation it's a series called micro conversions little bits and what we're doing is we're escalating the level of commitment each time signing up for email list signing a petition a campaign anything where do you customers gather news and information from where are they going do you guys know how will they find you find out where your people are most active and be able to tell your story in a way that's repeatable online somewhere and to do something then pow where's the customers the people that hire you to share that story do you have a platform to do that I'm going to rally on this a little bit it's a problem of mine that people just use social media like it was advertising and this is why it's like it's not advertising it's not your license of spam so there's a couple things that you do if you're doing social media for your client or for yourself that is super spamming okay in real life how do we feel about people who talk about themselves all the time but this is what you do I'm great I'm great aren't I great didn't you see the last post that I said I was great and this was all your doing so it's all about me me me me here's a brave rule to live by provide value do it freely do it openly and give it away do the best you can it's like this boomerang what you put out you get back you put out spam you keep marketing to people you keep trying to sell them stuff would you get back nothing I hope your spam box filled up is what I think okay that's how the whole karma thing goes okay give stuff away what you want to do is you want to inform or inspire you have a lot of things to offer knowledge wisdom experience techniques process something you know if you stare and crawl into your brain and if you can just walk away from this session today take a moment to appreciate all the things that you're good at and try and find something that you can share with somebody else create content that attracts your client so this is an alignment between you and what your clients want what they need some problems and challenges that are current having because somebody out there most definitely needs it from you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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