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hello everyone this is howard at howard from georgia.com back with you today for a product review on hydravid 2.0 hydravid 2.0 is video marketing software and this is created by Walt Bayless if you've ever taken the time to produce a video and then upload it to youtube and in seed the pretty much immediate ranking and in resulting traffic then you can appreciate what a piece of software like hydravid can do for you because in just about the same amount of time that it took for you to upload your one video to one location whether there it was YouTube or elsewhere hydravid 2.0 can take that video make it unique put it in any number of different platforms upload it to any number of different platforms and you have different versions of your video out there in just about the same amount of time within a few seconds how much time could that save you if you want the power of the backlinks and the additional exposure and the extra traffic and ultimately you're looking for extra sales then a piece of software like this really could do wonders I've got the sales page pulled up and I'd like to just walk you over there and go through the sales page and then later today I'm going to make a video review on actual inside the member area and this end inside the software and show you them and give you a demonstration of using the software so in a minute 20 seconds and walk shows this in the video if you click through my links when when they're active you'll see the the video showing you how he goes goes through the process of loading one video up to youtube and timing it and then taking the same video and loading it up through hydravid to quite a few different platforms and you can see this is introductory pricing 2495 this this will only be available at this price for about five days and then the price goes up to I believe it's right at twenty dollars a month so you can save quite a bit of money by getting in early during this five day launch so what are the benefits of hydrogen well you save time and effort you multiply your traffic and video marketing is faster and easier so the results you can expect our top rankings and the traffic it brings free traffic with shareability and then top conversions and profits and you can read I have a preview of this actual sales letter posted on my website so you can visit that site howard from georgia.com check out the sales letter the link to purchase is not active yet and it won't be until about nine a.m.

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Eastern time on wednesday january 28 so if you're looking for what won't received was unrivaled amounts of traffic and profits so you can post it to all different platforms multiple accounts on each platform it has an integrated spinner so it can create multiple versions of video with no extra effort on your part there'll be no duplicate uploads it it inserts a slide at the end of your video and it adjusts the length of that slide and the different versions it creates so the search engines see that is a different ranking or a different length of time for your video and this automatically creates social backlinks what's your important for for those sought after rankings Walt has a lot of material in the sales letter there's another video they'll be adding more sites too to what it's able to post to and there is a one-time offer it's hydravid syndicate and this is a social syndication system that sends your videos to unlimited social media and web two point O properties and they guarantee to post to a hundred websites every month and that that 100 is a minimum Walt says that they're going to increase that but you can rest assured that every month with this OTO you can get your videos uploaded to a hundred websites minimum so the syndicate works on unlimited accounts on all of those sites so you can upload to just one of them you can upload to a number or whatever you want to do and it does support proxy use so just think how you could how you could use that yes the OTO normally is 1995 per month I'm sorry the hydravid will revert to its price of 1995 per month which is right at two hundred forty dollars a year but you can get it at just what is that ten percent of that cost by purchasing when the gates open up Wednesday morning so questions it works on mac and pc i have downloaded the software to to provide a review i have not had a chance to upload the videos yet that will come next so join me back at howard from georgia.com perhaps later tonight on tuesday but certainly wednesday morning where you can see the follow up video to this Hydra via 20 optimizes videos for every keyword and it uploads across multiple channels so for now that's all this is howard at howard from georgia.com and be sure to visit my page look for the additional actual demonstration in addition to this review and if you haven't done so already go ahead and click on this gold link to get instant access to the free list building crash course and even if you you don't want the list building crash course it will put you on my list so you'll get notification of product releases and product reviews just like this as they happen so I'll see you next time so long

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